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  • Monday, September 25, 2006


    OC BLOG Breaks RUDAT Story

    The influencial OC Blog and the OC Register's Buzz Blog has reported that a complaint has been filed with the Orange County Registrar of Voters against Orange City Council Candidate Carol Rudat, the wife of former Orange City Manager, now Deputy Orange County CEO David Rudat. Wayne King of Orange filed the complaint on Monday September 25th. The link to the OC Blog's posting of the complaint is included below.

    The following is the OC Blog post:

    Complaint Filed Against Carol Rudat
    According Martin Wisckol at Total Buzz, a complaint has been filed againt Orange city council carpetbagger Carol Rudat:

    You may have read in this blog or in today's Buzz column [Jubal -- or prior to that on Red County/OC Blog, Orange Politicos, FlashReport and Greater Orange News eBlog] about how Orange City Council candidate Carol Rudat registered to vote in the city of Orange a few months before her July move there. Registrar of Voters Neal Kelley had said that registration is on the honor system -- they don't check into problems unless there's a complaint.

    Well, today a complaint was filed with Kelley over Rudat's registration. Kelley said that he'll be forwarding the complaint to the Secretary of State for investigation today, as protocol dictates.


    Carol Rudat actually lives in Corona Del Mar and is a successful Newport Beach realtor

    Link to OC Blog's posting of King complaint:

    To all concerned,

    I personally don't like the direction of all these Bash Carol Postings. Last I heard, people are considered innocent until proven guilty. What has been put forth lately is a lot of conjecture by individuals backing another particular campaign. Until the Registrar of Voters makes any decision, the bashing and demeaning of a person that is running for council is wrong. I have met Carol and talked to her, and she is sincere in her efforts for Council. I personally wish her the best of luck and look forward to running against her. She has my sincerest apologies for what goes on some times in these blogs. The fact that her signs have been taken down and her name has been besmirched is terrible. I recently have had the misfortune of having fraudulent and false attacks on myself as well.

    If this is about mudslinging, then the candidate (singular) should at least have the courage to come forth and identify himself as the person responsible for this dirty campaign. Since most of the other candidates running know who he is. At least that way, people can judge the source of these attacks and make their decision based on that.

    This campaign should be about the issues and the desire to help Orange. Mark Murphy has served Orange for Years and it would be great to have back on the Council. Frank Finn, I highly respect and ask that people get to know him. Phil Martinez has devoted his life to helping Orange's Park system. John Caglia's sincerity to help Orange is amazing. Mr. Douglas is ex-USMC, who served this country and now works to serve this city as well. Darren Smith is a wonderful individual that would bring great attributes to the City Council position. Unfortunately I have not met Mr. Hinger or Mr. Crain, so I cannot speak about them, but they cared enough to run so that speaks volumes in itself.

    I believe that each of these individuals have the sincere goal of giving back to Orange, not for personal gain but because they truly love this city and that is what City Council is all about. I look forward to a clean and well fought HONEST Campaign and hope others do not lower themselves to this level or contribute to the dirty politics. I hope that whoever wins does not do so by such despicable means. May the best man or woman win this campaign, and do the best they can to give Orange the City Councilperson it deserves.

    Jeremy Wayland
    City Council Candidate

    Actually, the credit for breaking the story goes to Martin Wisckol at Total Buzz. Martin was the first to report the filing of the complaint. I followed up by reporting the identity of the complainant and posting the complaint itself.


    Proven guilty by whom? You're assuming the Secretary of State will investigate and resolve this complaint prior to the November election.

    Ever since this controversy began, NO evidence has emerged to support the contention that Carol Rudat is a resident of Orange. By the admission of her own spokeswoman, she was not a resident of Orange at the time registered to vote in Orange and swore, under penalty of perjury, that she lived at the Center Stree address. That isn't "conjecture," Jeremy.

    Now, she refuses to answer Martin Wisckol's questions about her residency. Is that how an innocent person behaves?

    It's one thing to want to take the high road, jeremy. It's another thing to turn a blind eye and "see no evil."
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