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  • Wednesday, November 29, 2006



    METRO Talk

    The Orangewood Children’s Home depends on community support and gifts all year long. As you can imagine, the holiday’s produce special needs. In November and December new donations are preferred so they may be given to children as gifts including:
    • Children's clothing for all ages (used or new, strong need for teen boys and girls larger sizes)
    • Toys, games, craft items (new)
    • Gift Certificates (movies, book and music stores, fast food, department stores)
    • Outdoor toys and sporting equipment, bicycles, scooters, skates
    For the Official Orangewood Children’s Home Wish List CLICK ON:

    The Annual Orange Plaza Tree Lighting-December 3rd
    The 350 strong Orange Community Master Chorale of Santiago Canyon College and a 60 piece orchestra sing-a-long under the direction of Orange’s own Michael Short will again officially open the local holiday winter season in the annual Tree Lighting Ceremony and Candlelight Choir Procession in the historic Orange Plaza Park. The Sunday December 3rd program will begin at 5:30 p.m. Nancy Murphy will be the official narrator with games and activities for the kids and refreshments on sale by local non-profit organizations. The Traffic Circle will be closed for the annual festival with free parking in the local city lots.

    DECEMBER 1st and 2nd Chapman University Annual Holiday Wassail

    Chapman University Annual Holiday Wassail dinner and concert at Chapman’s Beckman Hall and Fish Interfaith Center.
    Tickets $60. For information call 714-997-6812.

    DECEMBER 2nd Tropical Hula Holiday

    The Block at Orange will host its Hawaii Hula Holiday from 2:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. at the AMC Plaza at the Block. Sunday-Thursday (7 pm and 8 pm) and Friday’s and Saturday’s (7 pm, 8 pm and 9pm) will feature the Winter Wonderland Magic Snow Show with real snow covering the AMC Plaza nightly until December 24th. Free.

    DECEMBER 2nd Villa Park Women’s League

    The Villa Park Women’s League annual Holiday Dinner and Dance will be held at the Santa Ana Country Club.

    DECEMBER 2nd Holiday Storytime Fun

    The El Modena Branch Library presents holiday stories in English and Spanish for children ages 2-6. From 2:30 pm- 3:00 pm. Free. For information call 714-288-2454.

    DECEMBER 3rd Tree Lighting Ceremony

    The annual Tree Lighting Ceremony and Candlelight Choir Procession program in the historic Orange Plaza Park will begin at 5:30 p.m. Free.

    DECEMBER 9th Santa Tours Villa Park

    The Villa Park City Council will host the most famous visitor of all- Santa. The Villa Park City Council with the help of Volunteer Fire Station 23 will be touring the city showing Santa the sites. For information when they’ll be in your neighborhood watch for information on . FREE

    DECEMBER 9th Southern California Chamber Singers

    The Santiago Canyon College Southern California Chamber Singers will feature favorite holiday carols and a sing-a-long. Tickets $15. For Information call 714-628-4828.

    DECEMBER 10th – Yuletide Ride

    Ninth Annual Villa Park Holiday Boat Parade features the most famous landlocked boat parade not on the seven seas! While it helps to be a local, this parade is a must see for any parade enthusiast. The parade launches from Villa Park High School at 4:30 pm. FREE
    For a route map CLICK ON:

    DECEMBER 13th Santa Claus comes to Orange

    All ages are welcome to the El Modena Branch Library for a special visit from Santa. Parents may bring their camera’s to take a picture of their child with Old St. Nick! For information call 714-288-2454. Free.

    DECEMBER 14th Orange Chamber of Commerce

    Annual Holiday Meet and Greet for Chamber Members. For information on joining the local business community call (714) 538-3581. Members Only

    DECEMBER 15th – 16th Hanukkah
    Hanukkah starts at sundown on December 15th

    DECEMBER 18th OUSD- S- Track Schools start Winter Break

    DECEMBER 22nd Winter Solstice
    The shortest daylight of the year marks the beginning of winter.

