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  • Sunday, October 05, 2014


    Yes on Measure K

    Metro Views
     service of the Greater Orange Community Organization :GoCo:
    Yes on Measure K 
    is a "no brainier"
    by the Greater Orange Community Organization :GoCo:

    Voting "Yes" on Orange Unified School District's Measure K facilities Bond is a classic "no brainier" for any homeowners, residents and business owners in the Greater Orange Communities.  Just ask the opponents led by Villa Park Councilwomen Deborah Pauly.

    In Pauly's September "guest editorial" for the  Foothills Sentry, the outspoken Council women (who often speaks first then thinks later) acknowledged that the OUSD facilities need modernization. Pauly writes that "a real need for refurbishing and modernization"  exists. Pauly in her editorial against Measure K does not explain to the voters how her acknowledged "real need for refurbishing and modernization"  will ever get accomplished if voters follow her numerous flawed reasons on voting against Measure K.

    More importantly, Pauly  does not explain to the voters how Greater Orange property values are currently negatively impacted, nor does she explain to business owners of the problems that will come with a continued decline in  property values because of  substandard schools.  Documented tragic examples from across the nation exist of what happens to communities that go into a spiraling social-economic decline. In those declines, population flight due to declining schools takes place resulting in rapidly declining property values and an explosion of lower level businesses catering to an ever declining cliental buying the cheap housing.

    This is a vision of the Greater Orange Communities that Pauly and her Measure K opponents do not explain.

    18th Century architect's  "drawing board" 

    Unfortunately, Pauly in her editorial clearly is not concerned with the future.  In a simpleton phrase, the reactionary Pauly urges Measure K supporters and Orange Unified to "go back to the drawing board" .  Yes, the "drawing board" - that 18th Century multi-purpose desk mostly found in an 18th Century gentleman's study in the pre-industrial revolution era.

    So while other Orange County school districts have jumped into the 21st Century, Pauly urges our community to go backwards into the future. While Pauly's choice of idioms may bring a chuckle in the age of tablets that are computers, smart phones, smart boards, Google Glasses and Apple watches, it is no laughing matter for the future of the Greater Orange Communities.

    The age of the 18th Century drawing boards belong to the past as much as 20th Century chalkboards.  That is why the leadership of Orange Unified and a coalition of concerned community leaders have gone to the voters of Greater Orange to save their schools and save their communities.   

    That is what true leaders do.

    Unlike the past, the current open and transparent process for Measure K has been supported by a coalition of forward thinking community leaders from parents, homeowners, open-space advocates and from all sides of the political dialogue.

    Now it is time for the voters to follow those leaders into the future.

    When you vote by mail or vote in person on November 4th, the selfish no-brainer thing to do is vote to save your community's future.

    Vote Yes on Measure K. 

    for more information CLICK ON: MEASURE K

    Below are the 21st Century educational upgrades the $74 million at each OUSD high school will bring:

    Views expressed on
    Metro Views
    are not necessarily the views of the Networks and Systems that these appear on. 

    I would be more interested in seeing specifics of the work to be done rather than seeing the architects' renderings of how pretty the exteriors of the campuses will be. For example: What are the labs like now and how will they be improved? Likewise, the bathrooms (both faculty and student), library, classrooms, etc.
    Pauly has become the Nancy Pelosi of the Republican party. She was instrumental in getting the Republican Central Committee to withhold support of the only Republicans running for the School Board, so I am wondering, is she voting for the ultra liberal Hoffman and the proven nut case Rocco? It is so true, the Republican party eats their own. But I would really like to know what the opponents of Measure K would like the OUSD to do, just let the buildings be Red Tagged? I can assure you, if these high schools were privately owned, they would have been shuttered years ago. So, Pauly, what is your plan B? It is obvious that you dont have a plan B, it is also obvious that you dont have children in any of the OUSD schools. But in all candor, what would the opponents of Measure K have the district do? A flyer came out today condemning both Ledesma and Surriage for backing the bond, nowhere was their any credit given to them for keeping the district in the black for the past 6 years, any credit for the high student test scores in the past few years, no credit for trying to get rid of surplus property, monies to be used to improve the schools, if left to Moffett, no property would ever be sold. So give credit where credit is due, but for some people, like Pauly, that will never be enough.
    To address the oppositions points, thank you. Yes, we at CARE have actually complied with the law and filed with the FPPC. The opposition forces, on the other hand, have consistently failed to reveal to anyone the source of your funding or the source of your obviously coordinated effort to provide misinformation to the public. I guess they've forgotten to point out that we at CARE are a community organization - started by, run by, and supported by hundreds of volunteers like myself that live in this community and care about the future of our neighbors, their children, the safety of our schools, and our property values. WE ARE THE PEOPLE. We are not politicians. All of our 10 signers live in our community. Only 3 of the opposition's total of 7 signers live in OUSD.

