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  • Thursday, August 14, 2008


    Education Alliance Candidate Alexia Deligianni files for OUSD Race

    eLECTION Watch 2008
    an Orange Net News Special News and Analysis Series

    OUSD Trustee Smith stays out of Area 3 race as…
    Alexia Deligianni files for OUSD race

    Education Alliance candidate and politically well connected Political Organizational Professional Alexia Deligianni pulled and filed papers on the last day possible for Orange Unified School District Area 3 Trustee Seat. Pulling papers but not filing to run for Area 3 was OUSD Area 1 Trustee Melissa Smith and Riverside Community College District Police Chief James Miyashiro.

    Deligianni had long been rumored to be entering this year’s race as she had been openly soliciting endorsement from area politicians. Smith’s move to pull papers in the race was seen by some OUSD Board watchers as a move to try and make Deligianni think twice before entering the race. Smith defeated Deligianni when she challenged Smith’s re-election in November 2006 for the Area 1 seat (46.8% to 31.9%). In the Nichols Realignment of OUSD Area Trustee boundaries, both Smith and Deligianni had their houses moved into Area 3. Smith’s Area 1 seat is not up for an election until 2010.

    Deligianni changes from Politician to Educator Overnight

    Deligianni has billed herself on the November ballot designation as “Educator/Orange County Businesswoman”. However, on her LINKED IN website page, Deligianni listed herself as an“Independent Political Organizational Professional”until this story was ecast on 8/13/08 by Orange Net News,when apparently reacting to the publishing of her LINKED IN page link and the discrepancy between the ballot designation and herPolitical Organizational Professional self-description, she changed her LINKED IN description to match her new ballot designation to "Educator/Businesswoman/Community Volunteer". That same day she also changed her "Industry" listing on the same site from from Political Organization to "Education Management". LINKED IN is a networking tool to find connections to industry experts and establish business connections in the subscribers’ professional area.

    In her 2006 candidate statement, Deligianni’s description of herself was: “As a Doctor of Educational Leadership and credentialed teacher…” a record check of the California Teaching Commission website for a current teaching credential for the names of both “Alexia” and “Alexandra” Deligianni has the site reporting “No Records found matching search criteria” (see link below).

    The Education Alliance was founded by conservative Tustin Attorney Mark Bucher and at one point the organization’s members had taken over the Orange Unified School District voting majority under former OUSD Trustee Marty Jacobson and his Education Alliance trustee allies. Jacobson and his allies were recalled in the Orange Recall and then defeated again two months later when they ran against the Citizen’s Board members who had successfully recalled them, current OUSD Trustees Melissa Smith, John Ortega, Kim Nichols and Kathy Moffat.

    For more information:
    Alexia Deligianni listed website (not up yet):

    Alexia Deligianni’s Facebook page: Alexia's FACEBOOK

    Alixia Deligianni's reworked LINKED IN page: Alexia's LINKED IN

    Alexia Deligianni’s 2006 Candidate Statement: Alexia 2006

    California Teaching Commission Credential Search Page:

    Education Alliance Website: ALLIANCE

    Final Extended filing Greater Orange November 2008 Election

    Orange Unified Trustee Area 3 (deadline extended to 8/13)

    Alexia Deligianni
    Pulled papers and filed them

    Florice Hoffman
    Pulled papers and filed them

    James Miyashiro
    Pulled papers did not file

    Melissa “Lissa” Smith (Incumbent Trustee Area 1 until 2010)
    Pulled papers did not file

    Jerry Winant
    Pulled papers and filed

    Silverado-Modjeska, Recreation and Park Dist (2 seats)
    (deadline extended to 8/13 on one seat)

    Mike Colgan
    Pulled papers and filed

    Kip Craig
    Pulled papers and filed

    Brett Peterson (Incumbent)
    Pulled papers and filed

    Marty Weel
    Pulled papers and filed

    eLECTION Watch 2008
    is an independent news service of /O/N/N/
    “Independent Local Insight”

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