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  • Friday, August 11, 2006


    eLECTION Watch 2006

    UPDATE 8/11/06
    6:30 p.m.


    • George Cardenas withdraws from OUSD Area 1 then files in Area 5 race
    • Last Minute Orange Mayoral Candidate makes August 11th Deadline


    “It is my greatest desire to be elected and to help direct the Orange Unified School District in a more positive direction”
    -Denise Bittel

    Community and education activist Denise Bittel has announced that she will become a candidate in Trustee Area 4 of the Orange Unified School District. Trustee Area 4 (mostly comprised of Villa Park) is currently represented by Trustee Kathy Moffat.

    In a released statement (see below), Bittel said her decision was based on “much thought” and the “urging of several respected community members”. Bittel further stated that she watched and waited for another “viable candidate” to challenge Moffat and “at this time it is apparent that the only candidate who has committed to running is the current incumbent”.

    Bittel’s challenge to unseat Moffat is an exceptionally strong bid. Bittel is an Event Planner and is a longtime resident of the Greater Orange Communities. Her husband Brett Bittel is Senior Vice President of Enterprise Rent-A-Car of Southern California and they have three children who are products of OUSD schools. Both Brett and Denise Bittel are well known and active throughout the community at all levels. With all three children at one time or another attending Villa Park High School, Denise’s long history of volunteer work led to her position as President of the Villa Park High School PFSO and a member of the Villa Park H.S. School Site Council. In addition, Bittel is President of the Orange Education Foundation, a member of the OUSD Curriculum Council, and a leader of the OUSD Legislative Coalition. She is also a subcommittee member of the United Way of Greater Los Angeles.

    Other local volunteer work includes: being on the Board of Directors of the Community Foundation of Orange; a 15 year member of the Villa Park Women’s League; Public Relations Chair of the Villa Park Summerfest; and in the Bereavement Ministry of St. Norbert’s Catholic Church.

    In addition, Bittel is no stranger to politics, locally active in fundraising and local political races, Bittel was also the OUSD Measure A Campaign Coordinator, and has served as Campaign Treasurer for both OUSD Trustee John Ortega and OUSD Trustee Wes Poutsma. While the trustee race is non-partisan, Bittel’s Republican Party ties in overwhelmingly Republican Villa Park, Orange and Anaheim Hills will most likely work to her advantage in trying to unseat longtime Democrat Kathy Moffat.

    How the Bittel v Moffat race will impact the proposed President’s Slate of OUSD trustee incumbents (Moffat, Kim Nichols and Lisa Smith) could be the critical key to control of the OUSD School Board. The OUSD Area 4 race, and the promising heated Villa Park City Council race, squarely places Villa Park in the epicenter of the November 2006 Election in the Greater Orange Communities. In November, perhaps as Villa Park goes…so goes the Greater Orange Communities.

    Below is Denise Bittel’s full statement announcing she would file for election on Friday August 11th, 2006:

    “After giving much thought to the OUSD School Board Election, and upon the urging of several respected community members, I have decided to become a candidate for the Orange Unified School District Board of Education representing Trustee Area 4.

    For the past few weeks, I have followed, with interest, the day to day activities in the School Board elections. I was hoping that another viable candidate would choose to run in Trustee Area 4, however at this time it is apparent that the only candidate who has committed to running is the current incumbent.

    It is my greatest desire to be elected and to help direct the Orange Unified School District in a more positive direction in the education of our students and in preparing them to compete in the global economy. It is also my desire to work with all community partners in helping to restore this school district and the community to the position of strength that it once had achieved.”


    Last Orange Mayoral Candidate Pulls Papers and files on Deadline Day

    Andrea Simmons-England became the fourth official Orange mayoral candidate after pulling papers, then returning them later in the day on the deadline day August 11th, 2006. Simmons-England will face Carolyn Cavecche (current council member), Mike Alvarez (former council member), and Juan Pablo Serrano-Nieblas in November.

