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  • Friday, June 20, 2008



    SPECIAL REPORT by Orange Net News /O/N/N/

    The Tribune News of Greeley, Colorado is reporting that Superintendent Dr. Renae Dreier of Greeley Schools District 6 has not told local district officials if she will take the Orange Unified Superintendent’s job if offered to her. OUSD officials have reported that she is the only “final candidate” and OUSD Board Trustees are planning a controversial visit to the Greeley area to investigate Dreier further. What that expensive trip will yield is probably what the June 20th Tribune headline on the latest Dreier story is “Dreier has her supporters and critics”.

    In addition, the story reports that Greeley District 6 Board of Directors President Dr. Bruce Broderius states that Dreier would forfeit some benefits by leaving the district. Her original contract ends July 1st, but she was granted a one-year extension in May 2008. Dreier is currently paid $175,000 a year which is high by Colorado standards. Retiring OUSD Superintendent Thomas Godley currently makes $256,000 after several rounds of pay hikes granted to him by a split OUSD Board (the last pay increases coming just weeks before he announced his retirement).

    Drier had worked in Colorado since 2006. California state records show that in June of 2007 she renewed the three California teaching credentials she holds: a multiple subject (K-12); single subject for English, History/Social Studies; and an Administrative Credential. Records show she obtained her Clear California Teaching Credential in 1986. The three credentials are renewable in 2012.

    Despite information, Dreier Reading First Consultant Booster
    Greeley supporters of Dreier generally give her credit for moving the struggling district on the right direction in the age of No Child Left Behind (NCLB)accountability. Her unwavering devotion to the NCLB system did leave her open to criticisms from many in the area. That devotion also apparently led Dreier to blindly accept one of the most controversial and expensive components of the NCLB, the billion dollar federal boondoggle called Reading First just as the controversial program received admonishment under scrutiny from federal officials staring in 2006.

    President George W. Bush had insisted on the Reading First program be included in the original NCLB federal legislation. A hold over of his days as Texas governor, the Reading First program has many Bush family and friends associated with the big money making program. Orginally listed by the U.S. Department of Education as based on “scientific practices” the most recent U.S. Department of Education’s Institute of Educational Services called the program “ineffective”.

    NCLB co-sponsor and chairman of the Senate Education Committee Sen. Ted Kennedy is a long time critic of the Reading First program. In a widely circulated quote from Kennedy about the program and the criticial US Department of Education Report, the educational leader said:
    "The Bush administration has put cronyism first and the reading skills of our children last, and this report shows the disturbing consequences."

    In 2006, when Dreier had come to Colorado, the U.S. Department of Education Inspector General John Higgins in a widely circulated report in education circles reported that federal officials and private contractors with ties to publishers had advised educators in several states to buy Reading First program material from those publishers. Just days before the Higgins Report was released in 2006 the close Bush family friend and Reading First Director Chris Doherty resigned. The Higgins Report included disclosure of a number of emails from Doherty referring to private contractors and other educators who favored alternatives to the Reading First program as competitors to the Reading First approach (which later was proven ineffective) as “dirtbags” who were “trying to crash our party”. That party cost US taxpayers over a billion dollars and Greeley District 6 students at least two years of “effective” reading education.

    Ironically, outgoing OUSD Superintendent Godley, while not addressing Reading First directly, has been a vocal critic of many aspects of NCLB.

    To see all of the Tribune story, follow the link at the top of this page to the Greater Orange News Service the Orange or Villa Park TOPIX page and CLICK ON .

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