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  • Saturday, March 12, 2016


    Deligianni and Pauly campaign for Assembly

    eLECTION Watch 2016
    a service of Orange Net News /O/N/N/
    OUSD Trustee Deligianni-Brydges  and
    Former Villa Park Councilwoman Deborah Pauly in crowded 68th Assembly Race
    Dr. Deligianni-Brydges
    With the Friday 3/11/16  election filing period deadline,  it's official that OUSD Trustee Deligianni-Brydges  and Villa Park Councilwomen Deborah Pauly are in the crowded race for the 68th Assembly Seat. A total of seven candidates are seeking the seat being vacated by termed-out Assemblyman Donald Wagner.

    Former VP Councilwomen Deborah Pauly

    Both  Deligianni-Brydges  and Pauly  had previously announced their candidacy and had already started campaigning and taken part in a candidate forum.

    Pauly who is no stranger to controversy having made national headlines with her firebrand Tea Party-style pronouncements against Muslims and Obama-care, made more headlines after annoucing her campign then being arrested and accused of DUI in an drving accident. 

    In September of last year, Pauly was arrested in Anaheim for hitting a parked car while driving and charged with DUI. Her trial proceedings on the DUI charge are set to start in May.  

    Media reports had her  DUI controversy morphing into another anti-Muslim rant with reports of her blaming Muslim groups in remarks to police officers the night of her arrest and then blaming Muslim groups for leaking her arrest to the media.

    Pauly has also publicly blamed her divorce proceedings for contributing to the DUI arrest.   
    Click on:

    This is OUSD Trustee Dr. Alexia Deligianni-Brydges' second run for a state office.  In 2010, two years after being elected to her first term on the OUSD Board,  Deligianni ran for California State Superintendent of Public Instruction.  With twelve people on the June 2010 primary ballot, Deligianni came in 8th with  4.8% of the vote.   (Click on: Deligianni )

    In this year's Assembly race, real-estate agent Deligianni is casting herself as an "independent-business women". Deligianni who has had her real estate license since 2010 actually works through Ricci Real Estate in Orange. (Deligiani Job )

    Deligianni had announced intentions to run for Assembly on her  Facebook page at the end of last year.  Initial fundraising showsed that she raised $43,000 in contibutions-$40,000 from herself and the rest mostly from family members.(Click on FUNDRAISING)

    In her Facebook announcement she had promoted her website as www.AlexiaMeansBuisness. That domain was dropped for her new website domain:

    Her domain was registered by Sacramento based Dawn Dias who lists herself on her blog as "freelance writer, designer and filmaker".  Her books include: Sh!t No One Tells You About Toddlers & The Sh!t No One Tells You: A Guide to Surviving Your Baby's First Year. 

    On her website, Deligianni's campaign consultant Dias explains:
    Dawn lives in Sacramento, CA, with her partner, two kids, two dogs, two cats, and the occasional mouse brought into the home by said cats.  She is tired.

    Chris Ngyuen

    In the recent Area 1 Trustee appointment debacle, Deligianni passed over voting for now Trustee Andrea Yamasaki and Timothy Surridge's hand picked candidate Greg Salas for Deligianni's close friend, former campaign manager and Orange County Political blogger-Chris Nguyen.

    Both Deligianni and Pauly worked against the last Orange Unified School District Facilities Bond-Measure K.  

    Deligianni's website and Facebook page calls for lower gasoline prices and states that she will fight for lower gasoline prices-but does not indicate how she will accomplish this goal over the multi-national petroleum companies-or as a member of the minority party in an overwhelmingly Democratic State Legislature.  

    In a recent community forums Deligianni has spoken against Common Core and mandatory public school vaccinations.  

    Deligianni's recent Facebook page picture update has a photo of her with Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas.

    The other candidates are: Irvine Mayor Steven Choi; Former Anaheim City Councilman Harry Sidhu; Anaheim Cultural and Heritage Commissioner Konstantinos Roditis; Attorney Jay Panahi; and Non-profit Executive Brian Chuchua.   

    The two top vote getters on June 7th will face each other in the November 2016 General Election. 

    Tuesday, March 08, 2016


    Lawsuit, Yamasaki and Bond update

    ORANGE Unified Schools INSIDE
    Independent insight into OUSD      
    a news service of
     Orange Net News /O/N/N/
    OUSD going to mediation over Peralta Golf Partnership lawsuit
    The Orange Unified School District will be going to mediation over a lawsuit Orange Unified School District v Peralta Golf Partnership et al. The lawsuit is with the former operators of the Super Sports Golf and Recreation Center complex at the former 20-acre Peralta School site-

    Peralta Golf Partnerships held the lease at the site from 1994 until March of 2015  after the OUSD Trustees voted in 4-3 against extending the lease in February 2015. Led by OUSD Trustee Timothy Surridge- the OUSD Board voted to sub-lease the site directly to three groups (Olive Crest School, Arena Soccer Club and  Tennis Specialists) that had been subletting the site From Peralta Golf Partners.  OUSD also found a new operator for the sports complex Drotter LLC.
    Drotter LLC is owned by Jason Drotter, the former coach of the Villa Park High School boy's and girls' golf teams for six years who was the current the head coach of the CSUF men's golf program in addition to managing the Super Sports complex for Peralta Golf Partners.

