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  • Thursday, September 04, 2008


    Orange Unified API Scores

    ORANGE Unified Schools INSIDE
    a news service of Orange Net News /O/N/N/
    Independent insight into OUSD

    Orange Unified 2008 Academic Performance Index (API) Scores Show Mixed Results

    While the California statewide scores soared 14 points, Orange Unified scores crept up a mere 4 points in overall growth in the latest 2008 Academic Performance Index scores released by the California Department of Education on Thursday, September 4th. The scores represent a formula driven composite number from a variety of statewide student assessments that are presented as a school's numerical number. The state goal is for schools to reach the magic 800 score of improvement and, in accordance with the federal No Child Left Behind Act, have all the schools “significant” subgroups of students score “proficient”.

    Orange Unified 2008 scores presented district administrators with a rollercoaster ride of scores with the released data showing very strong leaps of scores as well as very deep losses in schools across Orange Unified. The wide ranging scores failed to present any pattern of consistant improvement or failure.

    Over all, Orange Unified had 66% (25 total) schools increase or meet API target goals. The OUSD API score grew, but not enough to make their target goal growth number, in 13% (5 total) of district schools. A total of 21% (8 total) of OUSD school scores remained the same or declined. Those 13 OUSD schools that failed to meet API Schoolwide and Subgroup targets are: Cambridge; Fletcher; Palmyra; Prospect; Riverdale; Sycamore; West Orange; Cerro Villa MS; El Rancho MS; Portola MS; Santiago MS; El Modena HS; Orange HS; Villa Park H.S.

    Two OUSD schools moved up past the magic 800 score for the first time. Olive Elementary School improved its API score a whopping 41 points moving from a 774 API score to an 815 API Score. Villa Park High School move back into the 800 scores as that school increased its API score by 10 points and went from a 792 API score to an 802 API score. Over all 21 OUSD schools are above the magic 800 mark. Three OUSD schools have topped 900 in their scores: Chapman Hills Elementary increased its API by 16 points moving up to a 925 API score; Nohl Canyon Elementary increased its 924 score by 2 points to a 926 API score; and Panorama Elementary improved its scores by 9 points to move from 909 to a 918 API score. One school fell below 900, Serrano lost 2 points to go from 901 to a 899 API score. Silverado Elementary is in a special category called “Small Schools” had a 4 point increase to an API score of 808.

    OUSD Elementary Schools play API Chutes and Ladders
    OUSD’s 29 regular elementary schools grew and fell in a hodgepodge of inconsistent elementary API scores. Big API score increases included: Anaheim Hills E.S.-up 38 points (888); California Elementary-up 28 points(789) ; Esplanade Elementary-up 38 points (741); Olive Elementary up 41 points (815); McPherson Magnet-up 24 points (883); and Handy Elementary-up 38 points (712). On July 24th 2008, despite a California fiscal emergency, the Orange Unified School Board Trustees approved to spend $10,000 of educational tax dollars to hire consultant Dr. Dennis Parker from the Orange County Department of Education to conduct workshops at Handy Elementary School this school year in a program called the Strategic Schooling Initiative. The Orange County Department of Education website promises that the Strategic Schooling Initiative will increase a schools API score by 30-40 points. That said, this year Handy Elementary, without the $10,000 consultant had a 38 point increase, so next year Handy’s scores should be increasing by an unheard of 78 points with the Dr. Dennis Parker’s $10,000 “Magic Pill” consultant program. If Parker fails to produce a 78 point increase at the school it will be another example of the OUSD Administrative Consultant Culture that has wasted millions of local educational tax dollars on wasteful consultant spending that this year only produced a 4 point increase in the district-wide scores while the state average jumped 14 points.

    OUSD elementary schools with falling API Scores were: Crescent Elementary- dropped 35 points (834); Fletcher Elementary- dropped 29 points (744); Palmyra Elementary- dropped 13 points (782); Prospect Elementary – dropped 4 points (725); Serrano Elementary dropped 2 points (899); West Orange Elementary- dropped 7 points (802).

    Orange High School leads dropping scores in most of

    OUSD Secondary Schools
    Orange High School scores reversed years of growth with a 15 point drop in API Scores falling from 695 to 680 despite leading OUSD in implementing retired OUSD Superintendent Dr. Godley’s “personalization” approach as part of the OUSD Strategic Plan. Other OUSD secondary schools with dropping scores include: Canyon High School-dropped 3 points (812); El Modena High School-dropped 6 points (764); Santiago Charter Middle School-dropped 1 point (768); Portola Middle School-dropped 1 point (683).

    Leading OUSD Secondary Schools that had score improvements for the second year in a row was Yorba Middle School with a 14 point jump in API Scores (710) as the consultant leery school instead focused on Best Teaching Practices, student reading and moving second language speakers into English all on a taxpayer friendly shoestring budget. Villa Park High School, enjoying a year of stability after suffering from district inflicted administrative turmoil, was the only OUSD high school able to achieve an increase in scores as they jumped 10 points to once again pass the magic 800 score to move up to 802. Cerro Villa Middle School posted a 5 point increase (822) and El Rancho Charter posted a three point increase (865). Richland Continuation School fell 61 points (443).

    OUSD's No Child Left Behind Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)
    As a whole, OUSD failed to make the federal benchmarks called Adequate Yearly Progress by missing three of the 21 federal criteria in student “subgroups”. OUSD missed the mark in the number of proficient (grade level) students in English-Language Arts and math for the subgroups: Hispanic or Latino; Socioeconomically Disadvantaged; and English Learners. Nineteen OUSD schools also did not meet one or more of the 2008 Federal Criteria. Those OUSD schools not meeting the federal mandates are: Cambridge; Esplanade; Fairhaven; Fletcher; Jordan; La Veta; Lampson; Linda Vista; Palmyra; Prospect; Riverdale; Sycamore; Taft; West Orange; Cero Villa; Portola; Santiago; Yorba; El Modena; Orange H.S.

    FOR MORE INFORMATION on OUSD District scores CLICK ON: OUSD District API

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