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  • Thursday, July 29, 2010


    OUSD Trustees vote to oppose Canyons Succession Bid to Saddleback Valley

    OUSD Trustees vote to oppose Canyons Succession Bid to Saddleback Valley

    Citing transportation issues and a bond tax in Saddleback Valley Unified, the Orange Unified School Board Trustees voted 7-0 Thursday night July 29 to go on record opposing the succession efforts of the Inter-Canyon League to have the Orange Unified Canyon Communities join Saddleback Valley Unified. The vote to oppose will be presented at the August 4, 2010 hearing of the Orange County Committee on School District Organization (OCCSDO). By opposing the direct petition to join Saddleback valley Unified, the Trustees wanted to allow the citizen’s of the Canyon Communities to vote on the succession bid item directly. The Saddleback Board had voted to stay neutral on the item at the hearing.

    The Inter-Canyon League collected 542 signatures on a petition (45.8 % of the 1184 voters in the Canyon Communities) to bring the item before the Orange County Committee on School District Organization (OCCSDO). Much of the discussion of the succession bid focused on the fact that Saddleback Valley Unified has a general obligation bond assessment of $34 per $100,000 of assessment, The Measure B $180 million dollar bond was passed with 59% of Saddleback Valley Unified voter approval in 2004. OUSD Trustees stated that by not opposing the succession bid would be tantamount to the OUSD Board voting to force the Canyon Communities to pay the bond tax they did not have a vote in.

    Another issue for the OUSD Trustees included the fact that only about 10 Canyon Community students had opted to go to Saddleback Valley Unified, while 118 stayed in Orange Unified. Those 118 are provided bus service to OUSD schools. If the succession was to take place, those 118 students would be forced out of OUSD. If they applied and were granted an inter-district transfer, they then would no longer be provided bus transportation to OUSD schools. There also would not be any bus transportation for the Canyon Communities to Saddleback schools if they joined Saddleback.

    Trustees cited the fact that any Canyon Community student who wanted to go to Saddleback Valley Unified could now go by a current agreement of both school districts. Therefore, the Trustees saw the current options for families in the Canyon Communities being part of OUSD as more beneficial by providing them with more options. In addition, Trustees wanted to be sure that Canyon Community voters were completely aware of all the options and saw an election campaign as bringing forth the most information. The Inter-Canyon League collected 542 signatures on a petition (45.8 % of the 1184 voters in the Canyon Communities) to bring the item before the Orange County Committee on School District Organization (OCCSDO).

    The Orange County Committee on School District Organization (OCCSDO) will take hear testimony regarding the transfer on August 4, 2010 at 6:00 pm at Canyon Hills Elementary School and 8:00 pm at Saddleback Valley Unified School District offices.

    I am all for what is best for our children and saving Silverado Elementary first off. Which brings me to the question of where are the provisions for saving Silverado Elementary, does anyone have it signed and sealed that they will reopen the school if the redistricting goes through? How about the proof all canyon kids will get to stay in the canyon schools, I mean school districts are famous for busing kids past closer schools or to the other side of town. Oh but in the redistricting there wont be any busing so we will have to make the drive and pickup an drop our children to school ourselves and then get to work on time in the process. Right now seems to be a pretty fair deal right now that you can go to whichever district of the two you want since I don't know anyone that has proof they will reopen the school and let my children go to it. Maybe everyone should look for the fine print and see what it really says and get off the bandwagon of the few that didn't think to look at all aspects of the redistricting or has ever been involved in one. Maybe also look for new ways to get Silverado Elementary reopened instead of saying why it shouldn't be closed or sending our children to other districts, lets faceit if Saddleback Valley cared so much about us why did it take someone else to get them involved in the first place, they should have jump at the chance long ago!
    Another concerned parent
    Right on! We already have the choice of both districts why do we al have to go to the same one? Not to mention the 16 mile drive each way in the opposite way tko the closest school of Portola Hills which there is no guarantee that they will be enrolled at that location because you want children to go there? I for one would like to see your signed proof saying that's where your children will be enrolled instead of Laguna or anywhere else in their district. Plus the fact my kids have already settled in OUSD made other friends also. So not an option of us and not for most I have talked too around me either. So how about you parents and some non parents stop telling me where my children and everybody's else's should go to school and you send your children to the district of your choice out of the two and we will do the same!
    These people should get a clue! It's all about the money with all districts, it's the teachers and the parents that make the difference. And as far as the long bus rides, are concerned why no drive them yourselfs? You say they have to get up early and don't get any breakfast and have to be on the bus for the long ride. It would only take you 15 minutes each (I make the drive every day) way which is a lot less time than the early rise and 1 HR bus trip. So if you were good parents you would do these types things for your children! Or at least that's what expert says we should do these things for our children, or was that meant only if you go to he best schools of Saddleback! By the way you dont get a bus to their best schools so you will love the drive specially if you dont get Portola and they send your children to more than one school! Please get a clue and if you don't have kids your not any kind of expert on the subject!!!!!!!
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