    DECEMBER 22nd OUSD Traditional Track Schools start Winter Break

    DECEMBER 30th Villa Park Community Services Foundation New Year’s Eve Bash

    This annual Greater Orange New Year’s Party of food, activities and entertainment is THE culmination of the Greater Orange Communities holiday scene. This year The Friends of the Villa Park Library will add some holiday glee by raffleing off a 2007 Cadillac CTS complements of Renick Cadillac. Raffle tickets are $100 each (only 1000 will be sold) for the chance to have your designated driver drive you home in your new 2007 Cadillac. Tickets to the New Year’s Bash and for the raffle are available at the Villa Park City Hall. For more information call (714) 998-1500.

    Metro TALK is a community service of the
    : Greater Orange Communities Organization:

    Monday, November 27, 2006



    a Special Report from ORANGE NET NEWS /O/N/N/

    Arguing that the Orange Unified School Board Censure of Trustee Steve Rocco violated the First Amendment Free Speech protections, the Brown Act and the California Constitution, Californians Aware President Richard McKee filed a lawsuit against the October 12th Orange Unified School Board Resolution of Censure against Rocco. The 27 page petition demands the OUSD Board rescind the Resolution of Censure and take steps to insure that free speech is not violated at the OUSD meetings in the future.

    McKee had appeared before the OUSD Board arguing against the wording of the resolution and warning of legal consequences if the resolution was approved as written. The Censure Resolution was prepares by the OUSD legal team represented by Parker and Covert law firm. McKee has tangled with the law team before winning against them in similar Brown Act cases involving OUSD and other Southern California school districts.

    The Rocco Censure Affair was the focus of two months of intense local media and school district focus. The whole affair began with OUSD Superintendent Thomas Godley censoring a video broadcast of the OUSD School Board Meeting to the community to “protect” the “privacy rights” of former Villa Park Principal Ben Rich. Rocco stated that instead of transferring Rich to another school, Rocco would have voted to fire Rich. The months long censorship, Censure process, and now lawsuit has focused more attention on Rocco, Rich and OUSD than the thirty seconds of Rocco’s comments about Rich ever would have produced.

    Californians Aware Website:

    OUSD Censors School Board Broadcasts:

    OUSD Censorship Violates Community Trust:

    OUSD Censorship to Censure:

    OUSD Trustee John Ortega Confronts OUSD Trustee Steve Rocco:

    OUSD Trustee Steve Rocco defiantly declares:
    “I will speak, I will talk, I will tell the people…”

    The Orange Unified Board tramples the First Amendment
    Is the reason ignorance, or politics, or bad legal advice -- or all of these?
    a community viewpoint by Richard McKee

    OUSD’s Nichols Plays the “Gay Republican Pedophile” Card
    “Just because we have free speech doesn’t mean there aren’t any consequences to that free speech.” -Trustee Kim Nichols 10/12/06

    Orange Unified School Board Trustees’ Statements Regarding the October 12th Resolution of Censure


    Is an independent news production of

    Orange Net News is made possible by the
    First Amendment of the United States Constitution
    And the vision of the United States Founding Fathers

    Thursday, November 23, 2006



    Tuesday, November 21, 2006


    Gadfly Kathy Moran named to O.C. Supervisor-elect Moorlach staff

    eLECTION Watch 2006
    a Special News Analysis series by Orange Net News /O/N/N/


    The Orange County Register Blog Total Buzz and the OC Blog have reported that Orange Unified School District gadfly and Foothill Sentry writer Kathy Moran has been named to the incoming staff of Orange County Supervisor-Elect John Moorlach. In a Moorlach Press Release Moran is described as follows:

    Kathleen Moran is a scientist and an expert in Health Care and health care benefits issues. She has served as a lead technologist and technologist supervisor in Pasco Laboratory and the University of Minnesota Hospital, respectively. She has been a Growth Demographic Studies consultant to the Orange Unified School District, and Trustee on the Orange Unified Teachers Health and Welfare Benefit Trust, serving as Chairman in 1998-99. She also served on the Orange Unified School District Fiscal Advisory Council, chairing committees on Retiree Benefits and the Orange Trust. She has served with Hill, Farrell, Burrill, LLP, as a labor negotiator and member of benefit committees representing the Orange Unified School Board, and with Crittenton Family Services as a Compliance Officer and Director of Quality Control.. She holds a B.S. from the University of Dayton.

