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  • Tuesday, August 30, 2016


    Measure S: Pauly vs Rocco

    OUSD Facilities Bond News
    Orange Net News /O/N/N/
    Guess who beat Deborah Pauly with Anti-Measure S ballot argument????
    Anti-Measure S Ballot author Steve Rocco

    Deborah Pauly's luck seems to be not getting any better.

    The former Villa Park Councilwomen was arrested last year and pleaded guilty for DUI, lost her recent Assembly race, and now has been beaten by Steve Rocco in the Anti-OUSD Measure S Ballot Argument.

    Former OUSD Trustee and perennial local candidate Steve Rocco returned to OUSD politics by winning the draw for ballot arguement after both he and Pauly both filed competing ballot arguments against the OUSD Measure S Bond.

    True to Steve Rocco's conspiracy  theory his argument is punctuated by recanting the evil powers of perceived wrongs of the former OUSD Trustee's time on the OUSD School Board:

    Argument Against Measure S

    Yet, again?

    It seems to be a yearly ritual that the OUSD puts a bond on the ballot?

    The dysfunctional board is in agreement, with only one thing: they want your money!

    I was replaced by a real estate agent. The rest are either ORANGE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE members or taken money from them.

    The district had thousands to spend to gerrymander the district, so that I couldn’t run. They have over $50,000,000 in surplus.

    On 7-21-2005, Kathy Moffat and Superintendent Tom Godley visited Jim Doti to destroy Rocco. One result was the Californian’s AWare suit. Joined by the “all” Chapman U team of John Moorlach’s (Mario Mainero, Kathy Moran, Fred Smoller) a lien was put on my home and my wages garnished. The OUSD ”made” $83,000. Their allies include the OC REGISTER. Dr. Villanueva/Pathologist has said that “there is an assembly line of murder and theft coming from the political/medical infrastructure.”

    Do you really want your taxes raised?

    Homeowners are not safe.

    Mr. Rocco’s home was invaded by an Orange city detective, a neighbor of TONY RACKAUCKAS. Then, endlessly by his wife PEGGI BUFF/Public Administrator. Rackauckas was illegally appointed Public Administrator by the Supervisors. Todd Spitzer’s neighbor is Kim Nichols. Lynn Nichols headed the failed Rocco Recall.

    The deaths of Mr. Rocco’s family have been called murder by Dr. Villanueva.
    You don’t want OUSD to have this “play money” that they will dole out to political cronies. In the end, you will be cheated by their “paid” strategists to impliment this.

    Remember, that you are being victimized.

    Students are not being cheated! YOU ARE!
    s/ Steve Rocco
    Former OUSD Board Trustee
    Committee Against the Orange Unified School District Bond

    Word is that Pauly however is going to try her luck once again by going to court to get the Rocco argument off the ballot.

    Just when you thought things could not get any more bizarre in Greater Orange politics....we now have Pauly vs Rocco!!

    Place your bets.

    OUSD Facilities Bond News
    is a production of  Orange Net News /O/N/N/

    Post Updated 8/31/16

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