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  • Thursday, July 24, 2008


    WES POUTSMA will not seek re-election

    eLECTION Watch 2008
    an Orange Net News Special News and Analysis Series

    WES POUTSMA will not seek re-election

    A spokesperson for Orange Unified School Board President Wes Poutsma has released a statement that Poutsma will not seek re-election in order to: “spend quality time with and give his undivided attention to his wife and family” Poutsma’s statement said that the decision not to run had been made weeks ago. His spokesperson added that Poutsma’s decision was in no way prompted by OUSD Area 1 Trustee Melissa Smith’s unanticipated move to pull papers in OUSD Trustee Area 3 currently represented by Poutsma.

    Following is the full statement released on behalf of Poutsma:

    " For the past year Wes Poutsma has given great thought to seeking another term as a member of the OUSD Board of Education. After careful consideration, he decided a few weeks ago, not to seek re-election as an OUSD Board of Trustee. While he has dedicated his life to children and education (having been a school janitor, a teacher, a principal, an assistant Superintendent, and ultimately a member of the Board of Education), he now feels that it is time to devote his full attention traveling with his wife and his family. By not seeking re-election, Wes will be able to spend quality time with, and give his undivided attention to his wife and family, Wes is proud of the district and its many accomplishments and he values the friendships and relationships that he has developed and will continue to maintain."

    Greater Orange November 2008 Election Filing Update

    City of Orange Mayor
    Carolyn Cavecche
    Pulled papers

    City of Orange Council Seat (2 open)
    Stuart Campbell
    Pulled papers

    Robert Douglas
    Pulled papers

    Jon Dumitru (Incumbent)
    Pulled papers

    Michael Farrel
    Pulled papers

    Tita Smith (Incumbent)
    Pulled papers

    Adolfo Perez
    Pulled papers

    Orange City Clerk
    Mary E. Murphy (Incumbent)
    Pulled papers

    Orange City Treasurer
    Helen Walker (Incumbent)
    Pulled papers and returned them

    Orange Unified Trustee Area 3

    Melissa “Lissa” Smith (Incumbent Trustee Area 1 until 2010)
    Pulled papers

    Jerry Winant
    pulled papers

    Orange Unified Trustee Area 6
    Arianna Barrios
    pulled papers and returned them

    Villa Park City Council (2 seats)
    Rich Ulmer (Incumbent)
    pulled papers

    Bill Mac Aloney
    pulled papers

    eLECTION Watch 2008
    is an independent news service of /O/N/N/

    I guess Lissa Smith comment that she would give up her seat during the redistricting if it meant Rocco would be unable to run and that the Board plan was a gift from God was a very well planned by the current Godley majority. Now she has two seats and one to appoint. God seems to very generous.
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