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  • Monday, November 17, 2014


    Final tally shows 2,513 "under votes"

    eLECTION 2014  

    K watch
    2513 "under votes" in MEASURE K Election
    equals 5% of the vote

    The Orange County Registrar of voters released the unofficial final tabulations for Orange County elections on Monday November 17.  Of the votes cast-Measure K remained at 54.6% Yes to 45.4%  No- or approximately 190 votes short of the required 55%. The results are expected to be certified on Tuesday.

    Results posted on Monday also show that of the 105,848 registered voters in Orange Unified, 50,118 ballots (46.6%) were cast.   The unofficial final results show of those cast ballots, 47,605 (44.9%) votes for Measure K were counted.  That leaves 2,513 "under votes"- meaning 2,513 of the 50,118 ballots did not have a Measure K vote recorded.  That means just under 95% of the ballots had a vote for Measure K, but 5% of the ballots cast -had no vote for Measure K  recorded.

    With 190 votes short- the 2513 "under votes" appear to be a factor in the measure winning or losing.  The areas the under votes are from also could be a factor in the election outcome.

    Unsurprising, of all the major voting blocks, only the votes in Villa Park were a majority against Measure K.  Surprisingly, the OUSD Western communities overwhelmingly supported Measure K- Garden Grove voters supported the measure at 74%. Santa Ana voters supported the measure by at 63%. 

    Monday's results break down OUSD by voting areas. The  following information was released on Monday for the OUSD areas with the "under vote" information complied by Orange Net News. 

    Anaheim Hills
    Registered Voters: 27,303
    Votes Cast: 13,120 (48.1%)  Yes 6,632 (53%) No 5,881 (47%)
    Under votes: 607

    East Orange
    Registered Voters: 1,643
    Votes Cast: 712 (43.3%) Yes 352 (52.3%) No 320 (47.7%)
    Under votes: 40

    East Tustin
    Registered Voters: 2015
    Votes Cast: 1059 (52.6%) Yes 523( 51.8%)  No 485 (48.2%)
    Under votes: 51

    Garden Grove
    Registered Voters: 2188
    Votes Cast: 764 (34.9%) Yes 514 (74.4%) No 174 (25.6%)
    Under votes: 76

    Registered Voters: 63,036
    Votes Cast: 29,360 (46.6%) Yes 15,520 (55.1%) No 12,598 (44.9%)
    Under votes: 1242

    Santa Ana
    Registered Voters: 4168
    Votes Cast: 1775 (41.4%) Yes 1000 (63.5%) No 574 (36.5%)
    Under votes: 201

    Registered Voters: 1110
    Votes Cast: 717 (64.8%) Yes 344 (53%) No 305 (47%)
    Under votes: 68

    Villa Park
    Registered Voters: 4200
    Votes Cast: 2593 (61.7%) Yes 1069 (42.4%) No 1447 (57.6%)
    Under votes: 77

    Unincorporated Areas
    Registered Voters: 4920
    Votes Cast: 2543 (51%) Yes 1251(52.4) No 1132 (47.6%)
    Under votes: 160

    K-Orange Unified School District, Critical Upgrades and Repairs for Quality High Schools
    Completed Precincts: 164 of 164

    Vote Count
    Bonds - Yes
    Bonds - No

    C.A.R.E., the organization supporting Measure K, posted the following information on their Facebook page:  


    We are disappointed to report that the Orange County Registrar of voters is now down to about 50 votes remaining to be counted, which means there are not enough votes to change the outcome for Measure K. As you know, we are only 191 votes short of the 55% required to pass it. Nearly 30,000 students lost out and they deserve so much better. Although the outcome is disappointing, we have succeeded in creating a passionate and more educated group of parents and concerned citizens in our district that stepped up to actively support this effort. We thank those of you that put in the time and effort to get out the word about the need to improve our facilities.

    While the Measure K chapter of this journey is over, the push to upgrade our aging school facilities must continue. Our students and teachers deserve a better environment and, with the passage of new school bonds in Fullerton and Anaheim, our homes will continue to look less attractive to young families choosing where they’d like to purchase their homes.

    Many of you have asked “what’s next” and “what can I do to support another effort in two years?” First, and foremost, we encourage you to stay informed, make sure your voice is heard, and continue to educate friends and neighbors who aren’t watching as closely. Go to school board meetings and keep pressure on our current board. Additionally, PLEASE understand that change/movements like this require the dedication and hard work of many, many volunteers. There were simply too many people that did not come through with volunteering (or voting). Gear up to be an active member of the campaign.

