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  • Tuesday, November 06, 2007


    Undersheriff Jo Ann Galisky of Orange takes over as Orange County Sheriff

    Orange resident Undersheriff Jo Ann Galisky of Orange takes over as Orange County Sheriff as Sheriff Mike Carona takes a 60 day leave. The Orange County Register features an excusive interview with Galisky. The following information about the 23 year Sheriff appears with the article:

    (For the article CLICK ON:
    Jo Ann Galisky

    Age: 47

    Career: Has been with the Orange County Sheriff's Department since 1984; first woman in the agency's history to be promoted to assistant sheriff in March 2003. She was named undersheriff in April.

    Claim to fame: Galisky is the highest-ranking female in the department.

    Personal: She was born and raised in Southern California and currently lives in Orange with her longtime partner.

    Notable quote: When asked what her definition of success was by the Register's business section in January, Galisky said, "Success is to live in the moment, to appreciate and enjoy those around me, to ensure that those I love know it. I'd also like a good night's sleep; my mind never stops. Professional success is a year in which no law enforcement officers are killed or injured and our servicemen return home safely."

    To Friends, Family, News, Radio, Newspapers, etc…..

    I could not make the Supes meeting on Tuesday due to work, but... I am amazed that the AOCDS did not even show up to read the statement they prepared. Since Wayne Quint was such an advocate of Sheriff Carona's every time I spoke on an issue or off Agenda item, boom he was there to counter-act for Sheriff Carona. So you see this letter means nothing to me unless you are there to read it. Now on the subject of good old Jo Ann Galisky. There is no Sheriff that should be able to pick their interim when being indicted by the US Courts. I have a problem with that one also. The story broke in the OC Register long before, that she was going to take over and everyone said no, no, no, no. Well I guess the Register was right huh? Reading a letter by Sheriff Carona to the public is absurd! You know when I used to speak every Tuesday on off Agenda on Lt. Hunt and how Sheriff Carona was going to bring this County down (before my father passed away 2 months ago) you know what this woman used to say to me in the after I came out from the meeting?
    That is what the Supes just let Sheriff Carona put into office..
    Now I will challenge her to a lie detector test if she wants. She knows I will win and she will lose.
    On another note Todd Spitzer was also ther speaking on behalf of Officer of the Courts?
    He is my Leg. I am paying him a Salary for the city of Orange. Now the I called his office yesterday and I told them who I was. The girl told m Todd was speaking on behalf of being a LAWYER!!!
    I SAID A WHAT? I am paying him a salary to be my Legs for the city of Orange and he is up there as a lawyer? I asked her what kind of lawyer is he. She would not answer me. She said he was in private practice. So I guess he knows more that the US ATTORNEY? AND I GUESS THE DA KNOWS MORE THAN THE US ATTORNEY?
    Mr. Todd Spitzer was being paid by me to be there not as a lawyer. Plus he backed Sheriff Carona in the first place. Being a past DA or reserve officer or Legs does not give you the right to stand up there as a lawyer on my time and my tax payer dollars... Since Todd Spitzer attends a lot of the Union functions also. Now if he or his office wants to challenge me on this I will take a lie detector test also along with all the office staff he has. Let’s see which one is telling the truth.. I will be saying this every chance I get when I get off on Tuesday now.

    Karen A Finn
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