    We have a specific implementation plan for modernizing and making safe our high schools and renovating the academic facilities that have served thousands upon thousands of children for 41-60 years. We were not satisfied with complaining about things - we have actually taken on the monumental effort to make positive change in this community. We have fought hard to make sure this is a responsible bond and guess what? It is certified by OC Tax as a responsible school improvement measure. We have fought hard to make sure WE THE PEOPLE know exactly what we are going to get for our money. WE THE PEOPLE are willing to make the investment into our community for something bigger than ourselves.

    The opposition remindeds me of something. They fought hard against the school bond 10 years ago, which barely failed to get 55% of the vote. We figured the clueless might have actually spent the last 10 years trying to help come up with a solution to the problematic facilities, however, we figured wrong. You did not have a plan. You did not jump in during that 10 years and make an effort to put forward ideas to improve the schools. The opposition has no solutions, other than to spread misinformation and desperate lies. I guess you figure if you repeat the same lies over and over someone will believe them.

    Thanks for giving us this opportunity to tell you how incredibly proud we are of our citizens' group that, through thousands of volunteer hours, have managed to raise funds and garner support from a wide variety of sources. We are choosing to bring the community together. We are choosing to set aside differences and do something good for the future of our community.

    Thank you for showing us the dark side of politics so we can see what we need to avoid. We choose not to divide and polarize. We choose to come together. Our mission is to do for others what others did for us (yes, Ms. Pauly, someone did actually pay for the schools we all attended as kids) - provide quality, safe, and modern high schools. This is a local solution to a local problem. Our money which will pay for our schools which will help our people and raise our property values. It's just good old fashion grass-roots efforts.
    Oh, and we got a few others to support us. Just to name a few:

    Orange County Supervisor Todd Spitzer
    Former Orange Unified School District Trustee and Former Orange County Supervisor Bill Steiner
    Former Orange County Supervisor & US Ambassador, Ret Gaddi Vasquez
    Chapman University President Dr.James Doti
    Orange Mayor Tita Smith
    Orange Mayor Pro Tem Fred Whitaker
    Orange Councilmember Mike Alvarez
    Orange City Councilmember Denis Bilodeau
    Former Orange Mayor Joanne Coontz
    Former Orange Councilmember Dan Slater
    Former Orange Councilmember Jon Dumitru
    Anaheim City Councilmember Jordan Brandman
    Garden Grove Mayor Bruce Broadwater
    Garden Grove City Councilmember Kris Beard
    Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido California
    State Assemblymember Tom Daly
    Rancho Santiago Community College Trustee Arianna P. Barrios
    Rancho Santiago Community College
    Trustee Larry Labrado
    Orange County Board of Education Trustee David L. Boyd
    Orange Unified School District Trustee Rick Ledesma
    Orange Unified School District Trustee Kathy Moffat
    Orange Unified School District Trustee John Ortega
    Orange Unified School District Trustee Timothy Surridge
    Orange Unified School District Trustee Mark Wayland
    Former Orange Unified School District Trustee Melissa Taylor Smith
    Former Orange Unified School District Trustee Kim Nichols
    Former Orange Unified School District Trustee Russell J. Barrios
    Former Orange Unified School District Trustee Barry Resnick
    Orange County Superior Court Judge Theodore Millard, Ret
    Orange County Superior Court Judge Donna Crandall, Ret
    Orange Unified School District, Superintendent of Schools Michael Christensen
    Former Orange Park Association President Tom Davidson
    Orange Community Foundation Member Denise Bittel
    Orange Community Foundation Member John Olivier
    Orange Community Council PTA President Diana Flores
    2014 California Teacher of the Year Linda Horist
    Anaheim Chamber of Commerce
    Anaheim Hills Elementary PTA
    Canyon High School PTSA
    Chapman Hills Elementary PTA
    El Modena Aquatics Boosters
    El Modena Boys Basketball Boosters
    El Modena Cheer Boosters
    El Modena Girls Volleyball Boosters
    El Modena High School PTSA
    Imperial Elementary PTA
    La Veta Elementary PTA
    Orange City Firefighters
    Orange Community Council PTA
    Orange High School PTSA
    Orange Unified Education Association
    Santiago Charter Middle School PTSA
    Villa Park High School Aquatics Boosters Villa Park High School PFSO
    Community Advancement through Renovation for Education (CARE) CARE Co-Chair Kris Erickson
    CARE Co-Chair Joe Greenwald
    CARE- Executive Committee Member Cindy Olivier Kurt Adams Roxanne Aminian Afshin Aminian Whitney Amsbary Bill Amsbary Vina Azar Greg Baker Tracy Baker
    Cheryl Baltes
    Mary Barth
    Randy Barth
    Yvonne Baskovich
    Mark Baskovich
    Karl Baysinger
    Julie Bentley
    Brett Bittel
    Al Boyer
    Judy Boyer
    Chris Burnett
    Teresa Burnett
    Brian Burnett
    Paul Della Calce
    Janet Carrete
    Ralph Carrete
    Julie Casillas
    Raul Casillas
    Keni Cox
    Jim Cox
    Mary Cox
    Russ Cox
    Shannon Cross
    Anne Crouch
    Jim D'Agostino
    Doug Davert
    Cindy Davidson
    Sandra Davidson
    Yong Davidson
    Toma Davis
    Brian Ducker
    Shelly Ducker
    Kathleen Enge
    Leisa Ensworth
    Mark Ensworth
    Sunny Erickson
    Ron Esparza
    Marchelle Esparza
    Jan Finn
    Tom Finn
    Richard Frediani
    Lynn-Marie Frediani
    Alexandra Frediani
    Garrett Frediani
    Megan Friederich
    Andrea Gee
    Lesslie Giacobbi
    Laura Gibb
    Brad Graham
    Nora Griffin
    Sean Griffin
    Aimee Gromfin
    Gunn Marie Hansen Phd
    Todd Hanson
    Jamie Lou Hanson
    Dina Harris
    Kimberly Herbel
    Jim Herkimer
    Michele Herkimer
    Karen Herrera
    Andrea Hollabaugh
    Rebecca Hultquist
    Aaron Jacoby
    Greg Janes
    Lia Janes
    Nicol Jones
    Brenda Knohl
    Erik Kuli
    Jill Kuli
    Mary Kuli
    Danielle Landers
    Mike Learakos
    Bill Lindsey
    Kristi Lindsey
    Lee Lombardo
    Steve Lopushinsky
    Karen Lopushinsky
    Alysse Maglior
    Jolynn Mahoney
    Pat Mahoney
    Carole Louise Miller
    Vicki Mull
    Kevin Olivier
    Lauren Olivier
    Nathan Olivier
    Shameeron Paur
    Neil Paur
    Jonathan Pongco
    Cheryl Ralston
    Terri Rasmussen
    Jamie Meadows Richardson
    Linda Roslund
    Bob Ruddy
    James Sallinger
    Rita Sallinger
    Rachel Sanchez
    Dustin Saxton
    Nan Shea
    Mike Short
    Vicki Short
    Joe Sorrera
    Jamie Spitzer
    Ron Strickland
    Rosie Strickland
    Garrett Terlaak
    Heather Terlaak
    Agnes Tu
    Frank Tucker
    Shannon Tucker
    George Urch
    Hans Van Ligten
    Barbara Van Ligten
    Andy Van Ligten
    Travis Van Ligten
    Megan Van Ligten
    Kelly Walthers
    Carrie Ward
    Amie Weir
    Michelle Weisenberg
    Sharon Westenhofer
    Tangelique Wilcox
    Andrea Yamasaki
    Tom Yamasaki
    ... and so on.... thank you :)
    I have zero confidence the money will be spent wisely. I am also confident they will come back for more. I am voting NO on K!
    C.A.R.E. doesn't need Surridge and Ledesma for the bond to pass. Surridge and Ledesma need C.A.R.E. to get re-elected. I support the bond and selling some of the properties, I think Deb Pauly is disgusting, but I would not vote for either Surridge or Ledesma if my life depended on it. I am a proud Republican. They are not "conservatives". So what do you consider a liberal? Some who votes to give our children less rights at school than they have at home? Someone who rubber stamps and wastes money? That would be Surridge & Ledesma. What has the board done to keep the district out of the black other than rubber stamp everything our AWESOME Superintendents suggest. They are the reason for us being financially solvent. What have Ledesma and Surridge done to increase test scores? Ledesma won't even send his own children to OUSD schools. Give credit where it's due, it's the teachers that have had to adapt to so many changes over the years, not them.
    I am a Republican. I think Deb Pauly is disgusting, but I totally agree Surridge & Ledesma shouldn't have received the Republican endorsement. It wasn't Surridge or Ledesma who kept the district financially solvent or improved test scores, it was our superintendents and teachers who should get the real credit for what has gone right with our district. Surridge & Ledesma rubber stamp most everything. What have they specifically done to raise test scores or keep us financially solvent? They are disrespectful to the public. They have voted to give our children less rights at school than they have at home. They are not real conservatives. I support the bond and selling off some of the properties, but could never support either of them. They need C.A.R.E. to get re-elected. C.A.R.E. doesn't need them to pass the bond.
    Just another TAX. The schools are run down because of mismanagement of school funds. To many obligations to the retired teachers and administrators and there fat retirement packages. It is only natural for people that have the right to vote, to vote them selves more stuff. We already are taxed way to much. When will it stop? I have had enough of paying taxes for the privilege of living in Orange County. Orange unified schools are disgusting and solely because of mismanagement of what has been given to them. I will not send my children to any school in Orange Unified school system. I attended and graduated from Canyon High not the same as it was back then.
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