    If you are disappointed in the positions and actions taken by the two OUSD school board members, Ms. Deligianni and Ms. Singer, who did not endorse the measure and sent out mailers saying “Measure K is not OK, and calling it “flawed,” then make sure they know how you feel. Sending messages, speaking at board meetings, and, ultimately, expressing your feelings in the voting booth during future elections are all constructive ways in which to make your voice heard.

    Similarly, please let other elected officials know how you feel, such as VP Councilwoman Deborah Pauly and Orange County Board of Education Member Robert Hammond, who opposed the bond and consistently spread misinformation in their attempt to scare voters. You may also choose to let the Foothills Sentry, which provided numerous guest editorials to opponents and refused to provide any similar opportunities to supporters of Measure K, know your feelings through your letters and choosing to not do business with their advertisers.

    VOTE! While we are disappointed with the behavior of some of our elected officials, very poor voter turnout was devastating. Every vote really does count! Find the time to get to your polling place or register for absentee status. Do whatever it takes but make it a priority to vote and encourage your neighbors to do the same.

    Stay optimistic. We ultimately obtained 54.6% of the vote! That is a large majority. The vast majority of our community leaders also stood behind Measure K. Take a look at our endorsers page,, and let those leaders know that you appreciate their concern for our community and let them know that our schools are still important and you hope they will support future efforts to improve our school facilities.

    As final votes are tallied and things settle down, we will be looking at more detailed analytics from the election. It is a big process to get consensus and alignment around what comes next but some ideas are already beginning to circulate. If there is to be a new effort for 2016, however, there is plenty of groundwork that you can begin putting in place. Make sure your local school PTAs have someone in place that is attending, and reporting on, school board activities. Push the school board for community forums at which solutions are discussed and ideas are moved forward. And make a commitment to staying involved and demanding that your elected officials do the job for which you put them in office"

    When this process was started, I was hoping that the voting would be by districts. If you were in the Orange High School area, meaning your children, due to where you live would go to Orange High, then your vote would only be to upgrade Orange High and you were willing to be taxed to do just that. The same would hold true for the other 3 high schools. Unfortunately, the OUSD board put out measure K for the whole district. It would truly be a shame that we could only upgrade maybe 2 of the 4 high schools, but if that is what the voters want, then I have no problem with it. With individuals like Deborah Pauly going door to door telling home owners that their property tax would go up by 2 to 4 thousand dollars, uninformed home owners would vote naturally vote no. As property taxes had just come out, the honest thing to do would be to tell the home owner, if their property taxes were $2,000 dollars a year, then they would see their taxes go up by about 80 dollars a year. Wow, 7 dollars a month to upgrade our high schools, that is one small investment. Honest, straight forward information. Unfortunately, spreading false information is just so much easier. Just as bad was Robert Hammond, who sits on the Orange County Board of Education. This individual was reported to have gone to the Villa Park City Council Meeting, where he put forth that President Doty, of Chapman University, was reported to have been promised a sweetheart land deal in trade for his support of measure K. That was an outright lie, but that didn't bother Mr. Hammond, the truth never does when your looking for votes. Well Mr. Hammond and Ms. Pauly were successful, in 2 years if they are just as successful, Villa Park High School will look in 20 years, much the same as it does today, who looses, everyone. As past history tell us all, Villa Park, one of the most affluent areas in Southern California, will never pass a school bond. Thats fine, here is praying that in two years, the board gets it right and looks to improve the schools the voters want improved.
    Haven't the voters spoken twice on this and said NO to these kinds of bonds like Measure k? I would hate to see more of our tax money being spent on "architectural consulting" and campaigning rather than going to these 4 high schools. Can somebody give me an honest accounting of what has been spent on architects and campaign signs? It's been into multiple hundreds of thousands, right? Something tells me that the leaders behind this bond will do nothing else for these schools but wait for a yes vote on another bond in two years. These schools do not need $300 million. So much could have been done over the years to save for expected maintenance, yet OUSD just waited for us to pass a ridiculously expensive bond with huge interest rates. I also think it's outrageous that "CARE" calls anybody who would vote NO selfish and uncaring of our children. I have very young kids in OUSD now! OUSD just doesn't want to spend any money of there own to maintain these campuses so they can keep a reserve for pensions and raises of their staff. Very self-serving.
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