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  • Thursday, December 08, 2005


    Metro VIEWS

    Dear Frank, Steve, Robyn and writer(s) of Orange Net News:

    Thank you so much for giving some "ink" to the Orange High Football Team. So often we hear how people wish that the media would give pre-coverage rather than post coverage and all of you have gone above and beyond to recognize the men of the Orange High Football team, but you also gave an opportunity for alumni, past, present and future to participate. My 2 1/2 year old daughter is already walking around the house saying "Once a Panther...Always a Panther." In addition, many of our local residents who have ties to Servite and Mater Dei (which both were eliminated from the playoffs last week) are even coming to the Pep Rally.

    I know Frank is nusing a cold (take two and call me in the morning), but I am looking forward to meeting Mr. Fryer and it is always a pleasure to see Ms. Bryson and I hope Orange Net News sends its under-cover reporters to cover this awesome community event. Can someone please forward this note of appreciation to Mr. LOU PONZI as he has done a good job all season reporting ( but has not done so good on his predictions - and I hope he is wrong again this week). Oh, by the way, Mr. David Reyes - I may be wrong and I may have missed your "blurb" about OHS FOOTBALL and the Community coming together to celebrate this SUCCESS Story. I will "ASS-u-ME" that you are attending tonight and will be doing the POST COVERAGE of the Pep Rally and featuring it in tomorrows edition of the LA Times - Orange County Edition???

    Heck if you thought that Friday Night Happy Hour in Orange with "La familia" was fun and "informative" you should see the GREAT CITY of Orange when we have a Orange High Pep Rally surrounded by CHRISTMAS Lights and Decorations on a THURSDAY evening!!!!! Ok, who has goosebumps???? "Let's Go BIG O!!!!" ---- "Panthers Panthers that's our name...Playing Football is our Game...." Ok, now I am singing the song we sang back in 87 when we marched onto the field....Isn't this great?? In closing and in all seriousness, on behalf of many grateful Panther Alumni and the Orange High Faithful, thanks again for spreading the good word, it is truly appreciated.

    With warmest regards,

    Steven Frank Ambriz Orange High Panther, Class of 1988 "Once a Panther...Always a Panther"

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