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  • Sunday, September 18, 2016


    Another Pauly court loss

    Pauly appeal for change to Measure S ballot argument dismissed by court

    Pauly and "cut out' Trump
    Former Villa Park Councilwomen Deborah Pauly continued her losing streak in her recent court battles when her appeal against the O.C. Superior Court decision on the Measure S ballot statement was dismissed last week by a California appeals court.

    On Thursday September 15, 2016 the California 4th Appellate District, Division 3 Associate Justices Ellen C. Moore, Richard D. Fybel and Raymond K. Ikola summarily denied the petition from Pauly for immediate relief with a writ of mandate to overturn the decision by Orange County Superior Court Judge Andrew Banks. (For more information click on PAULY DENIED).

    The Case Disposition for the case states "Petition summarily denied by order "   (click on Disposition ) while the Case Docket states: 
     "Petitioner's request for judicial notice is DENIED. Real party in interest Neal Kelley's motion to strike petitioner's supplemental declaration is DENIED. The petition for writ of mandate is DENIED." 
    (For more information click on Docket)

    Pauly's attorney, well-known Election Law Attorney Chad D. Morgan, filed the case named Pauly v. The Superior Court of Orange County et al. on September 2, 2016 after Pauly's loss in the O.C. Superior Court. In her original case Pauly tried to replace the ballot argument against OUSD's Measure S Facilities Bond on the November ballot. (for more information click on Parties). I

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    Wednesday, September 07, 2016


    Measure S: All Star committee

    ORANGE Unified Schools INSIDE
    Independent insight into OUSD      
    a news service of
     Orange Net News /O/N/N/
    All Star community members selected for Measure S Independent Citizen's Committee
    The Orange Unified School Board Trustees at their Thursday September 8, 2016 Regular Board Meeting will vote to appoint what amounts to an all-star committee representing all communities of  Greater Orange to the Measure S Independent Citizen's Oversight Committee.

    The Recommendation from the staff of Orange Unified included in  Agenda Item 12 A ( page 8) reads:
    To promote transparency with respect to the expenditure of bond proceeds and provide assurance to taxpayers as to the membership of the Measure S Independent Citizen's  Oversight Committee, prior to the election, it is recommended that the Board of Education approve the attached slate of representatives.

    The seven member board recommendations include-

    Three Anaheim residents:

    Two members are from Orange:

    Two members from Villa Park:

    Long-time OUSD watchers report that the seven Measure S committee members meet all the background requirements of the California Education Code for a bond oversight committee as well as far exceed the depth, experience, community diversity and community connections of any previously selected local oversight committee.

    INSIDE the September 8 Board Meeting
    NEXT OUSD BOARD MEETING September 8, 2016
    Next OUSD Board Meeting -OUSD BOARD ROOM
    CLOSED SESSION- 6:30 pm
    OUSD Regular Session: 7:00 pm

    For more information call the OUSD Superintendent’s office at 714-628-4040
    For budgeting questions call Business Services at 714-628-4015

    ARCHIVAL Information and direct news can be found at:
    the Greater Orange News Service
    ORANGE Unified Schools INSIDE
    and the
    Greater Orange News Service
    are independent news services of /O/N/N/

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    Monday, September 05, 2016


    Newest OC political couple: Pauly and Rocco

    The merging politics of Steve Rocco and Deborah Pauly
    The Measure S opposition campaign- a merging of  the O.C. Alternate Right and Alternate Reality
    The opposition to Measure S, the 2016 Facilities Bond in Orange Unified School District, consists of the merging of two radical Orange County political brands- the so called Alt Right and  a true Alternate  Reality.  

    Rambeling Rocco
    Like a sibling rivalry, the poster children for each of these infamous Orange County "political" brands-former Villa Park Councilwomen Deborah Pauly of the local "Alt Right" movement and former OUSD Trustee Steve Rocco- a self-proclaimed crusader against a personal delusional conspiracy called the Partnership (and alleged Andy Kaufman self-incarnate) are now vying for the privilege of not only  being the official opposition to Measure S- but also the title of  Top Orange County Fringe Politician.  

    The outcast pair are no stranger to political controversy-controversy that is often seen as politically self-serving for the Alternative Right and Alternative Reality.