    What the Moorlach Press Release does not report is that Moran was appointed by the fringe Recalled Orange Unified Board without any experience to the various positions she held in the district as a self anointed expert. Often referred to as the eighth “unelected” OUSD Trustee Moran’s goal was to destroy the OUSD Health Trust, which she helped do. Moran rejected any information contrary to her opinion and would continue to search for anyone who would support her views. She then would embrace those who supported her as proof of her wisdom. Her ill advised self-serving efforts led to numerous lawsuits which cost local taxpayers millions in educational tax dollars and court losses for OUSD.

    Moran worked hard against the Orange Recall to keep her position of unelected power. After the successful Orange Recall ousted her political allies from the OUSD Board, Moran fought to continue her role as “unelected Trustee”. However, the new OUSD Board would have nothing to with her. After months of trying to muscle her way into her old OUSD power hold, Moran finally disappeared and began focusing on the Orange County government structures.

    (For PRESS RELEASE Click ON:

    Sunday, November 12, 2006


    Orange Unified Schools DIGEST

    a news service of Orange Net News /O/N/N/

    Orange Police Department and OUSD Join in Parent Information Night
    The law enforcement agencies serving the Orange Unified School District have joined together with OUSD to hold four community information nights. The first was held November 8th at Villa Park High School in conjunction with the Orange Sheriffs Department and the second was held November 9th with at Canyon High School with the Anaheim Police Department. The last two will be in Orange in conjunction with the Orange Police Department on Monday November 13th at El Modena H.S. and Wednesday November 15th at Yorba Middle School. The program runs from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and will cover school safety and information on youth drug and substance abuse.

    State to Fund Supplementary Secondary School Counseling Program
    At the November 16th OUSD Board Meeting information mill be presented on new state money earmarked for funding supplemental counseling positions at the states secondary schools. Action Item 12 B (page 18) establishes a plan for the supplemental positions in Orange Unified.

    December OUSD Meeting
    conflicted with State School Board Association

    Moving the scheduled OUSD Board Organizational Board meeting from December 6th to December 14th apparently had little to do with providing more “balanced time frame” (as Item 12 C of the October 12th OUSD Board Agenda stated) and more about the timing of the California School Board Association (CSBA) meeting at the San Francisco Moscone Center the first weekend in December. Perhaps not mentioning the annual meeting may have to do with the expenses the Board members rack up each year.

    For a report on expenses at the last CSBA Conference in San Francisco (it rotates to San Diego every other year) CLICK ON:

    For more information on the CSBA CLICK ON:

    We’re a $220 million dollar business; we’re going to spend the money somewhere.”
    -OUSD Trustee Wes Poutsma 9/22/05

    Total for Watched Tax Dollars spent in 2006: $ 849,717.00:
    2006 Consultant Fee Tally:
    6/22/06 Douglas DeVore Speech $ 2,000
    6/08/06 Focus on Results $164,400
    3/09/06 Bob Sadler 3 Day Workshop $ 10,000
    Total $176,400
    2006 Attorney Fee Tally:
    7/20/06 Parker & Covert $100,000
    7/20/06 Parker & Covert $ 50,000
    7/20/06 Miller, Brown & Dannis $ 30,000
    6/22/06 Miller, Brown & Dannis $ 50,000
    6/22/06 Parker & Covert $175,000
    4/20/06 Parker & Covert: $ 50,000
    1/19/06 Parker & Covert: $200,000
    Total $655,000