    Surridge openly displayed contempt toward the owners of Peralta Golf Partners during meetings that the owners appeared before the Board trying to save their lease after Surridge's plan to lease the property to an apartment developer fell apart as well as his next plan to sell the property.

    Surridge stated that he wanted to maximize the dollars from the site by cutting out Peralta Golf Partners as a middle man as he lead the effort to deny Peralta Golf Partners a month-to-month lease and then to terminate the lease.

    Trustees Kathy Moffat, Dr. Alexia Deligiani-Brydges and Diane Singer voted against ending the relationship with Peralta Golf Partners.

    Yamasaki set to take OUSD seat
    The Orange Unified School Board Agenda for Thursday March 10, 2016 tentatively has Andrea Yamasaki taking her seat after a landslide win in the Special Election for the Area 1  Trustee Seat.

    Now just waiting for the Orange County Registrar of Voters to certify the election results, Community Advocate Andrea Yamasaki won with 74.9% over her establishment endorsed opponent Greg Salas.  Voter turn out was 19.6%  in the first ever OUSD all-mail-in vote. 

    Expecting the certification of the election by Thursday,  Yamasaki will have public swearing in at the Board Meeting ( she will be officially be sworn in as soon as the election results are certified).

    Inside the OUSD Agenda
    OUSD Bond information UPDATE
    The OUSD Agenda includes a report from Bonnie Moss of CliffordMoss the OUSD Political Consultant on additional steps toward a 2016 bond measure. To see CliffordMoss assesment of how to win after losing-CLICK ON: CliffordMoss

    The update will be Agenda Information Item 14 B page 43.

    Also on the OUSD Agenda:
    ·       Action Item 13 A (page 5)- Second Interim Financial Report on the Budget
    ·       Information Item 14 C Fred Kelly ADA Update (page 44)

    NEXT OUSD BOARD MEETING January 18, 2016
    Next OUSD Board Meeting -OUSD BOARD ROOM
    CLOSED SESSION- 6:00 pm
    OUSD Regular Session: 7:00 pm

    For more information call the OUSD Superintendent’s office at 714-628-4040
    For budgeting questions call Business Services at 714-628-4015

    ARCHIVAL Information and direct news can be found at:
    the Greater Orange News Service
    ORANGE Unified Schools INSIDE
    and the
    Greater Orange News Service
    are independent news services of /O/N/N/
    Orange Net News

    Tuesday, March 01, 2016



    eLECTION Watch 2016
    Orange Net News /O/N/N/

    Yamasaki LANDSLIDE
    In a clear rebuke of the Orange County Republican Establishment, Orange Unified Republican voters joined with Democrats and Independents and elected Community Advocate Andrea Yamasaki over Republican Establishment Endorsed Greg Salas.  

    Winning 74 % of the vote, Yamasaki easily won election after her supporters ousted Salas by petition from his appointed post.

    Yamasaki won based on her community connections over Salas who's main community connection was that he played on a basketball team with OUSD Trustee Timothy Surridge who admitted he had recruited Salas for the vacancy on the OUSD Board after the resignation of Diane Singer.     

    Even after being rebuffed by the community in a petition, Salas forced the district to spend over $500,000 on a Special Election by entering the election. 

    While Yamasaki conducted a flawless campaign,  Salas struggled to have a campaign of any significant meaning and could go down as one of the worst local campaigns ever waged.  

    UPDATE: 3/2/16: 20,822 ballots cast: 19.5%
    Registration and Turnout
    Completed Precincts: 138 of 138
    Total Registered Voters106,862
    Precinct Registration106,862
    Precinct Ballots Cast00.0%
    Early Ballots Cast00.0%
    Vote-by-Mail Ballots Cast20,82219.5%
    Total Ballots Cast20,82219.5%
    ORANGE UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT Governing Board Member, Trustee Area 1, Short Term
    Completed Precincts: 138 of 138
    Vote CountPercentage
    ANDREA YAMASAKI15,50274.8%
    GREGORY SALAS5,21225.2%

    OUSD Area 1 Vote by Mail  Election turn out at 16.7% 
    (3/1/16 before votes released)
    Orange County Registrar's office reports on the all mail ballots reveal that 17,988 ballots were received by today- March 1st, 2016.  A total of 107,546 ballots were mailed out bringing the total vote returned to 16.7% as of this posting on March 1st before the final ballots of the day. 

    Of the 17,988 ballots returned, total of 9,607 ballots were from Republicans (53.4% of the vote). Democrats returned 5,028 ballots (28% of the vote). Independents and minor party votes made up the remaining 3353 ballots (18.6% of the total vote).

    OUSD Total Ballots mailed
    ·      Registered Republicans= 47,899  45.5%
    ·      Registered Democrats  =  31,126  28.9%
    ·      Other Registration       =   28,521  26.6% 

    Percentages of  Total Registered Voting in OUSD election
    ·      Registered Republicans = 20%
    ·      Registered Democrats   = 16.2%
    ·      Other Registration        =  11.7% 

    The Orange County Registrar of Voters will continue to release voting results as late ballots postmarked on March 1st continue to arrive.

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