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  • Tuesday, February 09, 2016


    Local Political Establishment backlash

     eLECTION 2016
    Orange Net News /O/N/N/
    OUSD Trustee Mark Wayland endorses Area 1 candidate Andrea Yamasaki

    Area 1 candidate Andrea Yamasaki

    The Andrea Yamasaki campaign for the Orange Unified School District Area 1 Trustee Seat released a press release this week announcing the endorsement of OUSD Trustee Mark Wayland.

    Wayland has been leading the charge against Yamasaki's opponent
    Greg Salas
    Greg Salas since Salas filed to run for the seat.  Wayland took Salas to court over the Salas campaign statement and has become a local anti-establishment hero from people across the political spectrum for taking on the Orange County Republican Establishment for endorsing Salas.   

    Trustee Mark Wayland
    Wayland joined a unique club of Greater Orange officials who over the years have taken candidates to court over false candidate statements and won.  Wayland, while not on the ballot, took exception to Yamasaki's opponent Greg Salas candidate statement that claimed and endorsement from Wayland and tried to fool voters into believing that Salas was an incumbent.

    Wayland- a lifelong Republican- expressed  frustration with the local Party Establishment on their Facebook page.  Wayland writing he is "disappointed in this endorsement" writes about the OUSD Area 1 contest between candidates Greg Salas and Andrea Yamasaki that:  "The differences between the two candidates could not be more stark. Just because someone puts an R next to their name, does not mean that they are the best candidate for the position." 

    Wayland is the first local leader to articulating the current political mood against ruling Establishment Ruling Class in both parties that is sweeping the country. Wayland  admonished the local Establishment: "Look to Washington if you need to be reminded. We have been completely sold out by the "Republicans" in the Senate and in Congress. How many of these turn coats got in to office because they had a R next to their name?"

    Since the instant Wayland voted to appoint Salas over Yamasaki against the will of the  Anaheim Hills community, Wayland has taken responsibility in his own press releases.  The Yamasaki press release quotes Wayland's  already public mea culpa :
    “I take responsibility for my vote that led to the recall because I did not do my job and vet the two candidates for the appointment,” he admitted.  “I regretted my vote almost immediately after I did it.  But I will not make the same mistake twice.”

    Party Chairman Whitaker
    Ironically, the local Political Establishment Chairperson is another Greater Orange Leader-who should know better  about Greater Orange schools - Orange City Councilman Fred Whitaker. 

    Other Greater Orange leaders who have endorsed Yamasaki are Villa Park Mayor Greg Mills and Orange City Councilmembers Mike Alverez and Kimberly Nichols. In addition, the Peralta Neighborhood  has endorsed Yamasaki. 

    The ballots in the All-Vote-by mail election must be mailed by Tuesday March 4th, 2016. 

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