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  • Tuesday, January 20, 2015


    OUSD takes on big issues

    ORANGE Unified Schools INSIDE
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    First 2015 OUSD Agenda "carpe diem" on taking on Greater Orange issues
    OUSD Board will vote on resolution to sell Peralta Site 
    The majority on the Orange Unified School District Board of Education trustees lost no time making good on the promise to proceed with the controversial sale of the former Peralta  School Site property if the November 2014 OUSD Measure K School Bond failed.

    Items to sell the Peralta Property are on the January 22, 2015 OUSD Board agenda.
    The OUSD Trustees will meet in Closed Session starting at 5:30 pm with the sale of the Peralta Site on the agenda as item 4 B (Agenda page 1).  The item lists the potential buyers of the Peralta Site as:
    "An unidentified number of potential buyers who may buy the Property through statutory rights or public bid process". 
    Under California law, other governmental entities have priority in buying public lands for sale.  Lacking another public agency buying the site, the site could be sold to the highest private bidder.

    Later in meeting, during Open Session, Action Item 12 A is  the Resolution  to authorize the sale of the Peralta Site. If approved, the sale of the property is to take place after the end of the current lease on the site ends on March 31, 2015.

    The title of the Resolution to sell the site begins;

    The price of the property is set at $23 million, but allows consideration of lower offers if no offer matches the $23 million price.  By law, money raised from the sale must go towards school facilities.

    The OUSD attempt to lease Peralta to an apartment building conglomerate failed when the neighborhood untied under the Save the Peralta organization. Those efforts and the fight of the Orange Park  Acres neighborhood fighting the Sully-Miller development led to the formation of a city-wide organization of  neighborhood organizations called United Neighborhoods of Orange (UNO).  UNO has notified its members of the pending Thursday night action of the OUSD Board.

    OUSD employee contracts on January 22 agenda
    The OUSD Board of Education is again scheduled to take up the contracts of its three bargaining units at its January 22, 2015 meeting. 

    The OUSD Board has twice postponed the vote on the Tentative Agreements, once to move the original scheduled vote at the regular December 2014 Board meeting to a Special Board meeting a week later. That Special Meeting was then cancelled by OUSD Board President John Ortega ( Click on: Meeting Cancelled Release )

    The Tentative Agreement contract votes are Action Items 12 B ( Agenda page 15-30).  The item includes a copy of the legally required budget analysis  (Agenda page 14) shows that if the OUSD approves the contracts, with the current funding level, OUSD will continue to have a budget surplus for the next three years.

    Resolution calling for repeal of Section 27 of SB 858
    Action Item 12 C ( Agenda page 31-33) calls on the OUSD to vote on a resolution calling on the state government to repeal wording in Section 12 of Senate Bill 858. Similar resolutions have been passed by other school districts across the state in response to a request for those resolutions by the California School Board Association.

    In wake of passage of Proposition 2 passed in November 2014 (aka the Rainy Day Fund), Section 12 wording puts caps (per a specific formula) on reserves school districts may have in years following any year that the state pays into the new reserve fund called the Public School System Stabilization Account (PSSSA).

    Opponents of Section 12   point to local control issues and insist that the Proposition 98 reserve will never be enough to help in major economic turn downs.

    Those favoring Section 12 argue that school districts should not act like banks and hoard money intended to be spent on education.

    If the Section 12 language remains, it is estimated that the timeline for the state  emergency fund to be ready and for districts to spend down their reserves is after 2020.

    Measure K election results and future options
    Measure K results and possible future options will be also be discussed at the January 22 meeting.  Information Agenda Item 13 A calls for staff to present "election results, possible options for funding facility improvements".  Detailed information on voting patterns are expected in the report.

    This agenda item  is for information only therefore the Board members will not be voting on any proposals.

    NEXT OUSD BOARD MEETING January 22, 2015
    Next OUSD Board Meeting -OUSD BOARD ROOM
    CLOSED SESSION- 5:30 pm
    OUSD Regular Session: 7:00 pm

    For more information call the OUSD Superintendent’s office at 714-628-4040
    For budgeting questions call Business Services at 714-628-4015

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    Saturday, January 10, 2015


    Bus driver of April crash arrested


    Former OUSD bus driver arrested and charged in April 2014
    Anaheim Hills crash

    ABC News is reporting that the former Orange Unified School District bus driver involved in the April 24, 2014 Anaheim Hills school bus crash has been arrested and charged with perjury plus felony child abuse and endangerment.

    For the complete story CLICK ON:  BUS CRASH

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