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  • Thursday, July 24, 2014


    Moffat pulls papers as potential opponent alleges sex scandal

    eLECTION Watch 2014
    a service of Orange Net News /O/N/N/
    OUSD Trustee Kathy Moffat pulls papers for re-election as
    Zachary Collins explains alleged sex scandal prompted his potential OUSD campaign

    Zachary Collins 
    Orange Unified Area 4 Trustee Kathy Moffat put to rest rumors that she might not seek re-election to a fifth term when she pulled papers to run again in November.  First elected in the 2001 Orange Recall, Moffat has spent most of her current term battling Trustee Timothy Surridge and his allies on the OUSD Board over the Peralta Site surplus property.  Moffat has argued the property is an invaluable asset as a possible future school site in a community that is totally built out as Surridge and his allies have tried to first lease, then sell the property to developers.

    Moffat's move for re-election comes two days after Zachary Collins pulled papers to run for the Area 4 trustee seat.

    In his twenties, in 2010 Collins had declared in the California Lt. Governor race, but then withdrew.  In an email to Orange Net News, Collins explained what led him to declare then later withdraw from the race:

    Yes I did take a shot for the Lieutenant Governor position for our great State I did so on the basis that all parties should never let any seat go un-contested. That is my moral standpoint. If you allow an incumbent to win by default or slide back into office with such ease, there is no campaigning and certainly no light shed on key events that the public must be made aware of. Once a more qualified candidate did throw his hat in the ring, I quietly and without hesitation stood down. 

    Collins further explains  in his email that an alleged sex scandal that he  reported to someone in Orange Unified, but did not get a response to until 4 years later after hinting about an election, is what prompted his campaign for OUSD Trustee.

    The Collins' email states that the OUSD Board "did nothing about it, let alone respond, for almost 4 years"  to an alleged sex scandal involving teachers and students. He writes that " Our board has explicit knowledge and details that I (and many others) have provided to them about".  Collin's in his email states he provided "concrete evidence including photographic evidence".  His email states that:

    They only responded, within an hour I might add, when I emailed them saying "I understand 4 out of the 7 seats are up for re-election, good luck." That shows their true colors and character, which is why I am running.

    The Collin's allegations of course go beyond a political attack and leave many questions unanswered. Collins' email does not indicate who in Orange Unified he reported his allegations to nor what the eventual alleged response was 4 years later. Nor does Collins indicate whether he reported his allegations to  law enforcement authorities, which of course seems like a logical step in an alleged sex scandal-complete with photographic evidence.
    Steve Rocco

    The four year grand conspiracy cryptically outlined in the email from the self- identifying Tea Party enthusiast Collins sounds akin to the many conspiracy theories professed by another potential OUSD candidate who has also pulled papers to run in November, former OUSD Trustee Steve Rocco. 

    Is this a political slate in the making?

    eLECTION Watch 2014
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