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  • Tuesday, September 29, 2015


    Political arrogance continues in OUSD

    OUSD Board to put on a "show" at a Special  Meeting  on Thursday October 1, 2015
    Number 3 in a special news series by Orange Net News /O/N/N/

    The embattled arrogant politicians of Orange Unified's Surridge Majority appear to be now taking ideas straight from the playbook of the last politically arrogant OUSD Board that  finally pushed the Greater Orange community too far back in 2001.

    That 2001 OUSD Board-known as the Jacobson Majority-also arrogantly tried to push their  personal political agenda onto what they too thought was a disengaged public. Then, just as now, that public that was finally pushed so far that they saw those trustees for what they were- arrogant politicians with a personal non-educational political agenda- not public servants of the people who elected them. 

    In 2001, those arrogant politicians were ultimately recalled by the voters, but not  before spending millions of educational dollars while using the powers of their office to try and thwart the will of the voters on what one famous Recall bumper sticker of the times called  political "lawsuits, lawyers and litigation" .

    "Provisional Trustee" Salas
    Fast forward to 2015- welcome back dirty politics-again under control of small group of arrogant politicians with a personal political agenda.  Less than a week ago, those politicians  engaged in an obvious arrogant corrupt bargain and appointed a little known, obviously unqualified person, who today remains a mystery not only to the citizens in the trustee area he serves, but to the citizens of the larger Greater Orange Community.   A community he admits he recently moved to, knows little about and needs to have school administrators provide him with telephone numbers of local PTA members. (click on SALAS application )

    What appears clear to long-time OUSD observers is that California Brown Act violations in the mysterious appointment of an unknown and unqualified candidate and bungled process obviously took place.

    While having Surridge lead the appointment of the mystery man Greg Salas in the face of the overwhelming evidence of  Salas being unqualified is not a surprise, what is more troubling is that long time OUSD Trustee Rick Ledesma and the ultra patriotic former U.S. Marine and Trustee Mark Wayland followed suit in this political corrupt bargain.  It was clear to those at the Monday September 22nd OUSD appointment meeting that Wayland audibly wrestled with his conscience when his name was called to vote, but ultimately cast his vote for Salas and in so doing let down the democratic process he has fought most of his adult life to preserve.  

    When the audience gasped  at Wayland's struggled vote, it  was clearly the shock of seeing this patriotic warrior  who fought to protect the ideals of our nation, fail to protect those ideals in his own hometown and community.

    After the political vote to support  the mystery man Greg Salas,  the meeting was quickly called to an end, as the four trustees and Salas left the room and any chance they then had to explain to the shocked community why they selected this mystery man-no one knows- over the candidate the community had  overwhelmingly come to the meeting  to support - a respected community  leader who is well know, well trusted and  well respected- not just in Anaheim Hill's Trustee Area 1-but across the Greater Orange Communty.

    Since that corrupt vote, Greater Orange has exploded with indignation at the arrogance of the politician's 4-2 vote.

    Now, after a week to make up slick reasons for voting for the unknown Salas, those arrogant politicians now want to "explain" why they voted for Salas at another "Special Meeting" this Thursday October 1st.* After this political theater,  the politicians will then vote for a "resolution" against  a Special Election-which they could have easily avoided- as too expensive.**
    * The meeting is not expected to be videotaped by OUSD, but California law allows public videotaping of all public meetings
      **OUSD currently has a surplus in excess of $70 million

    The organizers of  the Nullify Petition drive have calculated the cost  of  the Special Election to be about $5.00 a voter, a price which hundreds of voters who have already signed the Nullify Petitions agree is a small price to pay for democracy and to nullify the arrogant political injustice of September 22nd. 

    Which is what these four arrogant politicians continue to  not understand or comprehend.

    Citizens of Greater Orange have routinely used the petition process to call for elections as the "price" of controlling arrogant politicians  and  safeguarding local democracy.  

    Over the past two decades, Greater Orange citizens have never shied away from using the petition process to correct the excesses of numerous arrogant politicians -and now in 2015,  as a wave of anti-politician sentiment is sweeping the nation, it is apparent that the citizen's of Greater Orange are on the verge of again telling OUR local arrogant politicians that they have gone too far and in America, it is the majority of voters who are in charge- not four arrogant politicians who disregard the will of the people.

    6:30 pm  OUSD Board Meeting -OUSD BOARD ROOM
    Public Comments from the audience will be heard.


    a special news series by Orange Net News /O/N/N/

    is an independent news service of
    Orange Net News /O/N/N/

    Parents and community members need to show up in mass!!! MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD!!!

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