    Pauly and cut-out Trump
    While politics has long been known to make "strange bedfellows"- the two fringe Measure S opponents are indeed a strange pair- each with their own demons. Rocco who lives in a rambling Alternative Reality of local conspiracy theories puncuated by shop-lifting run-ins with the law, and Pauly who lives in the Alt Right conspiracy theories against the likes of Muslims* punctuated by alcohol fueled run-ins with the law.
    * Click on BreitBart News  and Media Matters

    So far in the Measure S ballot battle, the stars of faith have aligned with Rocco writing the official ballot opposition statement after both he and Pauly both submitted statements. While  randomly selected, Rocco's statement was upheld last week in the first round of court battles- courtesy of the county lawyers backing the ballot process of Neal Kelley, Orange County Registrar of Voters and representing the interests of the O.C. Board of Supervisors.  With only a small set back of a couple of sentences removed from the Rocco statement by a judge ruling for the Board of Supervisors attorneys, Rocco's opposition ballot statement for now stays on the ballot even as Pauly appeals the Rocco statement's 1st Amendment based win.

    Nothing worst than a Constitutional loss to the Alt Right from a conservative judge. 

    The most immediate result of the Rocco statement's win in court is now Rocco gets a "two-fer".  Yes in addition to having the official opposition ballot statement, Rocco gets to "rebut" the  pro-Measure S  ballot statement. For that we need to stay tuned. 
    Click on: Rocco Argument and Rebuttal to Rocco 

    Local press, blogs and political insiders have a long history with Orange County's most famous fringe actors- who destiny has now brought together as a star-crossed political couple.

    Now with political fate bringing us the Rocco-Pauly political merger , below are links to  the Rocco and Pauly greatest hits.

    "Steve Rocco is a retired educator. The Partnership wants him dead. Rocco likes Johnny Cash records. That ketchup bottle was unrefrigerated. Rocco is Kaufman wearing a beanie."
     For Source click on Rocco for OC SUPERVISOR

    "During that arrest, James Pauly tried to slip off his handcuffs, and Deborah Pauly asked to drive the Porsche home, according to the Weekly. 

    But police refused the request because she appeared to be drunk, the Weekly said.

    When reached for comment, Pauly said she didn't want to discuss the circumstances of her accident this month because her DUI case is still pending.

    However, she did acknowledge making comments during the police encounter that could have been construed as anti-Muslim.

    For Source click on Pauly

    For other events at the Covenant Presbyterian Church of Orange CLICK ON: CHURCH

    2011 Villa Park Protests over Pauly's anti-Muslim remarks

    Steve Rocco as OUSD Trustee

    For more information on the Deborah Pauly controversies 
    LA TIMES 2
    California News
    Bad Eagle Blog
    OC Tea Party BLOG
    Anaheim Blog

    For more information on the Steve Rocco controversies 
    LA TIMES 2
    LA TIMES 3
    OC Register 1
    OC Register 2
    OC Register 3
    OC Weekly 1
    OC Weekly 2

    Friday, September 02, 2016


    Abused turkey dead, guilty Chapman U students get 1 day in jail

    Image result for chapman universityOrange H.S. abused turkey euthanized two days before Chapman U students plead guilty 
    Orange High School Panther News is reporting that the abused Orange High School Farm turkey named Tim, after undergoing months of treatment, was euthanized do to his injuries from being abused by two Chapman University lacrosse students earlier this year.

    The Panther News reports that Chapman senior Richard Brent Malby and former Chapman student Steven Koressel pled guilty at their September 1 arraignment to "entering an animal enclosure without consent".

    The complete story is covered by Chapman University students Rebeecah Glaser and Sabrina Santoro ( with the original story by Jackie Cohen) and includes statements from Chapman University officials about the incident and reports on the students suspension, then reinstatement to the Chapman Lacrosse team can be found at these two links:

    For the OC Register's story on the April arrest of the pair click on: OC REGISTER

    Wednesday, August 31, 2016


    UPDATED: Judge denies Pauly Measure S petition

    Judge denies Deborah Pauly petition against Measure S and rules on OC Supervisors request on Rocco statement

    Post updated based on more correct information on 9/2/16

    Sources report that in a Wednesday September 31st  court hearing, Orange County Superior Court Judge Andrew Banks denied the petition from Deborah Pauly against Orange County Registrar of Voters Neal Kelly over the opposition ballot statement for OUSD's Measure S Facilities Bond.

    After loosing a drawing held by the Orange County Registrar of Voters to be the official anti-OUSD Measure S statement to appear on the ballot, Deborah Pauly went to court today to have her ballot statement replace former OUSD Trustee Steve Rocco's ballot statement.  Both Pauly and Rocco had submitted opposition ballot statements.