    George Cardenas enters OUSD Trustee Area 5 Race

    On Thursday August 10th, Greater Orange Community businessman George Cardenas pulled papers to enter the race in OUSD Trustee Area 5. On Friday, August 11th, Cardenas, who lives in Anaheim Hills, withdrew from Area 5 and officially filed in OUSD Trustee Area 1 (mostly encompassing Anaheim Hills) where he will face incumbent Melissa Smith and Alexia Deligianni director of the OC Young Republican. In OUSD, a candidate must live in the trustee area of the seat they run for, but everyone in Orange Unified votes in each Trustee Area election.

    Cardenas is a former aide to Todd Spitzer when he was an Orange County Supervisor and is an alternate for the Republican Party Central Committee.

    As of AUGUST 11, 2006 6:00 p.m.
    Carolyn Cavecche (current council member)
    Mike Alvarez (former council member)
    Juan Pablo Serrano-Nieblas
    Andrea Simmons-England

    Villa Park City Council

    Robert Fauteux (appointed incumbent)
    Deborah Pauly
    Bradley Reese
    James Rheins
    Patricia L. Bortle (incumbent/ appointed Mayor)

    Orange City Council
    Deadline August 16th
    The following have filed:
    Darren Smith
    Robert Douglas
    Arnold Crain

    The following have pulled papers, but not yet filed:
    Jason Lindstrom
    Mark Murphy (current Mayor)
    Mike Merino
    Robert Douglas
    Dennis Bilodeau (O.C. Water Board)
    Fred Whitaker
    John Caglia
    Frank Finn
    Phil Martinez
    Katie Grant
    Andrew Hinger
    Brett Mullins

    Rancho Santiago Trustee Area #2

    John Hanna (current incumbent)
    Steve Rocco (OUSD Trustee)

    Orange Unified School District

    Trustee Area 1:
    7/17/06 Melissa Smith (current incumbent)
    Governing Board Member, Orange Unified School District Trustee Area 1
    Officially filed 7/27/06

    7/19/06 Alexia Deligianni (OC Young Republican Director)
    Officially filed 7/27/06

    8/10/06 George Cardenas
    Officially filed 8/11/06

    Trustee Area 4
    7/19/06 Kathy Moffat (current incumbent)
    Governing Board Member, Orange Unified School District Trustee Area 4
    Officially filed 8/8/06

    8/11/06 Denise Bittel
    Officially filed 8/11/06

    Trustee Area 5
    7/27/06 Paul-Dean Martin
    Theater Arts Educator
    Officially filed 7/27/06

    7/27/06 Christopher K. Emami (withdrew and refilled)
    Youth Services Director
    Officially filed 8/11/06

    8/7/06 Kimberlee Nichols (current incumbent)
    Governing Board Member, Orange Unified School District Trustee Area 5
    Officially filed 8/11/06

    Trustee Area 7
    7/17/06 Larry D. Cohn (former OUSD Legislative Coalition Chair)
    No current ballot designation
    Officially filed 8/11/06

    7/20/06 Rick Ledesma (incumbent)
    No current ballot designation
    Officially filed 8/10/06

    Serrano Water District
    Ken Hernandez (incumbent director)
    Lloyd Appelman (incumbent director)

    Trabuco Canyon Water District
    Glenn Acosta (incumbent director)
    Ed Mandich (appointed incumbent director)
    Mike Safranski (incumbent director)

    Orange Net News would like to thank the people and staffs of the following offices for their outstanding work and cooperation in getting the information to the public and making our democracy work:

    Mary E. Murphy, City of Orange City Clerk and her City Clerk staff
    Ken Domer, City Manager City of Villa Park and his City Hall staff
    The Orange County Registrar of Voters Staff

    Check back to the Greater Orange eBlog daily for UPDATES

    eLECTION Watch 2006 is produced by Orange Net News /O/N/N/
    “Independent, Local, News and Viewpoints”

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