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  • Sunday, March 12, 2006


    Metro TALK

    A Friendly Fundraiser for the Orange Senior Center
    Local businesses, political leaders, and community leaders invite the community to join them for a Friendly Fundraiser for the Orange Senior Center on Wednesday March 22nd, 2006 5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. at Pat and Oscars (763 S. Main Street) at the Town and Country Center in Orange. In addition to meeting local officials and food and beverages from Pat and Oscars, information will be presented on services and programs available from the Orange Senior Center. The Center is operated as a partnership between the Orange Elder Services Inc. and the City of Orange. The cost for all this information, great food and drink, and hobnobbing opportunities is only $25 per person, $40 per couple. Corporate Sponsorships are also welcome. For tickets or more information call OSC Executive Director Keith Regan at 714-538-9633 or email at:

    For Information on the Orange Senior Center CLICK ON:

    For Information on Pat and Oscars CLICK ON:

    OC Blog Project- MEASURE M BLOG
    In the first of its kind locally, the influential OC Blog has branched off a new blog entirely dedicated to the campaign by the Orange County Transit Authority to renew the Orange County Measure M tax. The Measure M Blog contains enough information to keep any well informed citizens occupied between now and 2011, the year the current Measure M is set to expire.Check out the wealth of information on the new new Measure M Blog: CLICK ON:

    OUSD’s Godley Puzzles Board Watchers
    According to Orange Unified Superintendent Thomas Godley money to continue the OUSD Elementary Music Program “just came to us within the last two weeks”. While the greater Orange communities’ music supporters are thankful, some longtime OUSD watchers are questioning the appearance of funds when just two week’s prior, none were to be found. Orange Net News reported on the questionable claim that the Legislative Analyst’s Office was the bearer of good news of what some locals are calling the “immaculate music funding”. With most the OUSD Trustees voting to cancel the Elementary Music Program and back Godley’s “worst case scenario” budgeting worries just last month, the Legislative Analyst’s Office appears to offer no real comfort as it recommends the California Legislature not go along with most of Governor Schwarzenegger’s educational funding plans including those for art and music. Godley stated that the LAO’s analysis that more tax money will be available to the state than first predicted seems to make Godley think more money is coming to education. To make matters more complicated, you would expect Godley to have waited two months until May for the Legislative Analyst’s May Revise before he made any budget predictions (like he did last year, see the link below).

    Godley’s Concerns over Legislative Analyst’s May Revise in June 2005:

    /O/N/N/ Special Report on Godley’s Explanation on Music Funding

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