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  • Tuesday, July 31, 2012


    Bilodeau vs. Chapman and Chapman vs Davert

    Waterworld show down:
    Bilodeau vs Chapman and
    Chapman vs Davert

    Orange Councilman Denis Bilodeau also serves as a director for the Orange County Water District, Division 2. While Bilodeau’s council term expires in 2014, he will be running for re-election for his position on the board of the Orange County Water District in the November election and facing an opponent. That opponent is 71 year old Tustin resident and East Orange Water District Director Douglas M Chapman. This election contest would not seem out of the ordinary except for the fact that Chapman’s term as director for the East Orange Water District is also up for election and Chapman is also running for re-election for that seat, which he has held for 29 years. A spokesperson for the Orange County Registrar of Voters told Orange Net News that the procedure for running for two seats in different water districts requires the candidate to obtain a written statement from each of the water districts declaring that holding both seats would not create a conflict of interest and file them with the Registrar’s office. Then, the Registrar’s legal team would review the letters and confirm that the positions would not create a conflict of interests.

    Chapman however, does have another hurdle to over come. He is being challenged for his East Orange Water District seat by former Tustin councilman Doug Davert. While on the council, Davert also served as the City of Tustin representative and Chairman of the Orange County Sanitation District Board of Directors (Bilodeau is the City of Orange’s alternate to that board).

    While Orange Net News found this story on our own, a Google search on Douglas Chapman did reveal that the OC Political blog (not to be confused with OC Politics blog) did break the story first on July 23rd. The OC Political Blog is written by none other than former failed Orange Unified trustee candidates Chris Nguyen and Chris Emami. Emami ran the successful campaigns of Dr. Alexia Deligianni’s and Tim Surridge to be elected to the OUSD Board. Also listed among the numerous bloggers on the Nguyen/Emami site are Surridge, Orange Councilman and mayoral candidate Jon Dumitru and Mark Bucher the former attorney for the recalled Marty Jacobson Reactionary OUSD Board of Trustees. While Dumitru has posted a few items related to his run for mayor, neither Surridge nor Bucher have any posts on the site.

    OC Register brings up Mike Alvarez’s citation from last campaign

    Today the Orange County Register posted an article about Orange City Council candidate Mike Alvarez’s being cited for a property having college students as illegal occupancy during his 2006 mayoral campaign. Alvarez was cleared of the charge which he called “politically motavated". CLICK ON:
    OCR on Alvarez

    Orange Mayor
    John Dumitru- pulled papers
    Teresa Smith- pulled papers

    Orange City Council ( 2 full terms open)
    Mike Alvarez -pulled papers
    Brian Del Vecchio-pulled papers
    Robert Douglas-pulled papers
    Ray Grangoff-pulled papers
    Larry Labrado Sr. -pulled papers
    Mark Murphy-pulled papers
    Joshua Nothom-pulled papers

    Orange City Clerk
    Mary Murphy-pulled papers

    Orange City Treasurer
    Helen Walker-pulled papers and filed

    Villa Park City Council (1 full term and 1 part term)
    Rick Barnett -pulled papers
    Jim Brown-pulled papers-decided not to run at this time
    Diana Fascenelli -pulled papers
    Greg Mills-pulled papers
    Donna Porter-pulled papers-decided not to run at this time

    Orange Unified Trustees
    Trustee Area 2
    John Ortega-pulled papers

    Trustee Area 3
    Alexia Deligianni-pulled papers
    Robert Ausmus-pulled papers and filed

    Trustee Area 6
    Mark Wayland--pulled papers

    Rancho Santiago Community College District
    Trustee Area 7
    Arianna Barrios-pulled papers
    Greta Rice--pulled papers

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