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  • Wednesday, November 01, 2006



    Metro TALK

    “…the first site I made there was so that became the default name.”
    - Robert McGowan

    Asking for an apology, retraction, and disclaimer, former Villa Park Mayor and Councilman Robert McGowan, explained in an email that the campaign site he opened for OUSD Trustee Kathy Moffat’s re-election campaign was made with free accounts that came with the original account that he opened for non-profit Santiago Creek Greenway Alliance.

    Responding to an Orange Net News report that reported the non-profit Santiago Creek Greenway Alliance was listed as the Administrative organization of the Moffat Website, and McGowan was the site administrator, McGowan wrote in the October 31st email:

    “I want you to publish a disclaimer about the false charges you made concerning the Santiago Creek Greenway Alliance. I volunteer my services for several community
    action groups by creating and maintaining websites for them free of charge.

    “When I opened a new account at NetFirms, the first site I made there was so that became the default name. Then I transferred other websites there because additional hosting was free during a promotion for up to 25 more websites.

    “The Santiago Creek Greenway Alliance has NOTHING at all to do with Kathy Moffat's re-election campaign. PERIOD! You are attempting to create a controversy that just isn't there. No funds were provided from Santiago Creek Greenway Alliance or any of it's officers to create and maintain the Moffat re-election website.

    “Presently has it's own NetFirms account since Kathy plans on using the domain after the election and will need more than the present size and bandwidth limits.”

    Orange Net News has refused to issue a disclaimer stating its report accurately reported that “Santiago Creek Greenway Alliance is listed as the official administrative organization for the Moffat website and that information is correct.”

    In a short email statement on October 30th, Kathy Moffat stated:
    My campaign website is done by a campaign volunteer, Bob McGowan. My website is not a part of any other website or organization.
    Kathy Moffat

    Santiago Creek Greenway Alliance President John Moore in an October 30th email stated:
    I have no idea why we would be listed as having anything to do with Kathy Moffat’s campaign and I can assure you that we do not. As you know as a nonprofit organization we cannot support candidates for public office.

    To read the Orange Net News Report CLICK ON:

    Candidate Forum Mix-up Response
    Orange Community PTA Council President Christina Bayles emailed a response to OUSD Candidate Paul-Dean Martin’s recounting of the communication mix-up over attending the Orange Council’s sponsored Candidate Forums:

    It is unfortunate Mr. Martin was not a participant in the candidate forums held at El Modena and Canyon High Schools as they were held to offer the community the opportunity to hear from all candidates. However, Mr. Martin's claim as published in the eBlog, that incorrect information prevented him from attending the candidate forum at Canyon High School, is untrue. In an email to Mr. Martin at 3: 18a.m., October 19, I mistakenly wrote "Wednesday" and not "Tuesday" and I take full responsibility for my error. However, following that communication, Mr. Martin confirmed to me and to the forum organizer in email messages sent October 19, one at 9:44a.m., the second at 9:46a.m., that he would attend the forum at Canyon High school, "Tuesday."

    Christina Bayles email 10/31/06

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