    Pauly had sought a ruling based on the content of the Rocco Ballot Statement. Lawyers for the Registrar of Voters argued that the Registrar of Voters could not make a content based determination of which argument should get priority. Judge Banks ruled that a content based determination for the ballot was unauthorized by statue and not appropriate in light of the First Amendment.

    Pauly, a Republican Central Committee Member and head of the Stop the Rip-off! No on Measure S campaign, filed the case last week against the Orange County Registrar of Voters Neal Kelley attempting to remove Rooco's statement and replace it with her own.  Pauly's case  asserted that Rocco's Committee Against the Orange Unified School District Bond  is not a true committee and the content of the Rocco statement will harm the election process. 

    While county lawyers defended Kelley in court, other county lawyers were also in court representing the Board of Supervisors. Those lawyers were sucessful in having two sentences in the Rocco argument concerning  Public Adimistrator Peggi Buff and former Orange County D.A. Tony Rackaukus removed.

    Rocco's Measure S ballot statement has numerous references to county and local officials weaved into a classic Rocco personal conspiracy writing that long-time Greater Orange residents are more than familiar.

    As the opposition to Measure S fights, the well-organized broad-based  pro-Measure S forces led by a community coalition called the Yes on Measure S Campaign 2016 has previewed their new logo for its campaign:

    The ballot argument in favor of Measure S is signed by former Orange County Supervisor Bill Campbell, Orange Mayor Tita Smith, Villa Park City Councilwomen Diana Fascenelli, City of Anaheim City Councilwomen Kris Murray and OUSD Board President Rick Ledesma. Click on  MEASURE S BALLOT

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    Tuesday, August 30, 2016


    Measure S: Pauly vs Rocco

    OUSD Facilities Bond News
    Orange Net News /O/N/N/
    Guess who beat Deborah Pauly with Anti-Measure S ballot argument????
    Anti-Measure S Ballot author Steve Rocco

    Deborah Pauly's luck seems to be not getting any better.

    The former Villa Park Councilwomen was arrested last year and pleaded guilty for DUI, lost her recent Assembly race, and now has been beaten by Steve Rocco in the Anti-OUSD Measure S Ballot Argument.

    Former OUSD Trustee and perennial local candidate Steve Rocco returned to OUSD politics by winning the draw for ballot arguement after both he and Pauly both filed competing ballot arguments against the OUSD Measure S Bond.

    True to Steve Rocco's conspiracy  theory his argument is punctuated by recanting the evil powers of perceived wrongs of the former OUSD Trustee's time on the OUSD School Board:

    Argument Against Measure S

    Yet, again?

    It seems to be a yearly ritual that the OUSD puts a bond on the ballot?

    The dysfunctional board is in agreement, with only one thing: they want your money!

    I was replaced by a real estate agent. The rest are either ORANGE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE members or taken money from them.

    The district had thousands to spend to gerrymander the district, so that I couldn’t run. They have over $50,000,000 in surplus.

    On 7-21-2005, Kathy Moffat and Superintendent Tom Godley visited Jim Doti to destroy Rocco. One result was the Californian’s AWare suit. Joined by the “all” Chapman U team of John Moorlach’s (Mario Mainero, Kathy Moran, Fred Smoller) a lien was put on my home and my wages garnished. The OUSD ”made” $83,000. Their allies include the OC REGISTER. Dr. Villanueva/Pathologist has said that “there is an assembly line of murder and theft coming from the political/medical infrastructure.”

    Do you really want your taxes raised?

    Homeowners are not safe.

    Mr. Rocco’s home was invaded by an Orange city detective, a neighbor of TONY RACKAUCKAS. Then, endlessly by his wife PEGGI BUFF/Public Administrator. Rackauckas was illegally appointed Public Administrator by the Supervisors. Todd Spitzer’s neighbor is Kim Nichols. Lynn Nichols headed the failed Rocco Recall.

    The deaths of Mr. Rocco’s family have been called murder by Dr. Villanueva.
    You don’t want OUSD to have this “play money” that they will dole out to political cronies. In the end, you will be cheated by their “paid” strategists to impliment this.

    Remember, that you are being victimized.

    Students are not being cheated! YOU ARE!
    s/ Steve Rocco
    Former OUSD Board Trustee
    Committee Against the Orange Unified School District Bond

    Word is that Pauly however is going to try her luck once again by going to court to get the Rocco argument off the ballot.

    Just when you thought things could not get any more bizarre in Greater Orange politics....we now have Pauly vs Rocco!!

    Place your bets.

    OUSD Facilities Bond News
    is a production of  Orange Net News /O/N/N/

    Post Updated 8/31/16

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