    JUNE 8th , 2006 Trustees VOTE to Give OUSD Superintendent power to APPROVE Travel Requests taking this item OUT OF PUBLIC SCRUTINY
    2006 Administrative Conference/Travel:
    2/9/06 Roney and 5 principals to Florida $ 10,623
    2/23/06 Roney and 2 principals Tx/ Fl $ 4,050
    3/09/06 2 to Florida Conference $ 3,644
    Total $ 18,317

    Total for Watched Tax Dollars spent in 2005: $ 978,300.000:
    Total 2005 Conference Administrator/Board Fees: $ 7,500.00
    2005 Attorney Fee Tally: $730,600.00
    Total Watched 2005 OUSD Consultant spending: $ 270,200.00

    Next OUSD Board Meeting Thursday November 16th. For more information

    For more information call the OUSD Superintendent’s office at 714-628-4040
    For budgeting questions Just call Jon at the Business Services at 714-628-4015
    Orange Unified Schools Digest is an independent news service of

    Saturday, November 11, 2006



    The eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month the War to End all wars ended and a nation gave thanks. Today we still do.

    Wednesday, November 08, 2006



    eLECTION Watch 2006
    Greater Orange ELECTION RESULTS

    a Special News Analysis series by Orange Net News /O/N/N/

    As Villa Park voters defeated Measure FF Term Limits Modification (55.2% NO; 44.8% YES), they also opted for change on the City Council as the voters in the cities eight precincts dumped long time council person and Mayor Patricia Bortle along with appointed Council person and Foothills Sentry commentator Robert Fauteux in favor of three new council persons. On top of the race for the three Villa Park seats was Brad Reese, followed by Jim Rhines. Picking up the third seat was long time local activist Deborah Pauly.

    Villa Park City Council Final Results:
    BRADLEY E. "BRAD" REESE 1407 votes =27.7%
    JAMES "JIM" RHEINS 1140 votes =22.4%
    DEBORAH PAULY 892 votes =17.5%
    ROBERT H. "BOB" FAUTEUX 827 votes =16.3%
    PATRICIA L. BORTLE 820 votes =16.1%

    As the first ballots reported in the four Orange Unified School Board races were the absentee ballots (traditionally the most conservative ballots cast), it was clear from the very beginning of the evening the incumbent Orange Unified School District Trustees, Kim Nichols, Kathy Moffat, Rick Ledesma and Melissa Smith would easily be re-elected. The first returns showed the Moffat race ahead with nearly 65% of the votes over rival Denise Bittel as the all the OUSD incumbents never lost their initial leads as they swept their opponents aside.

    The OUSD races had an assortment of schizophrenic endorsements that zigzagged across political, labor and issue oriented groups (as well as personal grudges and rivalries) that resulted in split endorsements between an assortment of incumbents and challengers. In the end all six challengers lost as all the incumbents were re-elected. Anaheim Hills Trustee Melissa Smith was the only “vote minority” winner as she faced the toughest campaign against two opponents, one the Education Alliance endorsed Alexia Deligianni. Also endorsing Deligianni was the Anaheim Hills centered Music Matters Committee.

    One incumbent OUSD Trustee did not fair so well election night. Controversial OUSD Trustee Steve Rocco was soundly defeated in his bid to unseat Rancho Santiago College Trustee incumbent John Hanna. Hanna received 73% of the vote. Rocco's 14,380 votes equaled 26% of the votes cast.

    AREA 1
    MELISSA TAYLOR SMITH 15117 votes = 45.8%
    "ALEXIA" L. DELIGIANNI 10641 votes = 32.2%
    GEORGE CARDENAS 7245 votes = 22.0%

    AREA 4
    KATHY MOFFAT 20059 votes = 62.0%
    DENISE BITTEL 12271 votes = 38.0%

    AREA 5
    KIMBERLEE NICHOLS 18170 votes = 56.7%
    "CHRIS" EMAMI 9500 = 29.6%
    PAUL-DEAN MARTIN 4387 = 13.7%

    Area 7
    RICK LEDESMA 18424 votes = 57.6%
    LARRY COHN 13582 votes = 42.4%

    Cavecche Wins, Rudat Lost
    In the City of Orange races, Carolyn Cavecche easily won the Mayor’s Race in an unusually negative campaign that saw attacks by outside interests take their toll on the Mike Alvarez campaign. Outgoing Mayor Mark Murphy easily came out on top for one of the two Orange City Council seats. Denis Bilodeau won the second Orange City Council seat after another negative campaign battle between him and the controversial Carol Rudat. Rudat came in a distant third.

