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  • Tuesday, October 14, 2014


    Metro VIEWS: Trustee Mark Wayland

    Metro VIEWS
     service of the Greater Orange Community Organization :GoCo:

    ( EDITOR'S Note: The following response was posted to the 10/13/14 Metro VIEWS post below titled 293+155 reasons why Greater Orange needs a new OUSD Board majority [which can be seen under Comments]. It has been reproduced here from its original posting with a response from GOCO).

    by OUSD Trustee Mark Wayland

    Once again, cherry pick your facts, I love it, I love how you neglected to inform your readers that this was the third reading of these board policies, THE THIRD READING, get that. The girls on the board had 3 months to look at these policies and make changes, corrections, additions or subtractions.

    They waited until Ms. Hoffman could do a little political grandstanding to make a point. If your that concerned about Ethics, of which I think your lacking, Look to page 99 of the July agenda where it is discussed in detail, conflict of interest etc. Pages and pages of do's and don'ts.

    So please, if your going to bash the boys, myself included, get all of your facts straight. Also, the ladies were very concerned with the language on one page of the new board policies.

    I read that language, 3 times while it was being discussed, and no where  [sic] was it confusing. It was written in easy to understand English. That is what I was objecting to. These policies have been looked over by the state and the county legal department to insure we are doing everything correctly.

    In conclusion, if you want to bash me and the other board members who voted against delaying this language another few months, at least have the honesty to report everything. What [it] really tells me, is that their [sic] is a few board members that are not doing their homework. If I have a problem understanding what is in the agenda that I get one week before a board meeting, I call a staff member and get it cleared up. I don't wait until the board meeting to ask questions that I should know the answer to. 
    (EDITOR'S Note: The following response was from GOCO was sent by email to ONN-note ONN is the Communication Committee of GOCO ).

    by the Greater Orange Community Organization :GoCo:

    Mr. Wayland is correct- it was the third reading of the Board Policy- and the legal reason for the public multiple readings in our democracy is for the community and elected Board Trustees to give input during any of the multiple readings.   

    As Mr. Wayland should be aware, during any of the public readings it is correct procedure to question and make changes. That is why there are multiple readings during which time any Trustee- including as Mr. Wayland referred to them "The girls on the board" -could as Mr. Wayland stated "look at these policies and make changes, corrections, additions or subtractions".

    Which is exactly what Trustees Dr. Deligianni, Kathy Moffat and Diane Singer did-yes during the third reading-just as other changes had been proposed during the other two readings.

    In addition, perhaps if Mr. Wayland had read page 99 of the July 2014 Board Agenda that he referenced in his response as carefully as he had claimed to read the anti-corruption language questioned at the September 11th meeting he would realize that the referenced language in BB 9005B Ethics Policy Statement deals with Bond and Construction contracts...and not let's say for deals... like selling surplus property.

    Which leads one to wonder what does Mr. Wayland and his fellow trustees have against these 17 words enough to vote to delete them:
    "Practices which might result in unlawful activity such as rebates, kickbacks, or other unlawful considerations are prohibited"

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