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  • Thursday, January 23, 2014


    Great start for Ortega as President

    Metro TALK
    viewpoints from across Greater Orange
    Finally, Leadership to bring Greater Orange together
                                                                   -views from the Greater Orange Community Organization :GoCo:

    In his first move as Orange Unified School Board President, Trustee John Ortgea has proposed bringing the OUSD Board Meetings to the community to listen and learn about the needs of OUSD's four comprehensive high schools.

    Taking a page from his first days as one of the newly elected Citizen Trustees after the 2001 Orange Recall, Ortega's move is in sharp contrast to the wasted year under the former OUSD President Tim Surridge.  In January of last year Surridge laid out a divisive agenda that as the old 2001 recall slogan stated, was

    "Bad for Taxpayers, Bad for Schools
    and Bad for Orange"

    However, what a difference a year makes.

    While Ortega's relationship with his fellow Trustees took a rocky turn years ago, his  long stance on improving OUSD schools has never been questioned. A product of OUSD, over the years when Ortega has publicly spoken about his passion for his childhood schools he was always at his best.

    Now as OUSD Board President and with over a decade of service, Ortega now has a chance at becoming a statesmanlike leader that can heal the deep divisions on the OUSD Board with the same skills he employed as a former Orange County Sheriff- fairness and integrity. 

    Ortega is human and has had personal challenges. Now however, he has this chance to practice his years of training and experience to be the leader perhaps he was destined to be. 

    By putting old differences aside, reaching out across the dais to bring together the OUSD Board , Ortega is uniquely positioned to do great things and become one of OUSD great Board Presidents.

    Clearly his first initiative to go out to the community to try and accomplish what all other OUSD Presidents before him have failed at is the best start of an OUSD President in years. 

    Our hope is this year Ortega will rise to the challenge and be :
     "Good for Taxpayers, Good for Schools and Good for Greater Orange"

     Views on Metro TALK  are not necessarily the viewpoints of the networks that forward this.

    Metro TALK  is a service of :GoCo: and its communication group Orange Net News /O/N/N/

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