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  • Wednesday, August 31, 2016


    UPDATED: Judge denies Pauly Measure S petition

    Judge denies Deborah Pauly petition against Measure S and rules on OC Supervisors request on Rocco statement

    Post updated based on more correct information on 9/2/16

    Sources report that in a Wednesday September 31st  court hearing, Orange County Superior Court Judge Andrew Banks denied the petition from Deborah Pauly against Orange County Registrar of Voters Neal Kelly over the opposition ballot statement for OUSD's Measure S Facilities Bond.

    After loosing a drawing held by the Orange County Registrar of Voters to be the official anti-OUSD Measure S statement to appear on the ballot, Deborah Pauly went to court today to have her ballot statement replace former OUSD Trustee Steve Rocco's ballot statement.  Both Pauly and Rocco had submitted opposition ballot statements.

    Pauly had sought a ruling based on the content of the Rocco Ballot Statement. Lawyers for the Registrar of Voters argued that the Registrar of Voters could not make a content based determination of which argument should get priority. Judge Banks ruled that a content based determination for the ballot was unauthorized by statue and not appropriate in light of the First Amendment.

    Pauly, a Republican Central Committee Member and head of the Stop the Rip-off! No on Measure S campaign, filed the case last week against the Orange County Registrar of Voters Neal Kelley attempting to remove Rooco's statement and replace it with her own.  Pauly's case  asserted that Rocco's Committee Against the Orange Unified School District Bond  is not a true committee and the content of the Rocco statement will harm the election process. 

    While county lawyers defended Kelley in court, other county lawyers were also in court representing the Board of Supervisors. Those lawyers were sucessful in having two sentences in the Rocco argument concerning  Public Adimistrator Peggi Buff and former Orange County D.A. Tony Rackaukus removed.

    Rocco's Measure S ballot statement has numerous references to county and local officials weaved into a classic Rocco personal conspiracy writing that long-time Greater Orange residents are more than familiar.

    As the opposition to Measure S fights, the well-organized broad-based  pro-Measure S forces led by a community coalition called the Yes on Measure S Campaign 2016 has previewed their new logo for its campaign:

    The ballot argument in favor of Measure S is signed by former Orange County Supervisor Bill Campbell, Orange Mayor Tita Smith, Villa Park City Councilwomen Diana Fascenelli, City of Anaheim City Councilwomen Kris Murray and OUSD Board President Rick Ledesma. Click on  MEASURE S BALLOT

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