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  • Sunday, October 14, 2012


    OUSD gets good news/bad news in API scores

    OUSD gets good news/bad news in API scores with wide swings

    While the good news of the Academic Performance Index (API) for Orange Unified was far beyond any achievement the district has made in the past, wide swings in the annual scores point to a testing system that has out lived any usefulness.

    Orange Unified schools produced API highs from plus 68 points (Villa Park Elementary), to minus 35 points (California Elementary). However, while concern for some serious problems seemed evident, the good news overshadowed those concerns for the time being.

    Four additional schools scored past the magic 800 score that the state sets as a goal:
    Esplanade E.S. (+ 34, score = 831)
    Handy E.S. (+27, score= 811)
    Prospect E.S. (+57, score 809)
    Sycamore E.S. ( +56, score 805)

    Two OUSD schools past the elite 900 score:
    Anaheim Hills ES(+7, score 905)
    Canyon Rim ES (+33, 913)

    In addition, OUSD had two schools fall below the 900 mark, but remain well above the 800 API state goal:
    Imperial E.S. (-33, score 884)
    Linda Vista E.S. (- 19, score 885)

    Villa Park Elementary’s 68 point increase in its scores brought it to an API score of 980.

    Fairhaven E.S. increased 26 points to raise its score to 794, just 6 points shy of the state goal. However, being that shy of the state goal was not too much of a disappointment as the school found out that it was named a National Blue Ribbon award school for producing outstanding student achievement results for six consecutive years as an Exemplary Improving School.

    This is the first nomination and award for both Fairhaven and OUSD.

    All of OUSD’s secondary middle and high school’s had double digit increases with the exception of El Modena ( increased +6 to 834) and Canyon (increased +1 to 850).

    Eight of OUSD’s schools had dropping API scores:
    California ES: minus 35
    Cambridge ES: minus 17
    Chapman Hills ES minus 23
    Imperial ES: minus 33
    Jordan ES: minus 13
    Linda Vista ES: minus 19
    Running Springs ES: -4
    Serrano ES: -13

    Five OUSD schools failed to meet the subgroup growth goals, which under state API rules is serious:
    California ES
    Cambridge ES
    Fletcher ES
    Jordan ES
    Taft ES

    In releasing the API scores, the California Department of Education also released the new School Quality Snapshot report as a first step in revamping the API and School Accountability report required under SB 1438. the new reports (SEE LINK BELOW) present a wide variety of information about a school’s academics in a visual data approach.

    For more information CLICK ON:

    School Quality Snapshot LINK

    OUSD API Schools Report LINK

    OUSD Management budget, Orange Unified Trustee Rick Ledesma once more proved why for the reason that often lone fiscal conservative around the OUSD Panel of Schooling, he is the better friend from the Greater Lemon Communities taxpayers. For decades we only at the Higher Orange Online communities Organization have campaigned up against the waste of an incredible number of educational duty dollars around the education programs worst kept secret…educational consultants. Despite wasting huge amount of money on these kinds of fly-by-night snake-oil salesperson, OUSD consistent test lots are very well with-in the conventional growth selection for Colorado school areas. Yet most California districts are yet to followed your siren’s call from the Consultant Culture that has become an dependancy for OUSD. Ledesma’s necessitate transparency with this issue can be while pleasant, comes an incredible number of wasted educational dollars also late.
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