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  • Friday, June 29, 2007



    A Special News Series of Orange Net News /O/N/N/

    The Clock is ticking…...
    Recall Petition Signature Gathering Starts

    The effort to oust Orange Unified School Trustee Steve Rocco began today Friday June 29th with the circulation of the offical Petition to Recall. A small group of Orange Unified citizens has undertaken the task to collect 11,100 valid signatures to force a Recall Election. The citizen group has until September 21st, 2007 to collect the signatures. To ensure enough valid signatures at least 15,000- 16,000 signatures will need to be collected.

    The Orange Communication System has posted a Rocco Recall Signature Countdown Clock on the Greater Orange News Service webpage (CLICK ON: GONS ) which will count down the days and time until the signature deadline.

    Hoffman says she will have to move to run

    Unlike being a Congressional candidate that has no residency requirement that you live in the Congressional district you want to represent, Orange Unified’s requirement that you live in the OUSD Trustee Area you represent (but are elected by the whole district) has apparently caught up with would-be OUSD Rocco opponent candidate Florice Hoffman.

    The following is the record of the first short-lived
    Blog Candidate of 2007:

    Anatomy of a Blog Candidate for Orange U.S.D.
    June 21st, 2007- The Liberal OC

    Florice Hoffman supporter Valerie Servin posts an invitation to a fundraiser to “join Florice and her supporters” at a fundraiser. The post introduces Hoffman as
    “Orange Unified School Board candidate Florice Hoffman is one of our finest local democratic candidates

    The post asks for checks to be made out to
    Hoffman for Orange U.S.D.
    8502 E. Chapman Ave. #335
    Orange, CA 92869”

    CLICK ON: Liberal OC

    June 21st, 2007 Orange Net News
    At 11:23 am Orange Net News emails the following to Hoffman:

    “The Liberal OC Blog has you running for OUSD School Board. Could you please let us know what Trustee Area you are running for? Do you have a website we can link to?”

    June 21st, 2007 Florice Hoffman email
    At 2:23 pm Hoffman writes the following email to Orange Net News:

    "Unfortunately I don't yet have a website, but I am planning to have one as soon as the recall is approved.

    I am waiting to see how the recall signature effort goes as I am planning on challenging Rocco.

    Words cannot express my frustration with his tenure.

    From teacher pay to class size reduction to facilities to NCLB, Rocco has missed major opportunities to improve education and our district. When I think about how he wastes time speaking about conspiracies instead of improving education all I can do is roll my eyes and shake my head in frustration. He is a distraction and a detriment to public education.

    I will get off my soap box now; talk to you soon,"

    June 21st, 2007 IBEW Hall
    At 5:00 pm the Florice Hoffman for Orange U.S.D. fundraiser begins.

    June 21st, 2007 Orange Net News
    At 5:28 pm the Orange Net News series THE ROCCO RECALL REPORT is posted on the Greater Orange News Service announcing the Florice Hoffman candidacy.

    June 22nd, 2007 Orange Juice
    Orange Juice Blog reports on Florice Hoffman candidacy.
    CLICK ON: Orange Juice

    June 22nd, 2007 OC Blog
    The influential OC Blog posts in response to the Hoffman candidacy:
    Wanted: Conservative To Run If Rocco Recall Qualifies
    CLICK ON:OC Blog

    June 22nd, 2007 OC Blog
    At 9:56 pm a comment on the OC Blog states:
    “That was a error on the part of that blog. She is not running against Rocco, doesn't live in that trustee area. That blog wasn't listening - they got creative with a little bit of info, without paying attention to the details. Oh dopey them!”

    June 23rd, 2007 Greater Orange News Service
    At 8:19 am links to the OC Blog, Orange Juice and the Liberal OC are posted.

    June 23rd, 2007 OC Blog
    Following up on the June 22nd comment posted about Hoffman not being a candidate, OC Blog writer Jubal emails Hoffman to inquire about if she is running. Responding to the email Hoffman writes back which Jubal posts as an update to the OC Blog original post:

    “ANOTHER UPDATE (6/23/07): Ms. Hoffman followed up with a second e-mail:
    1. I have to move if I run.
    2. My sons do not graduate from Canyon High School until June, 2008.
    3. I am an employment attorney, run my own business and not a layer[sic].
    4. I am committed to public education and making sure that OUSD has great
    and safe schools.
    5. I do no find all this blogging constructive. I am too busy raising my
    children, working and making Orange County a better place to live.
    Thank you,
    Florice Hoffman”

    A Special News Series of Orange Net News /O/N/N/

    Is an original news production of Orange Net News /O/N/N/
    “Independent, Local, News and Viewpoints”

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