    ANOTHER BIG WINNER- The OC Registrar of Voters
    The new OC Registrars election website, OCVOTE.COM, was also a big winner with campaigns (and campaign parties) across Orange County. With an accurate UPDATE Countdown clock, the days of constantly hitting the refresh button and wondering when the next update will be are now long gone. The result: not only less stress, but also more time for socializing at all those “victory” parties.


    eLECTION Watch 2006 is produced by Orange Net News /O/N/N/
    “Independent, Local, News and Viewpoints”

    Monday, November 06, 2006




    Metro VIEWS

    A community viewpoint from the
    Orange Citizens for Parks and Schools

    Carolyn Cavecche has been a long time supporter of the citizens of Orange.

    As Councilwoman and Mayor Pro-Tem, Cavecche has been our voice at City Hall for five years. She has fought hard for our well being while always demonstrating integrity, ethics and consistency.

    Cavecche voted to retain the Open Space/Park Land designation on the Sully-Miller/Fieldstone site. Her opponent, Mike Alvarez, voted in favor of building homes on Open Space/Park Land.

    Cavecche is responsible for greatly reducing the number of homes in the Irvine Company’s East Orange project and preserving the Limestone Canyon area as Open Space. As Councilman, Alvarez voted to approve thousands of homes in the Irvine Company’s East Orange project. (Oct. 10, 2000)

    Cavecche successfully negotiated with the Irvine Company to increase traffic mitigation dollars by millions and has brought in millions of regional dollars to reduce traffic congestion. Her opponent, Alvarez voted to approve thousands of homes in the Irvine Company’s East Orange Project without fighting for increased mitigation dollars.

    Cavecche has not received any money from the Irvine Company. Her opponent, Alvarez unsuccessfully sought employment with the Irvine Company once he left office. (2004)

    Cavecche has never violated state and local campaign finance laws. Her opponent, Alvarez has been repeatedly cited for campaign violations, fined by Orange’s city attorney and has repeatedly violated conflict of interest laws. He is the only council member ever to have been fined (Nov. 2002)

    Cavecche is the only candidate for mayor endorsed by Orange Police Officers and Orange Firefighters.

    Orange needs strong, ethical and consistent leadership that is responsive to the needs of its citizens. That’s why Orange Citizens for Parks and Schools supports Carolyn Cavecche for Mayor. The choice is clear.

    Metro VIEWS:
    Giving Voice to the Greater Orange Communities

    Views expressed in Metro VIEWS are not necessarily the views of the NETWORKS that ECAST or post them.
    Orange Communication System /OCS/

    Saturday, November 04, 2006



    Orange Unified Schools DIGEST
    a news service of Orange Net News /O/N/N/

    The Greater Orange Communities Group DROPS THE BALL and apologizes as:

    The watchdog group, the Greater Orange Communities Organization has issued an apology to the community for what it terms “dropping the ball” on catching the Orange Unified School District Trustees giving Orange Unified School District Superintendent Dr. Thomas Godley sweeping new power to hide OUSD spending from taxpayers. The powers were granted in Board Policy changes to its personnel policies in the OUSD Board Policy 4000 series at the OUSD Trustees May and June Board Meetings.

    The Greater Orange Communities Organization keeps track of spending by the OUSD School Board in the Orange Unified Schools Digest’s EDUCATIONAL TAX DOLLAR WATCH (see below). The on-going tally keeps track of educational tax-dollar spending in Consultant Fees, Attorney Fees, and Administrative Conference and Travel spending. The last administration spending was reported in March of this year under the original policy long standing Board Policies 4133/4233/4333 that required that Out of State Travel/Conference request be placed on the public agenda for public approval by the OUSD Board.

