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  • Thursday, August 18, 2016


    OUSD Candidates differ on Bond and surplus property

    eLECTION Watch 2016
      a community service of Orange Communication System /OCS/

    Only one candidate for Area 6 supports OUSD Facilities Bond in ballot statement
    OUSD Area 2 candidate Daniel Correa wants to sell Peralta Property
    Daniel Correa in his OUSD candidate statement made selling the Peralta Property and other OUSD surplus properties the center piece of his campaign.

    In his candidate statement released by the Orange County Registrar of Voters, Correa- a Orange City Planning Commissioner writes:
    Valuable surplus properties that could generate millions of dollars needed to restore programs victimized by budget cuts sit in limbo.

    Correa's position to sell the surplus properties is the same position pushed by OUSD Trustee Timothy Surridge. 

    Surridge worked hard to have the Peralta Property sold. The Surridge plan was to turn Peralta into high density residential, first as a 99 year lease to developers, then by an outright sale to developers.

    Correa's statement about Peralta and OUSD's surplus properties continues:
    My experience as an urban planner and City of Orange Planning Commissioner will ensure that the disposition of these properties generate maximum revenue for the district and address the sensitivity of neighbors next door.

    Development of both the Peralta  and the Sully Miller properties became controversial in Orange when the neighbors of both properties pushed back against the development plans for the areas.

    To view Daniel Correa's candidate statement CLICK ON: Daniel Correa

    Correa is running against long-time OUSD Area 2 Trustee John Ortega.  These goals were included in Ortega's candidate statement: 
    My goals for the next four years include: Improving the quality of education in all of our schools.
    ·   Increasing Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math programs.
    ·  Upgrading facilities at all of our schools.
    ·  Making certain money goes directly to education and not bureaucracy.
    To view John Ortega's candidate statement CLICK ON: John Ortega

    OUSD Area 6 Trustee's son stands on family relationships
    OUSD Trustee Mark Wayland's son in his bid for his father's seat writes a five paragraph candidate statement that mentions family relations in four of the five paragraphs.

    In his first paragraph, Wayland's son lists the four names of his relatives that graduated Orange High School:
    As a product of our Orange Unified School District (Orange High Panthers Class of 95) and the 4th generation of my family to attend Orange High (Erwin Eisenbraun 1923) (Hilda Unzelman 1924) (Carol Eisenbraun 1954) (Kathy Chism 1974).

    In his second candidate statement paragraph he continues his family narative with:
    My family has a motto “we only leave Orange, when they bury us in Fairhaven

    In his third and fourth paragraph, he writes about his father including his father's acomplishments:
    My Father Mark Wayland (Retired Firefighter/ Marine) has served on the board for the last eight years and has eliminated wasteful spending and made hard but necessary cuts, to ensure the long term viability of our core school system.

    However in the end, after naming his family members, motto and father's accomplishments, the younger Wayland writes:
    I ask for your vote, not on my father’s record, but on your belief that I will do the best possible job representing you and your families in our school district.

    To view Jeremy Wayland's candidate statement CLICK ON: Jeremy Wayland

    Only one candidate for Area 6 directly supports  OUSD Measure S Bond

    The only candidate in the Area 6 race to directly pledge support the OUSD Measure S facilities Bond using the words "OUSD bond measure"  in her candidate statement is Area 6 candidate Nicole Baitix-Kennedy.

    In her candidate statement, Baitx-Kennedy point-blank supports and acknowledges OUSD Measure S by writing:
    I support the OUSD bond measure on the ballot this November. I will make sure that this money is spent wisely and will keep parents informed about repair and safety improvements.

    To view Nicole Baitix-Kennedy's candidate statement CLICK ON:

    The final Area 6 candidate Brenda Lebsack skirts outright supporting Measure S by writing in her candidate statement that she will:
    Fight to update, improve, and maintain all schools

    To view Brenda Lebsack's candidate statement CLICK ON: Brenda Lebsack

    This post title was updated 8/19/16 to reflect that Nicole Baitiz-Kennedy had the only Area 6 candidate statement to include support of OUSD Measure S as well as clarification of  Mr. Correa's and Mr. Surridge's position on the Peralta Property.

    Uh, Correa's statement ends with his support for the school bond: "That's why I hope you will vote for me and support the new, improved OUSD School Bond on your November 2016 ballot."
    No where in Daniel Correa's candidate statement does it say he will sell Peralta, moreover, he clearly states his support of the school bond.

    Ortega wanted to sell Peralta and Ortega voted against putting the bond on the ballot until Kathy Moffat embarrassed him into voting yes.

    Correa is on the right side of these very important issues. Ortega is not.
    The one that catches my eye is the Jeremy Wayland ballot statement. Am I the only one that thought something was weird about this one?
    I spoke to candidate Correa about the sale of the Peralta property and he does not support selling that piece of OUSD real estate. He said there are many reasons not to sell it and indicated he is going to send you a response specific to this subject.
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