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  • Tuesday, November 22, 2005



    Orange Net News ecasts local interest Twisted Badge stories as a public service. To get the full inside story, back issues or other Twisted Badge information Click On: .

    What The Hell Is Going On?
    By Cameron Jackson

    It's funny how things work in "the OC" …especially when you're political consultant and Machiavellian mastermind Michael Schroeder. He gets to pull the levers of power in the Sheriff's department and the D.A.'s office. To give you an example of this power, let's hypothesize about conversations he may have had with the Sheriff and the D.A. regarding their ongoing problems:

    Schroeder: Mike (Carona), I want you to get rid of Don (Haidl) and George (Jaramillo). They are making you look bad, and when you look bad, I look bad.

    Carona: No problem Mike, will do.

    Schroeder: Tony (Rackauckas), I want to you prosecute George (Jaramillo) as a favor for me and Mike. Also, dig something up on Joe (Cavallo) so we can prosecute him too. Cavallo is making you and my wife look bad, and if you and my wife look bad, I look bad.

    Rackauckas: No problem Mike, will do.

    Now that you have the gist, let me formally introduce the players in this story of political power. In the one corner you have Cavallo who been has been or is currently connected with Sheriff Mike Carona, Former Assistant Sheriff George Jaramillo, and Former Assistant Sheriff Don Haidl. In the other corner you have D.A. Tony Rackauckas, Sheriff Mike Carona (he's a switch-hitter), political consultant/attorney Michael Schroeder, and his wife, D.A. spokeswoman Susan Kang-Schroeder, who all hate Cavallo.

    Mike Schroeder, the king maker, has a problem. He placed red-neck Carona in a position of power several years ago and Carona has done everything possible to screw it up. Additionally, Schroeder placed D.A. Rackauckas in power around the same time and that hasn't gone so well either. Enter attorney Joseph Cavallo, who defends Don Haidl's underage porn producing kid Greg and causes many headaches for the D.A.'s office. During the trial he clashes with and angers Michael Schroeder's wife, Susan Kang-Schroeder. This will turn out to be a bad idea. The trial also ends Don Haidl's career with the OC Sheriff's Department. One down, two to go. After the Haidl trial Carona's troubles continue with CHG Technologies, Charles Gabbard and possible bribery charges related to former Assistant Sheriff George Jaramillo. Something needed to happen with Jaramillo and conveniently an indictment is filed against him and just like that, another OCSD problem is wiped out. Two down, one to go.

    The plot thickens. Cavallo and Carona have been friends for the past 20 years, but apparently a rift has occurred, most probably because Cavallo keeps defending the sons of his former assistants and the former assistant sheriffs themselves. The magnitude of the rift was revealed when Cavallo filed a $5 million dollar claim against Sheriff Mike Carona for harassment. When I spoke with Cavallo he stated the claim was filed to expose Carona and his co-conspirators for who they really are. One can only imagine what kind of inside information Cavallo has on Carona after 20 years of friendship. This information most probably was being saved for the Jaramillo trial. We got a taste of what's coming when Erica Hill claimed to have engaged in sexual acts with the very much married Carona. Not good when you're up for re-election.

    But now we have an indictment against Cavallo on charges that he paid kickbacks to bail bond agents.Three down, you're all out.

    Time for the political analysis no one else is giving you. First and foremost we must look at this from a political power perspective. Michael Schroeder's power as a king maker is on the line with both Carona and Rackauckas. If they fail, he fails. Seeing this power in jeopardy has caused Schroeder to, in essence, clear the decks in an attempt to wipe the slate clean. First, Haidl, then Jaramillo, and now Cavallo. This part is critical to the entire current affair. If you can discredit all of the people who have intimate, detailed, and potentially career ending information about the Sheriff, then any negative or salacious information they have about the Sheriff will be discredited. It will place doubt in the voter's minds about the validity of their message.

    If Schroeder can scare Cavallo with this indictment, Cavallo may be less inclined to reveal certain incendiary information he most probably has against Carona during the Jaramillo trial. This would most certainly help Rackauckas as well. When I read the indictment against Jaramillo, I was not impressed. I am hard pressed to believe that Jaramillo took bribes in the form of checks made out to "George Jaramillo" from CHG Technologies and deposited them into his bank account so blatantly. He is either incredibly stupid or they were not bribes. A win for Cavallo on this particular case would be a PR nightmare for both Rackauckas and Carona. They would be the ones discredited, not Cavallo and Jaramillo.

    Michael Schroeder has induced the Bush Doctrine of war…the pre-emptive strike; and he has done so brilliantly. He has succeeded thus far in discrediting all those players who could and/or would have done further damage to his precious Sheriff and District Attorney. And as an added prize, Mike and Susan were able to take down their most hated adversary, Joseph Cavallo.

    The facts surrounding the past and current dark dealings of both Rackauckas and Carona should never be ignored. We cannot let someone like Michael Schroeder lead "we the people" into believing that Haidl, Jaramillo and Cavallo are the enemy. If he is successful, our true enemies may still be in power for four more years.

    On Tuesday, November 15, 2005, Deputy Attorney General Gary Schons filed a declaration in his pending criminal case against OCSD Captain Christine Murray in which he states that Michael Schroeder and Christine Murray have engaged in a cover-up regarding her gathering of political contributions from sworn OCSD personnel. Captain Murray, who reportedly introduced OCSD Lt. Bill Hunt to several local Republicans as Mike Carona's chosen successor, is on paid leave pending the resolution of the charges against her. Stay tuned to as we shine a bright light on politics and malfeasance in law enforcement. For more on the "Schroeder Factor" please visit and

    Cameron Jackson is a former police officer and the host of the "OC Variety Hour" on KUCI FM 98.9. Please visit his very informative blog at:

    If your friends and associates would like to get the inside story, please ask them to sign up at NOTE - If you wish to send a story and/or documents to TB, our mailing address is PO Box 1021, Lake Forest, CA. 92609. Our 24 hour toll free hotline is (888) 623-4426. We answer all mail and return all calls.

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