    The Orange Unified Trustees voted to change that policy in May and June to allow the OUSD Superintendent to approve the out-of state travel, thus removing it from public scrutiny and an OUSD Board vote. The new arrangement was missed by the local watchdogs and only came to light as the Out-of State Conferences no longer appeared in the public OUSD Agenda. In addition, four OUSD Middle School Principals and Administrative Director Christi Reider two weeks ago went on a four day weekend junket to Washington D.C. without it being approved by the OUSD Board. An inquiry revealed the new Board Policies ended the public agenda notification and vote by the elected OUSD Trustees.

    The Greater Orange Communities Organization in issuing their apology also criticized the OUSD Trustees for “rubber stamping their oversight duties away” and for making the OUSD Superintendent a “Super-Superintendent by granting the position powers that will last way beyond the current Trustees tenures”.

    Godley has continued to try and circumvent the intense public scrutiny that the local electronic media provides to the Greater Orange Communities voters and taxpayers. The reporting of trustee, administrative, and employee conference and travel expenses has resulted in many of those travel arrangements being cancelled including a trip by Trustee John Ortega to Texas as well as a junket connected to controversial consultant program Focus on Results to Canada by OUSD Administrators Cheryl Cohen and Fran Roney.

    During Godley’s attempt to end the $8,000 a-year community broadcasts of the OUSD Board Meetings to the public, much was made about the fact that shortly before trying to end those community broadcasts, the OUSD Board approved a nearly $8,000 for a weekend junket to a Las Vegas internet conference. After much public outcry, Godley announced he had found the money to continue the community broadcasts. In addition to Godley trying to end the public broadcasts of the OUSD Meetings, other examples of reducing public scrutiny include:

    OUSD Trustees approved Godley’s plan to move the OUSD Assistant Superintendent’s to the Leadership Pay Schedule ending the OUSD Board publicly approving their Contracts and new Salaries.

    Godley unilaterally removed the second Public Comments section from the end of the OUSD Agenda. After a public outcry, and the OUSD Board having to vote to hear late comments from community members who wished to address the Board, the second Public Comments section was reinstated.

    Godley unilaterally censored the last ten minutes of OUSD Trustee Steve Rocco’s comments at the September 14th 2006 OUSD Board Meeting from the community broadcast. Godley insisted he did it to protect former Villa Park High School Principal Ben Rich. Only two minutes of Rocco’s comments involved Rich. The rest of Rocco’s statement that was also censored form the community broadcast including questioning OUSD Administrative nepotism, a verbal confrontation with Trustee John Ortega, and a shaken OUSD Kim Nichols barely being able to adjourn the meeting. Godley defended his censorship in part by reminding the public they could buy the un-censored meeting version for $10 at the OUSD District Office.

    The current OUSD Trustees were also criticized for not answering the emailed inquires about the out-of-state travel issue, but quickly answering inquiries of a political nature. Rick Ledesma, Melissa Smith, Kim Nichols and Kathy Moffat all failed to answer an email inquiry about the policy change. Kim Nichols had however quickly answered an email request for comments about her web-site being used to send a 1000 spam messages to opponent Paul-Dean Martin’s personal email account. Kathy Moffat also failed to respond to the email inquiry about the Board Policy changes, but had quickly issued a statement about responding to an inquiry about her campaign website originally being listed as having the non-profit Santiago Creek Greenway Alliance registered as the Administrative Organization of the campaign website.

