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  • Monday, June 04, 2012


    METRO Views

    METRO Views

    Mary Galuska for OC Board of Education
    by Kathy Moffat

    I am writing to ask you to please consider voting for Mary Galuska for Orange County School Board, Area 3 in Tuesday's election. I have known Mary for more than 20 years, beginning when we were both PTA presidents at our children's elementary schools.

    Mary is a bright and dedicated leader who knows education, and knows what is important for children and schools. Mary knows that students today need a complete curriculum, including the basics of language arts, reading, social studies, math and science plus the vital components of technology and the arts in order to be prepared to lead our country in the 21st century. Mary is admired by all for the way she carries out her every responsibility with impeccable professionalism. Mary is a passionate supporter of public education, and her children are all graduates of public schools. This is something that her opponent cannot say, as he sent his children to private schools.

    Mary has worked for years to assist parents to become involved in their children's education because she knows that parent involvement is a key to student success. She is a leader who has risen to the top among PTA leaders locally, county-wide, and even state-wide. Mary is an advocate for the arts as a critical part of a child's education, and she was recently appointed by State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Torlakson to a statewide work group to give recommendations for including the arts in every California child's schooling. Mary's strong background in business and finance - including an MBA from Northwestern University - give her unique and valuable perspective on the important fiscal issues dealt with by the Orange County Board of Education. Her education and experience, coupled with her sound judgment and fiscally conservative views, will make Mary an excellent watch dog over taxpayer funds.

    It has never been more important to be a fully-informed voter as you mark your ballot. You can read more about Mary by visiting her web site: If you like what you see, and I think you will, please forward this message to your friends and family in the following Area 3 cities – Anaheim Hills, Brea, Irvine, Lake Forest, North Tustin, Orange, Villa Park, and Yorba Linda.

    In addition, your donation in any amount to Mary’s campaign is critically important. Campaigns are expensive, and your support will help. You can donate online on her web site. Please join me in voting for Mary Galuska for Orange County Board of Education, Area 3!

    Thank you! Kathy Moffat

    Views expressed on METRO Views are not those of the networks, or forwarding email ecasts of the Greater Orange News Service and its associated orgainizations.

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