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  • Tuesday, July 22, 2008


    $750,000 contract for new OUSD Superintendent Dr. Dreier

    A news service of Orange Net News /O/N/N/

    Let them eat cake…
    Orange Unified Trustees approve a $750,000 three year contract for new OUSD Superintendent

    In a Special Session Meeting on July 22nd, the Orange Unified School District Trustees voted to approve a three year $750,000 contract for Dr. Renae Dreier from Greeley, Colorado to be the next OUSD Superintendent. In the short 10 minute meeting the OUSD Trustees voted 5-0 to approve the three year contract. Trustee Steve Rocco and Board President Wes Poutsma were absent (Poutsma faces a reelection challenge in November).

    The only Trustee to make any comments was Trustee Kathy Moffat who took time to defend the so called Dreier Junket that she and Trustees Kim Nichols and Wes Poutsma made three weeks after outgoing Superintendent Dr. Thomas Godley announced that Dreier would be hired in a Special Meeting on July 22nd.

    That trip Moffat stated was part of the public process to hire Dreier. Moffat defended the trip stating that the Trustees had met with 50-75 community members in Greeley, Colorado who provided valuable insight. Moffat stated that on the trip they learned of Dreier’s experience with a Strategic Plan similar to what OUSD had. Moffat however failed to explain the timing of the trip and her explanation of learning about the Dreier’s Greeley Strategic plan only by going to Greeley (the plan was reported on by Orange Net News with a link and presumably discussed in the interview process with Dreier).

    Dreier in unprepared remarks said she was "honored", "excited" and “committed” to the Orange community. Dreier also took time to address the controversial Dreier Junket. Dreier stated that the trip by Moffat, Nichols, Poutsma showed the Greeley community that the OUSD Board members were “committed to their community”. Following the short remarks, the meeting was adjourned for refreshments and entertainment.

    The Special Meeting had a hand full of community leaders attending, but was full of OUSD Administrators who had received OUSD emailed reminders that they were expected to attend the meeting to welcome the new Superintendent. Following the brief ten minute meeting a small OUSD student musical ensemble played while a cake with “Welcome to OUSD” and refreshments were served.

    The controversial Dreier Junket trip to Colorado comes on the heels of continued economic turmoil across the nation and in California that still does not have a state budget for next year. In these times of economic uncertainties, the OUSD Trustees next month are planning a vote to place a third OUSD Facilities Bond on the November 2008 ballot.

    Dreier, who had yet to publicly give notice she was leaving her old community, was paid $175,000 a year salary in Greeley, Colorado. She becomes the second women superintendent to lead OUSD and was apparently willing to except thousands of dollars less in salary than what her male predecessor Dr. Godley made despite the long established educational practice that a new Superintendent starts at the previous superintendent’s last salary.

    Greeley Tribune story on Dreier taking OUSD position: DREIER

    A news service of Orange Net News /O/N/N/
    Ecast on the

    I am elated that she has left my district, but feel for those that will have to endure what she is about to do to the OUSD. I cannot believe she will be paid 3/4 of a million dollars when she isn't worth a cent of it as a Superintendent.
    It will be interesting to watch what happens in OUSD over the next few years. If they think the budget is troublesome now ..... wait until Dr. Dreier gets her hands into the pot. And the graduation rate, work climate, and micro-management will go down. Do you think she will ask for this District to go on Academic Watch?

    Enjoy these last few weeks, OUSD, I imagine, you will rue this day in a few months.
    Oops! I meant that micro-management will increase. I knew I should have previewed.
    sfireblue is the evil one. This person and her party of three think they represent the views of 80,000+ citizens of Greeley and Evans. This group has a vendetta against Dr. Dreier because she would not implement their personal agendas. You can judge sfireblue's character by her having to use Hitler's name and phrases about atrocities.
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