    Godley Censorship:

    Rocco vs Ortega:

    Rocco’s Ben Rich Statement:

    Moffat Comment:

    Nichols Comment

    We’re a $220 million dollar business; we’re going to spend the money somewhere.”
    -OUSD Trustee Wes Poutsma 9/22/05

    Total for Watched Tax Dollars spent in 2006: $ 849,717.00:
    2006 Consultant Fee Tally:
    6/22/06 Douglas DeVore Speech $ 2,000
    6/08/06 Focus on Results $164,400
    3/09/06 Bob Sadler 3 Day Workshop $ 10,000
    Total $176,400

    2006 Attorney Fee Tally:
    7/20/06 Parker & Covert $100,000
    7/20/06 Parker & Covert $ 50,000
    7/20/06 Miller, Brown & Dannis $ 30,000
    6/22/06 Miller, Brown & Dannis $ 50,000
    6/22/06 Parker & Covert $175,000
    4/20/06 Parker & Covert: $ 50,000
    1/19/06 Parker & Covert: $200,000
    Total $655,000

    2006 Administrative Conference/Travel:
    2/9/06 Roney and 5 principals to Florida $ 10,623
    2/23/06 Roney and 2 principals Tx/ Fl $ 4,050
    3/09/06 2 to Florida Conference $ 3,644
    Total $ 18,317

    Total for Watched Tax Dollars spent in 2005: $ 978,300.000:
    Total 2005 Conference Administrator/Board Fees: $ 7,500.00
    2005 Attorney Fee Tally: $730,600.00
    Total Watched 2005 OUSD Consultant spending: $ 270,200.00

    Orange Net News
    Independent, Local, UNCENSORED News and Viewpoints”


    Metro VIEWS

    A community viewpoint from the
    Orange Neighborhoods for Responsible Development

    With Mike Alvarez running for Mayor of Orange, voters have an opportunity to bring positive change to Orange city government and help protect the quality of education in local schools. Mike, himself a credentialed teacher, has proven his commitment to the continued health of O.U.S.D. schools and the organizations that support them.

    Mike understands the concerns of Orange educators. In 2002, he supported the Orange Recall and walked with teachers, his opponent, Carolyn Cavecche did not. He recognizes that learning is hampered by overcrowded conditions with schools already operating at capacity. The massive Irvine Company East Orange development will only add to the problem. Mike’s opponent, Carolyn Cavecche, approved this development and has since taken large campaign contributions from the Irvine Company and their consultants.

    As Mayor, Mike will work closely with the school board in their quest to provide quality education.

    Your vote is vital in this very close race. Both mayoral candidates are polling just about even and we expect the outcome of this election to be decided by a small margin. Your vote will count and will make a difference. Please demonstrate your support for positive change and vote for Mike Alvarez for Orange Mayor on November 7.

    Together, we can speak with one loud voice on Election Day.

    Orange Neighborhoods for Responsible Development

    Metro VIEWS is an open community forum available to local organizations and individuals to express their opinions on local matters of interest.

    Political Views expressed in Metro VIEWS are not endorsed by the Greater Orange Communities Organization or its communication network.

    Views expressed in Metro VIEWS are not necessarily the views of the NETWORKS that ECAST or post them.
    Orange Communication System /OCS/

    Thursday, November 02, 2006



    eLECTION Watch 2006
    a Special News Analysis series by
    Orange Net News /O/N/N/

    In a major local media coup, the OC Blog has posted a video catching controversial Orange City Council Candidate Carol Rudat’s husband, the former Orange City Manager and currently on leave Orange County Assistant CEO Dave Rudat , putting up one of the not-so-mysterious DUMPDENIS signs that have sprung up all over Orange (see LINK BELOW). Contrary to election law, the signs carry no identification as to who paid for the signs. The DUMPDENIS website is registered to Carol Rudat’s sister Stephanie Rudat who lives in Irvine (see registration information below).

    The video shows Dave Rudat with ladder putting up the incompliant signs with a ladder. The final frame freezes and zooms in on Rudat and his sign.

