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  • Monday, October 19, 2015


    SPECIAL REPORT 3670 signatures turned in

    #4 in a series
    a special series by /O/N/N/

    Salas Repeal petitions turned in
    Greater Orange voters         3670
    Greg Salas                                     4

    Soon to be ousted Greg Salas
    Proponents for ousting appointed "Provisional Trustee"  Greg Salas for a Special Election to elect an Orange Unified Trustee to the vacant Area 1 Trustee Seat turned in 3670 petition signatures today at 3:40 p.m.

    The total  signatures exceeded the required 1567 valid signatures by 2103 signatures or 134%.   The whole process done in 30 days is just the latest example of a long line of examples when the voters in Greater Orange have followed through on threats to  local politicians who crossed well organized community activists across Greater Orange.

    All major community segments of Greater Orange responded to the Anaheim Hills  Community in their quest to repeal the appointment of the unknown and unqualified Salas.  

    The sheer number appears to guarantee that the petition will be validated. According to state law, once the petition is validated,  Salas will be ousted as the "provisional" trustee and a Special Election will be ordered.   Salas was appointed in a controversial 4- 2 vote by the Surridge Majority of the OUSD Board exactly 30 days ago.  The Surridge  Majority just includes all the male trustees on the OUSD Board who follow the ideas of OUSD Trustee Timothy Surridge.

    The whole Salas Affair is just another of a long line of political bungles orchestrated by Surridge. Those huge political missteps include the failed Surridge attempts to lease the Peralta Site to a developer for high density apartment buildings, then when that failed, Surridge tried to  sell the Peralta Site to developers ( that too failed) , and a proposal by Surridge to eliminate two of the seven trustee positions on the OUSD seven member board ( not even his allies would go along with that plan).

    In the latest Surridge led debacle, Surridge admitted personally recruiting his friend Greg Salas after Surridge admittedly independently investigated the political persuasions of those other applicants for appointment to the OUSD Board. 

    At the last of the three Special Meetings called by the Surridge Majority regarding the Salas Affair,  Surridge and  Board allies tried to blame the whole Salas Affair on various parts of the Greater Orange Community as they taunted the community leaders who had showed up to the Special Meetings protesting the Salas' appointment as "not representing the whole community".

    In the required 30 days, those community leaders, who had put the Board on notice that they were prepared to go down this road, proved that they are doing so with the backing of the Greater Orange voters.

    For more information see the You Tube video below- OUSD Timothy Salas explains why he recruited Greg Salas at the 3rd Special Meeting on the Salas Affair.

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