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  • Monday, November 05, 2007


    Carona " I did not profit from Deputy Brad Warner's death"

    Embattled Sheriff Mike Carona released the following statement regarding the federal indictment allegations that Carona took kick-back money from attorney Joe Cavallo for referring clients to him like Deputy Brad Warner's widow. Cavallo won $340,000 and allegedly split his share with Carona. (Cavallo who recently plead guilty in state court to an unrelated bail bonds kick-back scheme also represented former Assistant Sherrif and Carona friend Donald Haidl's son in the infamous gang-rape video case). The widespread media attention, especially on the Warner death kick-back appears to have particularly angered Carona. On Monday November 5th on the OC Sheriff Blog Carona posted the following:

    "Sheriff's statement on Deputy Brad Warner
    November 5, 2007 12:09 by Sheriff Carona

    "Friday's issues of the Orange County Register and the Los Angeles Times articles were written implying that I profited from the death of one of our own, Deputy Brad Warner. Brad's untimely and unnecessary death was a shock to all who had worked and knew him. His death caused a tremendous sense of loss to his family and the family of the Orange County Sheriff's Department. As in other times of loss to our Department--Brad Riches, Matt Davis, Steve Parsons, the "family" gathers together to support the family of the loved one and the Department Family. During such a time many referrals may be offered, directing the family to grief counselors, financial assistance, and attorneys when necessary. However, I can tell you all without hesitation, and with a degree of anger toward Friday's articles on this matter, that I did not profit from Deputy Brad Warner's death and anything said to imply otherwise is a lie. The concept of profiting from the loss of a department member is beyond the comprehension of us who serve the community of Orange County.

    What I do know is that since I became Sheriff the department has created a comprehensive death benefits informational package for the loved ones of an employee who tragically dies. What immediately happens when a death occurs is that the department, county, and their union representative "family" quickly gather together to develop a plan to support the employee's more immediate family. Ensuring that the employee's family is able to take full benefit of all entitled benefits and insurances, often times as necessary with the Sheriff's Advisory Council, Project 999, and AOCDS or OCEA making cash gifts to the employee's immediate family so that they are not initially financially burdened.

    In an effort to recognize the valued work performed by the men and women of our department I have directed changes that over the past nine years have resulted in the attendance at the Medal of Valor Awards ceremony to increase from 300 to over a 1,000 attendees. The Sheriff's Advisory Council's membership has increased by 50% and they have unwaveringly rendered their support underwriting costs related to the deaths our members. The Project 999 Foundation's endowment has grown 120% in the past nine years, making more funds available to members of our family in their time of need."

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