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  • Thursday, August 07, 2008


    Seibert pulls in Orange; Villa Park appoints?; Jerry Winant files in OUSD;Blogger vs Rocco!

    eLECTION Watch 2008
    an Orange Net News Special News and Analysis Series

    Richard Siebert pulls papers for Orange City Council
    One day is left for filing in the Orange City Council race for two seats on the November ballot (August 8th at 5:00 pm is the filing deadline). The two incumbents, Council persons Tita Smith and Jon Dumitru have both filed as have challengers Robert Douglas and Michael Farrel. Four potential candidates who have pulled papers, but not filed them yet are: Stuart Campbell; Adolfo Perez; Carol Rudat; and the most recent Richard Siebert. Siebert, who has ran for Orange City Council before, is the First Vice President of the Orange Park Association and has worked in the Greater Orange Community on numerous community efforts including as the Orange Park Acres 4th of July Parade coordinator.

    Villa Park City Council may appoint Council members
    With two positions open and only two declared candidates; the Villa Park City Council may hold a Special Meeting next week to appoint the two candidates. As the only candidates for the two seats, the city could forgo the expense of an election by appointing incumbent Villa Park City Council member Rich Ulmer and former City Council member Bill Mac Aloney to the two open seats.

    Jerry Winant files in OUSD
    Jerry Winant has withdrawn from the Rancho Santiago Trustee Seat 3 race and filed for the OUSD Area 3 race. In a July 31st email explaining why he took papers out for both Orange Unified and Rancho Santiago, Winant wrote:

    "I had the opportunity to attend a couple of political functions this past weekend; one sponsored by Republicans and one sponsored by Democrats. I found both to be interesting and informative. Both groups have legitimate concerns and thoughts about our educational system in CA. As you know, the elections for school board are non-partisan.... as they should be! One's political party should have no bearing on who is the best qualified to support and further the educational process for all students. At both functions, I had people talk to me about possibly running for the Rancho Santiago Community College Board, since I have such a strong background in the field of education. I also had the opportunity to speak with a couple of prospective candidates for the open Board seat on the OUSD Board of Education.

    I discovered that one of these candidates, Florice Hoffman, shares many of the same philosophies, strengths, and concerns that I do. I was quite impressed by how much time she has spent during the past year in preparing for this election and a seat on the OUSD Board of Education. I believe she could be a tremendous asset to that Board. Likewise, I also feel I would be a tremendous asset for Orange Unified but there is only one seat available. Since I believe I also have the background and qualities to be a strong contributing Board member on the Rancho Santiago Community College Board, I have chosen to switch to this race. I support Florice in her efforts to be elected to the OUSD Board of Education.

    Winant (who filed to run, but did not file a candidate statement) will now face Florice Hoffman in the OUSD Area Three race.

    Blogger vs Rocco in Santa Ana Council Ward 3 Race
    Orange Juice Blogger Art Pedroza announced today he will be a candidate for the Santa Ana City Council Ward 3 seat. Orange Unified School Trustee Steve Rocco has also pulled papers for the seat now held by besieged Council member Carlos Bustamante. Pedroza has been an outspoken and frequent critic of Bustamante in his Orange Juice Blog.

    For more information:
    Pedroza announcement on Orange Juice Blog CLICK ON:

    Liberal OC Blog posting of Pedroza Press Release CLICK ON:

    Greater Orange November 2008 Election Filing Update

    City of Orange Mayor
    Carolyn Cavecche
    Pulled papers and filed them

    City of Orange Council Seat (2 open)
    Stuart Campbell
    Pulled papers

    Robert Douglas
    Pulled papers and filed

    Jon Dumitru (Incumbent)
    Pulled papers and filed

    Michael Farrel
    Pulled papers and filed them

    Tita Smith (Incumbent)
    Pulled papers and filed

    Adolfo Perez
    Pulled papers

    Carol Rudat
    Pulled papers

    Richard Siebert
    Pulled papers

    Orange City Clerk
    Mary E. Murphy (Incumbent)
    Pulled papers

    Orange City Treasurer

    George Small
    Pulled papers

    Helen Walker (Incumbent)
    Pulled papers and filed them

    Orange Unified Trustee Area 2
    John Ortega (Incumbent)
    Pulled papers

    Orange Unified Trustee Area 3

    Florice Hoffman
    Pulled papers and filed them

    Melissa “Lissa” Smith (Incumbent Trustee Area 1 until 2010)
    Pulled papers

    Jerry Winant
    Pulled papers and filed them

    Orange Unified Trustee Area 6
    Arianna Barrios
    Pulled papers and filed them

    Villa Park City Council (2 seats)
    Rich Ulmer (Incumbent)
    Pulled papers and filed them

    Willard “Bill” Mac Aloney
    Pulled papers and filed them

    Silverado-Modjeska, Recreation and Park Dist
    Mike Colgan
    Pulled papers

    Kip Craig
    Pulled papers

    Orange County Water District, DIV 2
    Denis Bilodeau (Incumbent)
    Pulled papers and filed

    eLECTION Watch 2008
    is an independent news service of /O/N/N/
    “Independent Local Insight”

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