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  • Tuesday, October 28, 2008


    Union money dominates Orange Unified races

    eLECTION Watch 2008
    an Orange Net News
    Special News and Analysis Series

    Union money dominates Orange Unified races
    Wonder how much that glitzy Arianna Barrios website cost? Want to know who has the largest campaign war chest? Ever wonder what candidates do with their money when they don’t have any opponents? Answers to those questions and other interesting information can be gleaned from the mandatory campaign filings for the races for the Orange Unified School Trustee seats.

    The last mandatory filing deadline for campaigns to report contributions and expenses before the November election was Thursday October 23rd. Greater Orange campaign contributors include local power players, perennial contributors, Political Action Committees and unions. As always, Orange Unified’s unique position spanning several cities and communities in the center of Orange County has also attracted contributions from outside Greater Orange.

    Even after contributing over $20,000 to two local campaigns, the local teachers’ association remains a major player in Greater Orange politics with a remaining political war chest of almost $60,000. Champ of the fundraising race is Florice Hoffman who raised $60,000. Hoffman’s war chest was filled mostly by union money from union locals, union Political Action Committees and union representatives. Arianna Barrios raised the most money directly from the Greater Orange Communities including her own political family which loaned or donated almost $10,000 in family money.

    Alexia Deligianni’s main supporter is the Education Alliance, the same group who gave OUSD the Marty Jacobson-Kathy Ward-Maureen Ashoff* Recalled School Board. Deligianni lists herself on the official 460 form as “substitute teacher” for the Orange County County High School of the Arts. Also despite the legal reporting threshold for contributions being $100, Deligianni lists a $99 contribution to her campaign from Orange Council member Denis Bilodeau’s campaign Friends of Denis Bilodeau.
    *What ever happened to Maureen? CLICK ON Dr. MAUREEN

    OUSD Trustee John Ortega had no opponent in his bid for a third term, so his Eco-Tech Inc. provided war chest went mostly to another candidate Arianna Barrios. Jerry Winant spent the largest percentage of his $2, 142 on a CPA for his paperwork. Winant also had $100 contribution from Canada.

    The following information contains only the noteworthy information Orange Net News was taken from the campaigns filing of the required California 460 Campaign Disclosure Statements.

    Orange Unified Education Association Education Action Committee (PAC)
    Beginning cash: $ 75,847
    Cash on hand: $59 890

    Noteworthy contributions entries:
    California Teachers Association - $7,500

    Noteworthy expenses:
    Florice Hoffman Campaign- $18,229
    Arianna Barrios Campaign - $ 5,000
    Political Mailer - $5,021

    Florice Hoffman for Orange Unified School District Board
    Raised year to date: $ 60,297
    Spent year to date: $ 58,493
    Cash on hand: $ 1,799
    Outstanding Debts $ 0

    Noteworthy contribution entries:
    Orange Teachers Association PAC (Orange, CA) $22,906 ($4,677 returned)
    Service Employees Union #721 (Los Angeles, CA) $500
    DRIVE Committee (El Monte, CA) $ 1,500
    UURWAW Union PAC (Washington, DC) $250
    OC Federation of Labor PAC (Burbank, CA) $500
    AFL-CIO #36 Union (Los Angeles, CA) $250
    David Melman UNITE HERE Union (Hopewell, NJ) $100
    Elizabeth Duarte UNITE HERE Union (Mira Loma, CA) $500
    Leslie Blanchard IATSE #504 Union (Stanton, CA) $150
    Eric Henry TEAMSTERS #952 Union (Whitter, CA) $100
    Patrick Kelly TEAMSTERS #952 Union (Orange, CA) $100
    IBEW # 47 Union PAC (Diamond Bar) $1000
    LA/OC Building Trades Council (Los Angeles, CA) $100
    Planned Parenthood OC/San Bernardino PAC $4,000
    Antonio Orea SEIU Union (Orange, CA) $200
    Mary Lou Salmeron TEAMSTERS #986 (Covina, CA) $100
    Shannon Silva TEAMSTERS # 683 (San Diego) $300
    UAOJAAOTPAPF Union (Santa Ana, CA) $2,000
    Operating Engineers Union 12 PAC (Pasadena, CA) $2,641 (in kind printing)
    Operating Engineers Union # 12 (Pasadena, CA) $2827 (in kind printing)
    Orange County Leaders for Change (Burbank, CA) $5,400 (in kind)
    Orange County Leaders for Change (Burbank, CA) $11,045 (cash)

