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  • Wednesday, June 22, 2016


    OUSD meets on 2016 Bond items

    ORANGE Unified Schools INSIDE
    Independent insight into OUSD      
    a news service of
     Orange Net News /O/N/N/
    Popular Sovereignty for OUSD Communities and their high schools
    Trustees to vote on two School Improvement Districts for possible high school bonds
    Faced with polling data that shows the infamous "55 Divided" is still alive and well in the Greater Orange Communities when it comes to eventual voting to approve a possible 2016 Facilities Bond for Orange Unified School District  High Schools,   this Thursday June 23, 2016 in a Special Meeting, the OUSD Trustees will be voting on resolutions to move forward to form two School Facilities Improvement Districts (SFID).

    Agenda Action Item 11 C will be vote for further polling on what would could be three potential bond items, a district-wide bond measure and polling for the two SFID bonds.  One potential political problem facing the district is with each improvement district area having two bond measures, a district-wide bond and a separate improvement district bond, it could lead to voter confusion and be seen by some as the school district asking for double the money.  This presents the pro-bond forces under C.A.R.E. with twice as much pro-bond messaging.

    The two resolutions in Action Items 11 A and B on the June 23rd Agenda move the process forward to create two special assessment districts as an inventive solution to the reality that a minority of OUSD voters in certain parts of the sprawling school district have preventing voters from updating their schools in the neighborhoods that have overwhelmingly supported the three previous Facilities Bonds.

    The proposed School Facilities Improvement District 1 will encompass neighborhoods (attendance areas) that feed into El Modena and Orange High Schools-areas that have historically supported the previous bond elections.

    School Facilities Improvement District 2 will encompass the neighborhoods (attendance areas) that feed into Canyon and Villa Park H.S- areas that have historically not supported the previous bond elections.

    The two resolutions in Action Items 11 A and B on the June 23rd Agenda estimate voters in both new SFID's will eventually be asked to each approve $200 million dollar bonds to update and modernize the two comprehensive high schools in each of the SFID's. 

    With past voting data and new polling showing the 2016 Measure K and two other OUSD facilities bonds passing in the areas that will be included in the proposed SFID 1 (El Modena/Orange) and failing in the neighborhoods that feed into the SFID 2 (Canyon/Villa Park)- it is not hard to imagine that with SFIDs the voters in both areas are going to the kind of schools they want when  they vote. Truly, basic "popular sovereignty".

    Ironically, the long traditional halves of Greater Orange's 55 Divide, the "haves" and the "have-nots", could dramatically and quickly be switched with the expected passage of a bond in SFID 1 and not in SFID 2. With modern remodeled schools leading to increasing property values in the western part of the "divide" leading that half to become the new "haves" (including the already remodeled middle and elementary schools), the neighborhoods in the eastern side with decaying and outdated schools will become the new "have nots" in a post-bond SFID vote split.  

    Well documented statistics show results of decaying schools could also lead to declining student enrollment in the areas where parents can pay for private schools. It also would not be a stretch to then see more instances of attempted  district  secessions like the recent Panorama Heights and Rocking Horse Ridge communities bids to leave OUSD for Tustin Unified.

    If the resolutions for the intent to form the two assessment districts pass on Thursday, a Public Hearing will be scheduled for July 21 for public input into the formation of the two SFIDs.

    INSIDE the OUSD Agenda for Thursday June 23
    Trustee John Ortega will be teleconferencing from Washington D.C. requiring all votes to be done by roll call.

    Next OUSD Board Meeting -OUSD BOARD ROOM
    CLOSED SESSION- 5:30 pm
    OUSD Open Session: 6:00 pm

    For more information call the OUSD Superintendent’s office at 714-628-4040
    For budgeting questions call Business Services at 714-628-4015

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