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  • Saturday, July 12, 2008


    Dreier, Harleys and the Library

    Metro TALK
    A community service of Orange Net News /O/N/N/

    Greeley District 6 names Dreier successor…if she leaves for OUSD

    As contract negotiations apparently continue between Greeley District 6 Superintendent Dr. Renae Dreier and Orange Unified, Dreier’s district in Colorado has named her successor…just in case. With two weeks to go before a Special OUSD Board meeting scheduled for July 22nd to approve the new superintendent’s contract, Dreier still hasn’t announced that she is leaving Greeley. The Greeley District 6 Board however has taken no chances and has named a successor, and will meet on the morning of July 23rd to offer Greeley Deputy Superintendent Ranelle Lang a one year contract to be Greeley District 6 Superintendent.

    The cumbersome process of hiring Dreier away from Greeley began with current Superintendent Dr. Godley announcing at the June 19th, 2008 OUSD Board Meeting that Dreier would be installed at a Special OUSD Board Meeting on July 22nd. This was weeks before three OUSD Board Members (Kim Nichols, Kathy Moffat and Wes Poutsma) went to Greeley on the so-called Dreier Junket to “interview” the town’s leaders about Dreier despite the fact that it was more than apparent Dreier had the OUSD job. Since that taxpayer paid junket, the Greeley Tribune published a poll that had 71% of the 876 Greeley responders answering “No” to the poll question:

    Do you believe Greeley-Evans School District 6 has improved under Renae Dreier's leadership?

    Tribune story on new Greeley District 6 Superintendent:

    Tribune Poll results on Dreier leadership in District 6 :
    Dreier Poll RESULTS

    Bikes, Babes and Brew at the Irvine Lake
    Irvine Lake is revving up for its 12th Annual Harley Festival on July 27th from 11 am to 5 pm. With bikes, music, more bikes, beer, bikes and a “hot babes” contest, the 12th Annual should be the best yet…did we mention the bikes?

    The music includes three tribute bands: one to the Door’s Jim Morrison; another to the Rolling Stones; and another to Cream. The cost for the all this fun is only $20 per person. For more information call 714 649-9133, or CLICK ON: HARLEY

    If Walls Could Talk in Orange, Preserving Photos and Summer Anime
    Since the re-opening of the Orange Public Library and History Center, the folks at the “Main Library” just haven’t stopped to rest. This summer besides the on going computer classes and reading clubs, they continue to offer something for just about everybody.

    Much like the popular cable show, If Walls Could Talk, the Orange Library is offering the workshop Researching the History of your to help local homeowners uncover the records of their homes past. Another workshop offers tips and advice on how to preserve old family photographs.

    If your tastes run more modern, the Orange Library is continuing the popular Japanese Anime series during the summer with animated Anime films and television shows in the library Community Room.

    Summer Anime: Wednesday July 16, and Wednesday July 30 4pm to 6 pm
    Preserving Photographs: Tuesday July 15th, 6 pm- 7 pm
    Research Your House: Tuesday July 22, 6 pm – 7 pm

    For more information on these and other Orange Library programs CLICK ON:

    Metro TALK is a community service of ORANGE NET NEWS /O/N/N/

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