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  • Wednesday, July 18, 2012


    Cavecche is out- Wayland is in

    eLECTION Watch 2012
    Termed out Cavecche statement- no to city council run;
    OUSD’s Trustee Mark Wayland pulls re-election papers

    After six years (three terms) as Orange Mayor and five-and-a-half years as an Orange Councilwomen, one of Orange's most popular mayors, Mayor Carolyn Cavecche, reminds Orange she is not running in November. In an email, the Mayor wrote:

    “I will be terming out as Mayor after serving 3 terms (6 years total as Mayor and before that 5 1/2 years as a council member) and have decided not to run for a last term as a city council member. Actually, I will be the first Mayor to leave at the end of their mayoral term in 18 years I believe. Both the Mayors before me ran for council after their term as Mayor ended.”

    Two years ago Cavecche easily won re-election after a bruising campaign. In that campaign, one of the nastiest in Orange history, her opponent Councilman Jon Dumitru’s campaign accused Cavecche of being a “Pension Abuser” and plastered black and day-glow yellow signs all over town “NO CAVECCHE PENSION ABUSER”. Dumitru is again running for Orange Mayor this year.

    OUSD’s Trustee Mark Wayland pulls re-election papers

    Elected in 2008 to Orange Unified Trustee Area 6, Mark Wayland pulled papers to run for re-election. Often a moderating voice on the OUSD Board, Wayland often times votes with the Ledesma Majority. In 2008, Wayland ran as part of a slate with OUSD Trustee Alexia Deligianni. In 2008 he promised the following:

    “Every board member must be an advocate for the students. With any spending measure the first question must be answered, how will this benefit our students?

    Orange Unified must expand the Regional Occupation Program and create more Career Technical Education pathways for students. Students must be ready for the real world.

    OUSD must learn to live within its means and stop looking to burden the taxpayer.
    Complete accountability with taxpayers dollars is a necessity to restoring trust in the community,

    More money must be put into the classroom as opposed to wasteful bureaucracy.
    I will put an end to the rubber stamping of spending bills. I will ask the tough questions in regards to the necessity of questionable spending.”

    The watchdog group, Greater Orange Communities Organization (GOCO) in a community email listed Wayland as “an outstanding patriot and an enthusiastic and acceptable trustee, but one who has lost sight of his early promises to ask tough questions”.

    GOCO also noted Wayland’s commitment to the arts, especially music.

    There is no question Wayland is a good many and a patriot. He often refers to his military pride and honors people during school board meetings. For his military service we should all be thankful.

    As for school board service he does not do a tremendous amount to participate. He always echos whatever Ledesma (and sometimes) Ortega says. I don't think I've EVER seen him disagree with Ledesma or Ortega. It's time we have board members who can think on their own instead of doing whatever Ledesma wants them to.

    You don't have to always agree with Moffatt and Singer but you have to respect that they ask questions, tackle issues, and want to be involved. Having watched several board meetings I feel the rest of the seven (including Wayland) go through the motions, almost 100% of the time vote together, and want to keep things moving as quickly as possible (at the sacrifice of asking tough questions an getting tough answers).

    While I think Wayland is a great man, I do NOT think he should be re-elected as a board member. We need someone who really wants to engage in our kids, participate, and not be afraid to ask questions and have their own opinion.
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