    Noteworthy expenses:

    Continuing the Republican Revolution (mailers)-$850.
    Orange County Leaders for Change (Burbank, CA)-$11,045 (cash)
    Republican Women’s Voice (mailers)-$864
    Slate Mailer -$ 1,233
    California Voter Guide - $2400
    Elizondo Communications (internet/email/web) $6578
    Orange Teachers Association PAC (return contributions) $4,677

    Friends of Arianna Barrios
    Raised year to date: $ 26,984
    Spent year to date: $ 24,070
    Cash on hand: $ 2,052
    Outstanding Debts $ 4,300

    Noteworthy contribution entries:
    William Steiner- (Orange, CA) $250
    Carolyn Cavecche-(Orange, CA) $200
    Orange Police Association-$ 500
    Rodger Faubel (Lake Forest, CA) $1,000
    Friends to Elect John Ortega - $2,000
    Orange Teachers Association PAC - $5,000
    Brian Lochrie (Orange, CA) $2,500
    Arianna Barrios (Orange, CA) $1,000

    To herself and from husband Brian Lochrie -$4,300

    Noteworthy expenses:
    Slate Mailer- $500
    Orange City News-$1,225
    Direct Mail- $3,147
    Robo Calls- $1,500
    Website- $2,500

    Friends of Alexia Deligianni
    Raised year to date: $ 12,924
    Spent year to date: $ 11,705
    Cash on hand: $ 1,469
    Outstanding Debts $ 5,641

    Noteworthy contribution entries:
    Friends of Denis Bilodeau - $99.00
    The Education Alliance PAC- $1,500

    Noteworthy expenses:
    Taxpayer Protection Slate Mailer-$250 (canceled and refunded)
    La Familia Slate Mailer -$200
    Republican Slate Mailer- $250
    Villa Park Republican Slate Mailer - $250
    Time Warner Cable- $2,000

    Friends of John Ortega
    Raised year to date: $ 4,698
    Spent year to date: $ 3,562
    Cash on hand: $ 3,348
    Outstanding Debts $ 0

    Noteworthy contribution entries:
    Eco-Tech Inc.( Anaheim, CA) $3,000
    Noteworthy expenses:
    Arianna Barrios Campaign $ 1,000

    Friends of Jerry Winant
    Raised year to date: $ 2,142
    Spent year to date: $ 1,832
    Cash on hand: $ 310
    Outstanding Debts $ 0

    Noteworthy contribution entries:
    Brian Alters (Quebec, Canada) $100
    Noteworthy expenses:
    CPA Services - $870
    Foothills Sentry Ad- $189.00

    Mark Wayland
    No record of 460 form filing (10/26/08).

    eLECTION Watch 2008
    is an independent news service of /O/N/N/
    “Independent Local Insight”

    Dear Orange Net News:

    In the interest of journalistic accuracy I believe it is important to note the individuals you have listed as Florice's donors have contributed their own personal funds. These donations are NOT from a union, but from these donors private, personal money. The unions you list after their names happen to be their employer. The average reader might not understand this important distinction and consequently be misled by the exact role and participation by unions. Your heading about union money dominating the race could have been supported without the need to make this factual mistake. I trust you will address this important point. In closing, I want to thank you for the important service you provide. Clearly, the press is not perfect, but you are essential to an informed community. Your efforts are most appreciated, especially when they meet the highest of journalistic standards.


    Eleazar Elizondo
    Campaign Manager
    Florice Hoffman for OUSD
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