    DUMPDENIS website registration information:

    Stephanie Rudat
    112 Jadestone
    Irvine, California 92603
    United States

    Registered through:, Inc. (
    Domain Name: DUMPDENIS.COM
    Created on: 21-Oct-06
    Expires on: 21-Oct-07
    Last Updated on:

    Administrative Contact:
    Rudat, Stephanie
    112 Jadestone
    Irvine, California 92603
    United States
    (714) 357-0363

    Technical Contact:
    Rudat, Stephanie
    112 Jadestone
    Irvine, California 92603
    United States
    (714) 357-0363

    Domain servers in listed order:

    The previous information has been obtained either directly from the registrant or a registrar of the domain name other than Network Solutions. Network Solutions, therefore, does not guarantee its accuracy or completeness.

    Show underlying registry data for this record

    Current Registrar: GO DADDY SOFTWARE, INC.
    IP Address: (ARIN & RIPE IP search)

    Lock Status: REGISTRAR-LOCK
    DMOZ no listings
    Y! Directory: see listings

    Data as of: 14-Jun-2005


    eLECTION Watch 2006 is produced by Orange Net News /O/N/N/

    Wednesday, November 01, 2006



    Metro TALK

    “…the first site I made there was so that became the default name.”
    - Robert McGowan

    Asking for an apology, retraction, and disclaimer, former Villa Park Mayor and Councilman Robert McGowan, explained in an email that the campaign site he opened for OUSD Trustee Kathy Moffat’s re-election campaign was made with free accounts that came with the original account that he opened for non-profit Santiago Creek Greenway Alliance.

    Responding to an Orange Net News report that reported the non-profit Santiago Creek Greenway Alliance was listed as the Administrative organization of the Moffat Website, and McGowan was the site administrator, McGowan wrote in the October 31st email:

    “I want you to publish a disclaimer about the false charges you made concerning the Santiago Creek Greenway Alliance. I volunteer my services for several community
    action groups by creating and maintaining websites for them free of charge.

    “When I opened a new account at NetFirms, the first site I made there was so that became the default name. Then I transferred other websites there because additional hosting was free during a promotion for up to 25 more websites.

    “The Santiago Creek Greenway Alliance has NOTHING at all to do with Kathy Moffat's re-election campaign. PERIOD! You are attempting to create a controversy that just isn't there. No funds were provided from Santiago Creek Greenway Alliance or any of it's officers to create and maintain the Moffat re-election website.

    “Presently has it's own NetFirms account since Kathy plans on using the domain after the election and will need more than the present size and bandwidth limits.”

    Orange Net News has refused to issue a disclaimer stating its report accurately reported that “Santiago Creek Greenway Alliance is listed as the official administrative organization for the Moffat website and that information is correct.”

    In a short email statement on October 30th, Kathy Moffat stated:
    My campaign website is done by a campaign volunteer, Bob McGowan. My website is not a part of any other website or organization.
    Kathy Moffat

    Santiago Creek Greenway Alliance President John Moore in an October 30th email stated:
    I have no idea why we would be listed as having anything to do with Kathy Moffat’s campaign and I can assure you that we do not. As you know as a nonprofit organization we cannot support candidates for public office.

    To read the Orange Net News Report CLICK ON:

    Candidate Forum Mix-up Response
    Orange Community PTA Council President Christina Bayles emailed a response to OUSD Candidate Paul-Dean Martin’s recounting of the communication mix-up over attending the Orange Council’s sponsored Candidate Forums:

    It is unfortunate Mr. Martin was not a participant in the candidate forums held at El Modena and Canyon High Schools as they were held to offer the community the opportunity to hear from all candidates. However, Mr. Martin's claim as published in the eBlog, that incorrect information prevented him from attending the candidate forum at Canyon High School, is untrue. In an email to Mr. Martin at 3: 18a.m., October 19, I mistakenly wrote "Wednesday" and not "Tuesday" and I take full responsibility for my error. However, following that communication, Mr. Martin confirmed to me and to the forum organizer in email messages sent October 19, one at 9:44a.m., the second at 9:46a.m., that he would attend the forum at Canyon High school, "Tuesday."

    Christina Bayles email 10/31/06

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