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  • Thursday, August 03, 2006


    eLECTION Watch 2006 8/4/01

    Merino Decides Not To Run Endorses Others

    Architect Mike Merino issued a press release stating that he has decided not to run in November for the Orange City Council or mayor’s office. Merino, who was recently appointed to the California Architects Board by Gov. Schwarzenegger, had pulled papers for both the mayor and city council races.

    In addition to announcing that he would not seek election, Merino also issued a strong endorsement of Carolyn Cavecche for Mayor and both Denis Bilodeau and Mark Murphy for city council.

    In the press release Merino stated;
    "I am dedicated to improving our city and the best way for me to do that this year is to support good leaders like Carolyn Cavecche, Denis Bilodeau and Mark Murphy.

    “Although I have decided not to run, I will continue to seek other ways to be involved with our city and to continue my involvement in our community - hopefully having an opportunity to work with each of them in the future.”

    Merino further stated; “Carolyn Cavecche has convinced me that she will be a strong crime-fighter and support the needs of our police department so that our quality of life will be protected. As a shepherd of our local economy, she has promised to keep the interests of local business at the forefront of her decision-making process and ensure that the growth of our city in the east will be made carefully and that concerns for traffic safety will be addressed. She has also assured me that she will protect the interests of our local taxpayers by keeping taxes, fees, and other charges from increasing during her tenure."

    "Mark Murphy and Denis Bilodeau have performed superbly. They have both impressed me with their good judgment and leadership.

    “I believe that both of these men will continue to provide the representation needed as we move forward here in Orange."

    For the Carolyn Cavecche for Mayor campaign website CLICK ON:

    Darren Smith has an informational Blog for his campaign CLICK ON:

    For the Mike Alvarez for Mayor Campaign website

    As of AUGUST 3, 2006

    Orange City Council

    The following have filed and are waiting signature confirmation:
    Darren Smith

    The following have pulled papers, but not yet filed:
    Jason Lindstrom
    Mark Murphy (current Mayor)
    Mike Merino
    Robert Douglas
    Dennis Bilodeau (O.C. Water Board)
    Fred Whitaker
    John Caglia
    Frank Finn
    Phil Martinez
    Arnold Crain
    Katie Grant

    Villa Park City Council
    The following have pulled papers, but not filed:
    Robert Fauteux (appointed incumbent)
    Deborah Pauly
    Bradley Reese
    James Rheins
    Patricia L. Bortle (incumbent/ appointed Mayor)

    Orange Mayor
    The following have filed and have qualified to run:
    Carolyn Cavecche (current council member)

    The following have pulled papers, but not filed:
    Mike Alvarez (former council member)
    Mike Merino
    Juan Pablo Serrano-Nieblas

    Rancho Santiago Trustee Area #2
    The following have filed:
    John Hanna (current incumbent)
    Steve Rocco (OUSD Trustee)

    Orange Unified School District
    The following have filed:
    Trustee Area 1:
    7/17/06 Melissa Smith (current incumbent)
    Governing Board Member, Orange Unified School District Trustee Area 1

    7/19/06 Alexia Deligianni (OC Young Republican Director)

    Trustee Area 4
    7/19/06 Kathy Moffat (current incumbent)
    No current ballot designation

    Trustee Area 5
    7/27/06 Paul-Dean Martin
    Theater Arts Educator

    7/27/06 Christopher K. Emami (withdrew and refilled)
    Youth Services Director

    Trustee Area 7
    7/17/06 Larry D. Cohn (former OUSD Legislative Coalition Chair)
    No current ballot designation

    7/20/06 Rick Ledesma (incumbent)
    No current ballot designation

    Serrano Water District
    Ken Hernandez (incumbent director)
    Lloyd Appelman (incumbent director)

    Trabuco Canyon Water District
    Glenn Acosta (incumbent director)
    Ed Mandich (appointed incumbent director)
    Mike Safranski (incumbent director)

    Check back to the Greater Orange News eBlog daily for UPDATES

    eLECTION Watch 2006 is produced by Orange Net News /O/N/N/5
    “Independent, Local, News and Viewpoints

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