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  • Thursday, October 05, 2006


    Community Update

    A community news service of the Orange Net News /O/N/N/

    RUDAT REPORT: Court Day Two and a half…
    Welcome Back to Orange for Carol Rudat

    Matt “Jubal” Cunningham of the OC Blog has reported all day Thursday October 5th from the Orange County Superior Court courtroom of Judge James Grey on the continuing saga of Orange Council Candidate Carol Rudat.

    In the reports posted on the OC Blog (see link below), Judge Grey’s initial order in the morning was to leave Rudat’s name posted on the ballot, but not count votes cast for her. Grey reasoned that it was too late to remove her name and doing so would impact too many races. Cunningham reports that as Grey explained the issue of the actual matter of if Rudat lived in Orange, “it quickly became clear how Rudat had screwed up” as Grey explained the minimum standard for proving residency.

    Cunningham reported today:
    "It is not difficult to prove residency," Judge Gray said. All that is need is a signed declaration from Carol Rudat and some supporting evidence such as a declaration from a witness, a water bill or a utility bill.
    "Mrs. Rudat didn't do that, "Judge Gray said. He said her declaration was like a "campaign mailer full of emotional platitudes" and characterized it as being written "as if she's intentionally dodging the issue."

    Allan Burns, Rudat’s attorney asked for a recess for two hours to allow Rudat to appear in court (she had not appeared at either of the two hearings) and prove her residency. Grey agreed and set the recessed hearing to continue at 4:00 p.m.

    At the 4:00 p.m. hearing, Rudat her attorney and took the witness stand.

    Matt Cunningham reports after Rudat was questioned by Judge Grey:
    “He stated his great reluctance for the courts to get involved in an election, and that he "took a dim view of perjury." He also stated he wouldn't rule on whether she lived in the Orange bungalow when she registered to vote there in April. He also criticized Carol Rudat's testimony as "evasive, cloudy, and I think intentionally so."

    Rudat was able to produce enough evidence that Judge Gray reversed his earlier decision and will now allow votes for Rudat to be counted and allow the election process to decide Rudat’s fate. Grey ruled that Rudat was an elector in the City of Orange and that “their was no evidence that she was not” an Orange elector when she filed her candidacy papers.

    For the OC Blog Reports:

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