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  • Friday, August 12, 2016


    Metro Views on Bond campaign

    Metro Views  
    a service of Greater Orange Community Organization :GOCO:
    Anti-education forces target November OUSD Bond
    Young Mississippi State  Economics Major tries to re-write OUSD History
    Ethan Musser

    In the Op-Ed pages of the 8/12/16 Orange County Register a young Ethan Musser pens a factually incorrect look at the Orange Unified November Facilities Bond and tries to re-write the 2001 Orange Recall history.

    Musser in the Opt Ed by-line tag is described as a "rising senior at Mississippi State" and as a "Journalism Fellow"  at the anti-union, anti-teacher California Policy Center in Tustin. If that isn't enough of a clue, Musser quotes anti-everything former Villa Park Councilwomen and recently failed Assembly candidate Deborah Pauly as his legal expert.

    Musser opens with trying to paint OUSD Administrators as illegally using funds to place a Bond measure before the voters in November by trying to bring up a "legal distinction"   and attributing that legal opinion to the popular OUSD Superintendent Michael Christenson- without using quotation marks.

    What Musser does not write is that OUSD is using the legal procedures to place a facilities bond on the November Ballot.

    Score one for Truth and zero for Musser.

    Musser then cites unnamed "critics" as calling the legal premise Musser attributes to OUSD as "a distinction without a difference during campaign season"

    The procedure that OUSD and school districts and other government agencies across the state use to put bond measures on the ballot for voters to decide is all done BEFORE  the campaign. The Bond campaign has not started, the Bond measure does not even have a ballot designation yet.

    Truth 2, Musser 0.

    However, the  "Journalism Fellow"  then goes further in his legal analysis . His one quoted legal authority supporting his views is none other than the former Villa Park Councilwomen and failed Assembly candidate Deborah Pauly.  The controversial Pauly begins her legal opinion in the Musser piece with... "It should be illegal..."

    Yes this is from the same former candidate who still faces DUI charges of illegally driving under the influence last year and was painted by her Assembly opponents as "DUI DEBBIE" who "CAN'T BE TRUSTED BEHIND THE WHEEL" and "CAN"T BE TRUSTED IN SACRAMENTO".

    Musser however apparently trusts her legal advice.

    Truth 3, Musser 0.

    Musser further omits that Bonds are the only way to extensively update school facilities and that Orange Unified is the only major Orange County school district to not pass a school facilities improvement bond. All the other school district bonds in Orange County and throughout the state have been placed on the ballot through the same legal process that OUSD is using.

    Truth 4, Musser 0.

    Musser is obviously unfamiliar with not only the legal process, but also with Orange Unified.  He fails to note and appears not to be aware of the middle and elementary schools in Orange Unified already updated without bond money stating the new high school facilities bond proposal does "nothing to refurbish Orange Unified's six middle schools or 29 elementary schools".

    Yes we hear you- Orange Unified only has 4 middle schools they control, two of the six are charter. Two of the non-charter, under direct control of Orange Unified, have been refurbished without Bond funds.

    Truth 5, Musser 0.

    In the end, Musser's then strays into revisionist historical fiction.  Like famous fairy tale openings "Once upon a time..." or "In a galaxy far, far away..." the young economics major turned "Journalism Fellow" writes "There once was a time..." as he tries to re-write the  2001 Orange Re-Call History.

    Musser, who by our calculations was in early elementary school in 2001, then starts a revisionist fairytale of the 2001 Recalled OUSD School Board as  "saving cash for new buildings and maintence of old ones" .

    Leaders of the Greater Orange Community who lived through the 2001 Recall can attest that the 2001 Reactionary OUSD School Board was not a fairytale of a benign school board chased off by greedy teachers, but a horror story of a politically radical group headed by anti-education zealot Marty Jacobson and the anti-education reactionary Educational Alliance  that took over two Southern California school districts -Orange Unified and Vista Unified in San Diego County.

    The Jacobson Board amassed hundreds of millions of dollars in educational taxes to use to destroy local public education. Using those educational tax dollars in ways that Musser writes against today. Then OUSD Board members engaged in everything from micro-managing to nepotism in the schools as they chased off seasoned administrators and teachers. They used the district tax dollars as pesonal coffers to pay radical religous and political lawyers to tie-up the community in political and religious-based lawsuits and litigation as they fired employees who they saw as a threat-all while bringing national  attention and attracting fringe lunatics to the community and bestowing a laughing-stock status to the Greater Orange Community.

    In the end, the Reactionary Radicals not only lost their offices, but they lost every lawsuit they engaged in-but still costing local taxpayers millions upon millions in legal fees and pay-outs making the radical hand-picked lawyers wealthy off the backs of local taxpayers while bringing the local schools and real estate market to the brink of catastrophe.

    We challenge anyone  including Musser and Pauly to prove that any evidence exists that the 2001 OUSD Board was putting money aside to improve school facilities.   Put simply, that is more than a harmless fairytale- it is a dangerous bold face lie.

    To the contrary, the OUSD Anderson School of Business Report (that Musser alludes to) that the new Citizen's Board commissioned after winning the Recall  found the OUSD budgeting system under the Jacobson Board hid millions upon millions of educational tax dollars in budgeting manuvers. The radicals then used those tax dollars pursuing a religious and anti-education agenda with lawsuits, litigation and lawyers.

    Truth 5, Musser 0.

    Ethan Musser is entitled to his own opinions,  but he is not entitled to rewrite history, interpet the law, or his own Truth.

    Metro Views  
    are opinions not necessarily held by the social media networks and websites that carry it

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    This critique is all ad hominem. No substance— just attacking Mr. Musser for his age and experience. Hardly any engagement with his argument. Perfectly encapsulates the problem with our modern political discourse. Talking past each other, criticizing "credentials" rather than engaging with arguments. Shameful.
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